Good house buyer Feedback. We got a few quotes from them and one was to sell quickly and the others in a couple of months. We were happy with the service and wish them well. 5 stars Kimmie
One of the better companies that buy houses! It was quick and easy and I got the price I needed. Big thanks to Charlie for being so patient when we changed our moving out dates. All in all a painless experience! 5 stars Tracy

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  • What will I receive if you buy my house quickly?


    We Buy Any House Cash in 7 Days Guaranteed

     We Buy Any House | Flying Homes

    How much will I receive from you if you buy my house quickly?

    We buy any house in the UK for anything between 75% and 95% of market value. While we can’t guarantee a specific percentage, we can promise you that we never adopt a one-size-fits-all approach the valuing property.

    Each house buying company uses its methods of valuation. Generally speaking, however, the longer you delay selling, the more it will cost. Also, you can receive more for your home if you can afford to wait a little longer. The amount we can pay varies between 75% and 94%, but this is only a rough guide, see the type of factors below which determine how much we pay.

    For how much can you buy any home?

    How much we can pay for your home depends on a broad range of issues, including property chains, current market conditions (how fast we can resell any houses we buy), and any legal matters. Find out how much we’re prepared to pay for your home by completing the quote form. We’ll evaluate your property, and make you an offer that reflects its current condition.

    How fast will you buy my house?

    At Flying Homes, we operate a home buying process bypassing the traditional property market. In the right circumstances, we can conclude the purchase of a UK property within around seven days. The average time a house buying company takes to complete a home purchase is somewhere between six and eight weeks.

    We expect to provide you with a fair offer for your property within 24 hours of assessing it. Buying and selling houses is always a complicated issue, however, so offers can sometimes take a little longer to process. If we don’t run into too many problems during the transaction, you can be relatively confident of receiving the sale proceeds of your property sale within 28 days of our formal offer. Of course, the speed of both the offer and completion will depend on your situation and the condition of the property.

    Flying Homes and other house buying services can shave vital weeks off the time it usually takes to sell property in the UK. If you’re in a rush and you need a quick house sale to unlock the value from your home, then this could be ideal.

  • Will you buy any house in any condition and location?


    Will you buy any house in any condition and location?

    We’ll buy any house in the UK even if it’s run down or in an obscure place. Our valuation experts based in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. We’re always ready to get things moving with the purchase of property. Flying Homes — like most UK house buying companies — does not currently buy homes outside the United Kingdom.

    We are always ready to buy any property in its current condition. Whether your house is deemed ugly, in a poorly maintained or just isn’t popular with local home buyers, we can make you a fair offer based on its market value. We buy any property; this includes bungalows, flats, studio apartments, detached houses and semi-detached houses. Wherever your home is, whatever it looks like and whatever condition it is in, we’re ready to make you a cash offer.

  • If you agree to buy my house are there any upfront fees or costs to pay? Am I tied in or can I change my mind?


    Will you charge fees and upfront costs to buy my house? And am I free to sell elsewhere even after I’ve agreed to sell to you?

    Flying Homes does not impose any hidden costs or upfront fees when buying houses. Like most other house buying companies in the UK, we make our money from buying property at a discount to market value. We then sell the property to buyers in need of a quick house purchase. Regardless of your circumstances or how quickly you need us to buy your house, we will cover all the costs of conveyancing and solicitors.

    Will I be charged upfront fees for you or other house buying companies? If so, will I lose money if I decide not to sell?

    Flying Homes do not charge any fees, so there is no cost to you for selling, no fees and nothing to pay if you agree to sell, and then change your mind. However, many other companies who buy homes and some less reputable companies will charge you a valuation fee right at the beginning of the process. While some companies will return this fee when the sale completes, others won’t. It’s important to be wary of businesses that charge non-refundable, upfront fees in this way. These companies will promise you the earth to get your business — making them little more than home valuation services.

