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  • We Buy Any Houses in The UK, Get a FREE Quote, a Guaranteed Instant Cash Offer to Sell Your Property Fast!

    We Buy Any House, Anywhere in The UK Today!

     We Buy Any House | Flying Homes

    We’ll Buy Any House, Anywhere, CASH Funds Available!

    We buy any home anywhere in the UK. Get a guaranteed cash offer today, instantly online! No fees or costs to pay. Flying Homes can help if you need to sell your house in days, not months. We are property buyers with cash funds waiting to buy your home. Sell your property in a matter of days. Get a fast sale agreed with the UK’s best quick sale company!

    Try our free property valuation tool to find out the approximate value of your house, then call us to discuss what we can offer to buy your house fast.

    Many of our customers search for house buyers because they need an answer to the fundamental question who’ll buy my home for cash today and give me the highest price?’ Getting a property buyer to purchase your house in the current market usually means you may have to use companies that buy homes fast, but this does not guarantee you’ll get the best price for your home. Selling to just any cash buyer could cost you a fortune as many will only offer 70% of the market value or sometimes even less. Read our FAQ for more help and advice on this topic.

    We will buy any home, but we want to give you more than any other property buying company!

    Many property buyers promise to buy house at 100% value but actually pay only 65 or 70% of the sale price for homes. Flying Homes has often achieved in excess of 94% of the sale price for customers, usually far more than any other fast house sale company in the UK! Flying Homes property buyers (such as National Property Trade) really do mean ‘we buy any property’. If the price we offer isn’t quite enough then try selling through the best online estate agent, Flying Homes!

  • What to Look For, We Buy Any House Scams and Pitfalls to Avoid When Selling to House Buying Companies!


    How to Avoid The Scams And Pitfalls When Selling to Companies That Buy Houses

    Property buyer scams
    Property buyer scams

    Many companies that buy a house fast are regulated so scams are few and far between generally. The property industry while partly regulated via the OFT and TPO is closely linked to financial services, banking and legal, as a result of the house buying/selling process. Mortgages, financial advice, and conveyancing are heavily regulated so you do get some protection.

    Scams used by property buying companies

    Having some regulation doesn’t protect sellers from house buying firms from promising to pay the full market value for your house but then undervaluing it. They promise to pay 80 or 90% of value, which may only represent 60% of the actual value! This type of scam makes it appear that your house is being bought for nearly full value when this is clearly not the case!

    So avoid these types of scams and deal with a reputable company such as Flying Homes. Get a realistic offer for your property, i.e., get more cash for your home, our buyers really can promise we buy any home quickly.

    How a last minute price drop ‘scam’ works

    The last minute drop in price scam (gazundering) works like this: The property buyer or quick sale company offers a high price for your home, probably 95 to 100% of its value. Then just before you are ready to exchange contracts or complete the sale of your home, they drop the price by 15 or 20% leaving you high and dry, and often financially committed to another property and unable to withdraw from the sale.

    Our view and indeed that of many other reputable home buying firms is that this is an unfair practice. Some home buyers actively work this way, and while not technically illegal, gazundering is thought of as an unfair practice by the OFT and is certainly not condoned by Flying Homes. The OFT is working hard to close these loopholes and unfair practices.

  • Where Can I Find Online Reviews or Discussion For We Buy Any House Companies?


    We Buy Any House Reviews For Quick Sale Companies

    When searching for ‘we buy any property or sell house fast reviews’ then look for proper review websites such as trustpilot or reviews.co.uk. Despite some bad press house buying companies provide a service which some house sellers desperately need, but they don’t always receive good reviews for doing so. It shouldn’t be too difficult to find reviews, just Google ‘quick sale company reviews’ or something similar and you’ll find companies like Flying H0mes or National Property Trade, respected national homebuyers.

    Forums Discussing Quick Sale Companies

    Some forums such as Money Saving Expert discuss the pro’s and cons of selling your house fast and also the unfair tactics used by rogue quick sale companies. Rightly they are decried but it seems that some of the comments are unfairly tarring all ‘we buy your house’ or ‘buy my house companies‘ with the same brush. Indeed there are many fair operators like Flying Homes, who care and adopt fair practice in their business dealings with clients.


  • What Type of Houses Do You Buy, What About Those in REALLY Poor Condition or Location?


    Do You Really Buy Any House, including Those in Poor Condition?

    It’s true we can buy houses in any condition, if we don’t buy your house fast ourselves then we can still find a buyer for your home, and again it doesn’t matter the condition. Many property buyers purchase houses at Auction and then discover that they’ve bitten off more than they can chew…so to speak. Often an auction property on first look seems to require a simple cosmetic makeover, but on closer inspection, it needs completely gutting, and a full refurbishment needed!

    The fact is that given a reasonable time-scale to sell; then it is possible to sell your property fast and get more or less full value. What constitutes nearly full value? Well, many Flying Homes sellers have averaged 94% of the sale price for their homes when they sell fast with our help.

    Get a Free Online Quote From Flying Homes NOW!

    So what’s the next step for a quick house sale, who’ll help me to sell my house quickly? Easy, contact Flying Homes for an instant online quote for us to buy your home today. We’ll research sold house prices and look on Rightmove and Zoopla to see what houses similar to yours are selling for or have sold, and then discuss your time-scale for moving, before making you an offer!

