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    We buy any house.

    • We buy any house
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    • No fees or obligation
    • Any property/location
    • Sell house fast in days

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    really good service, Val, Leeds

    We buy any house reviews:

    My husband got a new job in Southampton so we had to sell our property in Leeds quite quickly. We were happy with the service provided. Sarah McDonald, Leeds

    Was recommended by a friend, the fast timescale really worked for me and they kept to their promises. J Patel, Scarborough

    Charlie was a big help, he stayed with us the whole process and kept us informed at all times. 10 out of 10. Mr & Mrs Tuncliffe

    We tried to sell house with an estate agent - no joy. We hardly had any viewings and absolutely no offers. Glad we turned to flyinghomes. Roger Stinton

    One week and it was sold. We can't believe it. The money was there in our bank. Rachael Rowe

    We picked Flying Homes as they gave us the best cash offer for our home. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone! Chris Souter, Bury

    We found Flying Homes to be genuine cash buyers and a professional company. We accepted what we thought was a fair offer for a quick house sale. From entering our postcode, email address and phone number, to receiving monies into our bank the following month took around six weeks! Much better than our estate agentsSophie James, Surrey

    We buy any house in 3 steps:

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      Agree a sale price.

      STEP 3

      Legal fees paid, moving date set.

      Fast sale alternatives:

      Estate Agent on the High Street

      Can take between 3 to 12 months to complete a purchase, sometimes longer. Then there are the inevitable legal costs and agent fees to be paid on top. .

      Online Estate Agent

      Same as a high street agent - can take 3 to 12 months to complete. PLUS you usually have to pay your fees upfront even if your property doesn’t sell!

      House Auction

      Normally frequented by investors and landlords searching for a deal below market value. So chances are you’re not going to get a fair price for your property.


      Normally the home for second hand bikes and prams - not the place we expect you'd purchase a house. Some advertisers selling their homes here, most are unsuccessful.


      Great for posting pictures of your holidays and birthday celebrations, but not the place of choice for house hunters. So chances are they will not find your house for sale here!


      UK’s largest online marketplace to buy bikes, shoes, prams, etc. But not known for selling property. Which means, maybe not the best place to sell your home?

      Prize draw

      Now you ARE gambling with your house. Many have tried this route and few have succeeded. It;s fraught with danger and subject to gaming licensing laws.

      How much can you save with us?

      We GUARANTEE a better offer!

        It worked for Mrs Rowe:

        Our national home buying service:

        We'll get you multiple cash offers

        We secure several cash offers from the buyer offering top prices.

        There are no fees or a sudden drop in any price agreed.

        We'll buy your home, whatever the condition, and anywhere in the UK. Sell your house and move in as little as a month using our service, we are the property experts! .

        We can buy your home in seven days.

        If you have been struggling to sell your home due to its undesirable location or poor condition Flying Homes will help you get a fair and accurate price for your property.

        Types of properties we buy

        We don’t have a typical type or price bracket of properties that we purchase. We will be interested in your property whether it’s a flat, mid-terraced, semi-detached, bungalow, or detached house – we will ALWAYS make you our best offer.

        More about buying locations

        As national home buyers, we have experience buying homes all over the UK.

        We'll consider all fast buy properties from Lands End to John O'Groats our expert valuers are on hand to provide you with a valuation of your home and are happy to process the entire house sale from start to finish.

        We buy ugly houses and delapidated properties

        The condition of your home does not matter. Sell your house in a snap, we even buy fixer-upper houses needing lots of work!

        The costs of repairing or extensively updating a house can run into the tens of thousands of pounds, which of course will eat into any money you eventually get from the sale.

        We are one of the premier operators that buy your house for cash. We are here to help and can have a cash offer over to you usually within 24 hours of the first contact with us.

        The condition of your property will determine how much we can offer

        Yes, the condition of a property will directly affect its market value and therefore how much we will pay.

        However, whether you own a run-down bungalow, a decrepit semi or a dated apartment, we’ll professionally assess your home and provide you with a fair offer based on its current market value.

        Where I live, does it affect if you'll buy my house?

        The neighbourhood where you live affects the price substantially, but it doesn't determine whether we'll purchase your home., just how much we will pay. Some parts of the UK are more affluent than others and there is a wide range of prices for the same properties.

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        Where in the UK do you buy?

        1. We buy property all over the UK.

        2. Including Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

        3. Also the Channel Isles.

        4. We have a national team of property experts to help.

        5. The buying process is slightly different in Scotland.

        6. Scottish property purchases may take a little longer.

        Is there any fees or hidden costs to pay?