    To prevent you selling your home to another company that buys houses fast, some UK house buyers will ask you to sign an option agreement. The option contract commits you to a lengthy agreement disallowing you from selling your property with another firm. However, at Flying Homes, we don’t tie you into any such arrangements. We want you to sell your home as quickly as possible, so we will never impose unreasonable restrictions.

  • OK, so you've agreed to buy my house, what happens next?


    I want you to buy my house fast. What happens next?

    We take the hard work out of house selling. We operate a four-stage house buying process that takes the stress and uncertainty out of dealing on the property market.

    Information gathering

    Once you have instructed us to value your home, we will get to work on gathering information about your property — and we’ll start by talking to you. We’ll ask you a range of questions about both your property and the surrounding areas. Use this opportunity to tell us about any unusual features or local issues that might make your home more desirable and worth more.

    We will then consult with local estate agents and use resources such as Land Registry sold property prices to get an idea as to how much properties like yours are currently selling. We also look at third-party services such as Rightmove and Zoopla to compare your home with others in the area. Using our experience and expertise, coupled with the latest property valuation software, we can make you an offer based on the prevailing market conditions.

    A detailed valuation

    Once we have completed our investigations, we will deliver a comprehensive appraisal report, which will help you to understand how we reached our valuation. We will make an appropriate offer based on this assessment and your desired moving timescale. All things being well, you should receive your formal offer within seven days of your initial contact with us. You won’t have to hurry your final decision, however. Our offer is open for 30 days, so you’re free to weigh up your options before committing.

    Accepting our offer to buy your house

    If you formally accept the offer made by Flying Homes, we will immediately organise all of the necessary checks and surveys. We do this to double check that the information at hand is current and the most accurate available. But don’t worry if you need time to accept our offer. The last thing we want you to do is to proceed when you’re not 100% comfortable. We buy houses to help people, so we will never pressurise or hurry you into making a final decision. Take the time to compare our offer with offers from other house buying services. But remember: we guarantee to beat any offer from a similar, reputable home buying company in the UK.

    You’ve agreed to buy my house, but what if I change my mind at a later date?

    We will buy any house to help both buyers and sellers. It is in our best interests to ensure that you are entirely happy with the offer and the timeframe before you ask us to proceed with the purchase of your home. So there’s no need to worry if you change your mind before legally committing. We understand that circumstances can change, so we’ll be as flexible as we can. We’re always here to answer any questions you might have about the process, so you can have your concerns addressed at every step.

    You’re buying my house, but I need to change the initial completion date. Is this possible?

    We offer a flexible service that is adaptable to the changing needs of homeowners. With sufficient notice, we will always do our very best to change completion and moving dates. We only want to complete house purchases where we look after the interests of all parties, which is why we’re always available to discuss timescales.

    The legal process

    You won’t need to worry about the costs or hassle involved in organising the legal paperwork necessary for a property transaction. We take care of everything; from instructing a solicitor to coordinating the transfer of documents. And what’s more, you won’t need to pay a penny in fees or upfront charges for this comprehensive service.

  • Where can I find reviews for Flying Homes and other companies that buy houses?


    Are customer testimonials and reviews for you & other house buying companies available?

    We do buy any home, the reviews from our customers on the website will confirm this, as well as Trust Pilot and There are also customer testimonials on our Facebook and Google account pages.

    The easiest way to find reviews and testimonials from customers of other house buying services is to perform an Internet search. The Money Saving Expert website is also an authoritative source of information. It’s also worth keeping an eye on popular media outlets, as they often run stories on disreputable house buying firms that include detailed interviews with previous customers.

  • What scams or pitfalls should I avoid in selling my home to a quick buying company?


    What quick home buying scams should I avoid?

    Property buyer scams

    At Flying Homes, we have earned a national reputation for making fair offers for a property based on current market conditions. We also take pride in offering the very best in customer service and sticking to the promises we make. Sadly, not all of our competitors take the same approach. There are a few ‘buy your house fast’ scams you should be aware of before deciding which company to use.