    Learn more about how Flying Homes can help you to achieve a sale of your home, call now, 0800 68 99 420, we really can help you if you need a cash buyer. We promise, we will buy your house!

  • What About Buying Houses in Scotland? Does Flying Homes Buy in This Location?


    If Buying Properties in Scotland There Are Legal Differences to Consider.

    Just remember if you are looking for webuyanyhouse companies to buy your property in Scotland, then Flying Homes can also buy your home fast for cash. Remember as there are legal differences for buying property in Scotland then our process may change slightly.

    Because once an offer is made then a binding contract is entered into by both buyer and seller. Therefore we or our home buyers may take a little longer to give you a formal offer as we have to be sure the property is free of any restrictions, loans etc and is in good condition. Many of our clients focus on some of the major cities in Scotland such as Edinburgh or Glasgow, so contact us today and get the house selling process moving.

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Cash Buyer 24 Hours no obligation, no fees!

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    10 Top Facts – Divorce in The United Kingdom:

    1. Fewer couples are now divorcing
    2. Women in late 20s most likely to divorce
    3. Couples who divorce are getting older
    4. You are less likely to remarry if divorced
    5. Fewer divorcing because of adultery
    6. Man being granted divorce on increase
    7. The 7-year itch is actually real
    8. Recently married couples less likely to divorce
    9. Most marriages won’t end up in divorce

    Inheriting a Property? 10 Facts to be Aware of, Before Selling

    Tax Facts:

    Estates over £325,000 in value will attract inheritance tax.

    Inheritance Tax:

    The rate is 40% above the maximum. This can be cut to a rate of 36% if over 10% goes to charity.

    Inheritance Tax – who pays it?

    The executor or administrator of the estate usually pays from available estate funds.

    For most beneficiaries, a speedy sale of an inherited house is often a priority.


    House or Property Repossession? – Top Facts

    • Facing repossession? If you are facing a repossession order you need to move swiftly to avoid losing your equity held in your home.
    • Property under Auction – Once repossessed a lender will likely enlist an auction company to sell your property quickly to recover the debt you owe.
    • The equity in your home – If your house goes to auction and sells under the hammer, you are less likely (if at all) to see your hard earned equity than if you take matters in hand and sell fast yourself.
    • Act QUICKLY to avoid losing out financially.

    A Fresh Start, A Bright Future, Relocating & Moving Somewhere New!

    If you are looking to migrate or relocate, you will definitely not have time to get involved in any kind of protracted property sale to do so. Your main priority will be to find a new home in your next location, but your current home still has to be sold in order to do so.

    A fast sale for a new start – Flying Homes can help you get moving. We have helped people like you for years and take comfort in being part of so many brighter futures.

    Get in touch with one of our team to demonstrate how fast we can help you move!

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Cash Buyer 24 Hours no obligation, no fees!


Which of these best describe your home...


    House Refurbishment – Should You Tackle a Home in Disrepair or Just Sell it ‘as is’? If you don’t have the time, expertise or finance to upgrade your property in disrepair, and you need to sell, then your home may be devalued disproportionately by a mortgage surveyor. We can help you. Selling property in need of repair or refurbishment can put off a lot of traditional house buyers. A lot of derelict properties needing house refurbishment are devalued and end up in the Auction House where prices are rock bottom, but fees can be costly; give Flying Homes a call and sell to us instead, we buy homes in disrepair or needing complete refurbishment, for cash.


    Properties or homes with structural problems are really difficult to sell conventionally, as most mortgage companies and banks won’t lend money against them, or take them as security for a loan. However, Flying Homes is different, we’ll buy any home with structural issues; the condition or location doesn’t matter to us. We will assess any run down or dilapidated property and either sell it on or rent it out. We have cash home buyers who will buy any property in the UK, so sell your home to us, we won’t let you down!


    Damp or Mould is easy to notice, you can see it appearing on the walls, and it’s distinctive musty smell indicates that you have a problem. If your home or property you own is affected by damp then it may just be condensation or maybe rising damp. The latter is much more of a problem as it will mean installing or upgrading a damp course that may mean moving out while the work is completed. If you’re selling a house with damp then consider selling to Flying Homes, we’ll buy any damp affected properties immediately.


    Trees can cause a lot of damage, particularly if they are near to your house or property. Tree roots can affect the stability of your home, so consider getting in an expert if you think your property is affected this way. If you’re selling your house and trees are preventing a successful sale or are causing a lack of interest, then call Flying Homes, we’ll buy any house with tree problems, even if the trees are protected by orders from the local council (TPO’s).


    Grade One or Two listed properties can be very important historically, which often can make them more valuable as more people want to live in such a property. However, many listed homes need modernisation and bringing into the twentieth century. This can be where the problems arise, as modern living standards means double glazing, insulation and so forth. The terms of a grade 1 or 2 listing may prevent essential work, thereby reducing the property’s value. Don’t despair though, Flying Homes will purchase ANY house, even if the property is subject to a listing or covenants!

As a homeowner, you can benefit from expert advice from a RICS (Royal Institute of Charted Surveyors) Member, with an in-depth property inspection. Their report will provide you with an expert account of your property's condition and can highlight any problems that may exist.

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