        1. No hidden fees or upfront costs.

        2. We cover all legal fees in the buying process.

        3. You receive a cash offer for your home.

        4. No-obligation period to change your mind.

        5. Our promise to beat any other cash offer.

        6. Use our free property valuation tool.

        7. Then contact us for a cash offer!

        Do I have any protection, is there any regulation?

        Many purchasers that buy houses fast are genuine, some are part of a trade body with self-regulated, so 'we buy any house scams' are few and far between, generally.

        The property industry, while partly regulated via the Office of Fair Trading and The Property Ombudsman, is closely linked to financial services, banking and legal, as a result of the house buying/selling process.

        Mortgages, financial advice, and conveyancing are also heavily regulated, so you do get some protection.

        What's the main house buying scam to be aware?

        1. Price: Undervaluing your home.

        Sell quick firms have historically suffered negative press fuelled by the actions of a minority. We buy any house complaints are varied in nature, but the main issue is the amount that is being offered for property in return for a fast sale.

        Some ‘house buying’ specialists are offering as little as 70% of the property market value, highlighted by consumer websites such as, MoneySavingExpert and Which? There have also been reports of fast sale operators lowering their initial offer at the eleventh hour – giving helpless homeowners little option other than to accept a lower sale price. One company, in particular, has been charged customers £695 before valuing a property.

        Regulations currently in place do not give sellers enough protection.

        Some operators promise to pay nearly the full market value for your house (80 or 90%) but undervalue it in the first place (worth around 60%).

        What's the 'last-minute price drop' scam?

        Know as ‘Gazundering’, it works like this:

        1. The property buyer offers a high price for you to sell your house, probably 95 to 100% of its value.

        2. Then just before you are ready to exchange contracts or complete the sale of your home, they drop the price by 15 or 20% leaving you high and dry and often financially committed to another property, and unable to withdraw from the sale.

        Some operators actively work this way, and while not technically illegal, Gazundering is thought of as an unfair company practice and is not condoned by Flying Homes.

        The last-minute changes in purchase price is another of the most common occurrences according to Trading Standards. Another common gripe relates to the timescale promised by property buying specialists. Many customers are verbally promising a house sale in a matter of days, yet the terms and conditions eventually signed by homeowners often state a maximum timescale of 12 months.

        Fortunately, there are house buying services in the UK that stick to their promises, and that never renege on an initial offer once it has been made. Like Flying Homes those firms will not charge you upfront fees for the services they deliver.

        Where do I look for 'we buy any house reviews and discussion'

        Forums such as Money Saving Expert discuss the pros and cons of selling your house fast and dishonest practices used by rogue quick sale firms.

        Rightly they are decried, but it seems that some of the comments are unfairly tarring all house 'buy fast' companies with the same brush.

        There are many good operators like Flying Homes, who treat customers fairly.

        The best way you can compare ‘quick sale firms’ is to read the reviews of their customers. People who have lived through the house selling experience are best placed to give an insight into the services these companies deliver.

        many homeowners have complained because of broken promises with customers believing they were deliberately misled. Look for the house buyers that have more positive comments than complaints, and use that information as the basis for your next move.

        Independent reviews can be found on many review websites such as Trustpilot and

        Is every home buying company advertising on TV and in newspapers, reputable?

        An increasing number of adverts for we buy any house are popping up across all forms of the media. There have been several high-profile ads on TV during the last few years, as well as some full-page spreads in national newspapers. Of course, most of these companies operate a respectable, trustworthy house buying service that helps people during tricky situations in their lives.

        While these ads can look alluring, you must read the small print. While some services promise to sell a house fast in as few as seven days, there might be a clause stating a maximum timescale of 12 months.

        Check that administration fees for the services advertised do not apply. The Advertising Standards Authority has dealt with previous misleading TV ads severely, but they can be very persuading when they make dramatic declarations surrounding price and timescale.

        Remember: any advert from a reputable house buying company will not make wild promises. It will merely state the facts and inform you how to make contact for further discussions.

        Do property buyers purchase houses in Scotland or abroad?

        The short answer is yes, many property buyers promise to buy any house Scotland or Spain, and work in exactly the same way as they do in England and Wales.

        Although there are some key differences between the way property transactions work in these countries, the principles of bypassing the open market and securing a buyer through a third-party’s help are exactly the same. Protection Status