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We buy any house anywhere in the UK. Get a free instant online cash offer today! Flying Homes can help if you need to sell your house quickly in days, not months. We have cash funds waiting to buy your home. Sell your property in a matter of days, not months. Get a sale agreed today with the UK’s best quick sale company!

Many of our customers search for house buyers because they need an answer to the fundamental question ‘how do I sell my house fast?’ Getting a property buyer to purchase your house in the current market usually means you may have to use companies that buy homes fast, but this does not guarantee you’ll get the best price for your home. Selling to just any cash buyer could cost you a fortune as many will only offer 70% of the market value or sometimes even less. Read our FAQ’s for more help and advice on this topic.

We will buy any home, but we want to give you more than any other property buying company!

Many property buyers promise to buy house at 100% value but actually pay only 65 or 70% of the sale price for homes. Flying Homes has often achieved in excess of 94% of the sale price for customers, usually far more than any other fast house sale company in the UK! Flying Homes property buyers really do mean ‘we buy any property’.

Avoid we buy houses scams

Property buyer scams

Property buyer scams

Scams are few and far between generally. The property industry whilst partly regulated via the OFT and TPO is closely linked to financial services, banking and legal, as a result of the house buying/selling process. Mortgages, financial advice and conveyancing are heavily regulated so you do get some protection.

Scams used by property buying companies

Having some regulation doesn’t protect sellers from house buying firms from promising to pay the full market value for your house but then undervaluing it. They promise to pay 80 or 90% of value, which may only represent 60% of the actual value! This type of scam makes it appear that your house is being bought for nearly full value when this is clearly not the case!

So avoid these types of scams and deal with a reputable company such as Flying Homes. Get a realistic offer for your property, ie get more cash for your home, our buyers really can promise we buy any home quickly.

How a last minute price drop ‘scam’ works

The last minute drop in price scam (gazundering) works like this: The property buyer or quick sale company offers a high price for your home, probably 95 to 100% of its value. Then just before you are ready to exchange contracts or complete the sale of your home, they drop the price by 15 or 20% leaving you high and dry, and often financially committed to another property and unable to withdraw from the sale.

Our view and indeed that of many other reputable home buying firms is that this is an unfair practice. Some home buyers actively work this way, and whilst not technically illegal, gazundering is thought of as an unfair practice by the OFT and is certainly not condoned by Flying Homes. The OFT is working hard to close these loopholes and unfair practices.

Complaints About House Buying Companies

Complaints are often unreported. Some of the ones that are and pursued by the offcie of fair trading and the like, have become high profile and picked up by the press. Anne Baker lost up to 40% of the value of her home by selling to a quick house sale company. Fortunately these type of complaints seem to be few and far between and with the OFT clamping down on the cowboy quick house sale firms that operate unfairly like this, then hopefully this will become a thing of the past. With some sort of regulation or guidelines just around the corner, then hopefully quick sale customers won’t follow the victims of sale and rent back (SRB).

We Buy Any Home, Any Condition, and Any Location

It’s true we buy houses in any condition, we can find you a buyer for your home fast, and it doesn’t matter the condition. Many property buyers purchase houses at Auction and then discover that they’ve bitten off more than they can chew…so to speak. Often an auction property on first look seems to require a simple cosmetic makeover, but on closer inspection, it needs completely gutting, and a full refurbishment needed!

Buying houses in Scotland, consider the legal differences if you need a webuyanyhouse service

Just remember if you are looking for webuyanyhouse companies to buy your property in Scotland, there are legal differences to consider. Buying and selling property in Scotland is different to the rest of the UK. Many of our clients focus on some of the major cities in Scotland such as Edinburgh or Glasgow’, so remember to check things carefully in this respect.

We Buy Any House Reviews For Quick Sale Companies

When searching for ‘we buy any house reviews’ then look for proper review websites such as trustpilot or reviews.co.uk. Check out the forums on moneysavingexpert. But remember to read reviews objectively. House buying companies provide a service which some house sellers desperately need, but they don’t always receive good buy any house reviews for doing so. It shouldn’t be too difficult to find reviews, just Google ‘quick sale company reviews’ or something similar and you’ll find them.

Online Resources to use for Working Out the Value of Your Home; Rightmove and Zoopla.

Before approaching webuyanyhouse companies to buy your home, you need to know it’s approximate value. Try our free instant online valuation tool here. Then use Rightmove or Zoopla to obtain further comparables to estimate the value of your home, and also the UK land registry for sold house prices to see what sold historically similar to your house. If you are buying another property and need to work out your finances then using a mortgage calculator can help you with your calculations.

Forums Discussing Quick Sale Companies

Some forums such as ‘money saving expert’ discuss the pro’s and cons of selling your house fast and also the unfair tactics used by rogue quick sale companies. Rightly they are decried but it seems that some of the comments are unfairly tarring all ‘we buy your house’ or ‘buy my house companies with the same brush. Indeed there are many fair operators like Flying Homes, who care and adopt fair practice in their business dealings with clients.

Our Property Buyers Purchase any Property

Flying Homes can buy property fast for cash, but only if the price is low. In fact, it would have to be at a level where it would be taking advantage of your financial predicament or misfortune (usually divorce, bereavement, repossession or job relocation).

The fact is that given a reasonable time-scale to sell; then it is possible to sell your property fast and get more or less full value. What constitutes nearly full value? Well, many Flying Homes sellers have averaged 94% of the sale price for their homes when they sell fast with our help.

Get an Online Quote From Flying Homes!

So what’s the next step for a quick house sale? Easy, get a free online quote from Flying Homes. We’ll research sold house prices and look on Rightmove and Zoopla to see what houses similar to yours are selling for or have sold, and then discuss your time-scale for moving!

Learn more about how Flying Homes can help you to achieve a sale of your home, call now, 0800 68 99 420, we really can help you if you need a cash buyer for your home, we promise, we will buy any house!

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Flying Homes National Homebuyers bought my house

Jun 17, 2015 by Joy leedon

A big thank you for buying my house flying homes! I was really impressed with Chelsea she knows her stuff and always kept me fully informed throughout!

Buy houses review

May 13, 2015 by Julie Pickering

I found this really useful. I did not realise how house buying companies can play around with valuations and drop the price at the last minute, these type of house buyers need to be reported

House Buyers

Dec 19, 2014 by Anna Keeling

Thanks I found this really useful. I didn't realise just how little some companies offer and when I spoke to your staff they told me that I could expect much more if I could afford to wait a few weeks to get money in the bank,

Response: Thanks Anna, we strive to get our customers as much money as possible!

Flying Homes Limited 0800 68 99 420 McLintocks, Summer Lane Barnsley , S70 2NZ United Kingdom 4.0 5.0 3 3 A big thank you for buying my house flying homes! I was really impressed with Chelsea she knows her stuff and always kept me fully informed throughout!