    1. Undervaluing or overvaluing property

    Disreputable businesses that buy your house will do anything to win your custom. Some firms have been guilty of underestimating the initial value of your home. Then the offer they make appears healthy when in fact it’s low. The reduced valuation often isn’t discovered until too late in the day when the homeowner will have no other options. An inflated estimate also gives rogue house buying companies some wiggle room when it comes to negotiating a discount.

    2. Slashing an offer at the last minute

    Unscrupulous home buying firms will sometimes take advantage of desperate circumstances to increase their profits. One scam that is on the radar of the OFT is the last-minute reduction of formal offers — sometimes just hours before completion is due. These firms do this because they know exactly how desperate some homeowners are to raise cash. Many sellers are forced to accept woefully small offers through sheer desperation and with no time to make alternative arrangements.

    Can I find evidence of complaints about quick house buying companies scamming homeowners?

    There are several stories on leading media websites, warning of the dangers posed by unscrupulous house buying companies. To find them, all you need to do is perform a quick Internet search. You should also be able to find evidence of improper conduct by these firms on property forums, chatrooms and discussion boards, as well as in the comments sections of related news articles.

    Worried you’ve been unfairly treated by a quick house buying service? Contact The Property Ombudsmen or the Citizen’s Advice Bureau to find out where you stand.

  • Who else will buy my house fast, can I achieve this any other way than selling to a property buyer?


    Are there other ways to find someone to buy my house fast?

    Most homeowners in the UK still turn to a local estate agent even if they need a buyer for their property quickly. Locally based agents offer knowledge and personal service to speed up the process considerably. But there are limits to how fast a property transaction can be prepared — even with a top agent on the case. Flying Homes want to buy your house quickly; you may not wish to take the risk of selling on the notoriously unpredictable open market if time is of the essence.

    More and more vendors are using online estate agents to streamline the process and cut costs speeding things up a little, but not nearly enough for many people. You can also sell your home privately without the help of an agent, but there will still be various legal issues to contend with and a possible property chain.

    For most homeowners, the process of finding a house buyer and selling their home takes around three months. But if the bank is threatening repossession or the purchase of your dream home relies on the sale of your existing property, this may not be fast enough.

    Flying Homes cuts out the time-consuming processes of marketing, property viewings, price negotiations and conveyancing. Just accept our offer — we’ll take care of all the administration and legal processes.

  • How can I find out if I'm dealing with a reputable company that buys houses fast?


    What can I do to ensure I’m dealing with a reputable house buying service that can be trusted?

    It’s important to perform a little research into any quick home buying company before you approach them for a valuation. You have some protection by using some businesses that buy houses registered with RICS, (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors). Other property buying firms registered with ‘The Property Ombudsman’ and the ‘National Association of Property Buyers’ should also be reputable. All quick buy companies should be listed at Companies House too.

    Is Flying Homes a reputable house buying company?

    From the reviews on our website and a quick Internet search, you will see that we have an excellent reputation as one of the most trusted and reliable house-buying services in the UK. We won’t make false promises, and we never reduce our formal offers in the way less reputable companies do.

    We always aim to give you our very best offer the first time around. But if you ever find a better offer from another reputable company, we promise to better it. We are proud of our transparency throughout the house buying process.

  • Why do customers use businesses that buy houses, what's their circumstances?


    Why do homeowners need companies that buy houses quickly?

    We have been buying homes directly from owners for several years. We are trustworthy cash buyers, which means we have the money available for purchases without reliance on property chains or finance applications. We can buy any house in a fraction of the time it takes on the open market.

    There are several reasons why homeowners need a fast house buyer:

    Relocating to a different part of the country

    Whether you have a new job, you’re retiring, or you’re starting a new relationship, we help homeowners to free their assets quickly to make plans for moving away at relatively short notice.

    The bank is threatening repossession

    People who have their home repossessed will have the issue recorded on their credit file — making a further home loan anytime soon, impossible. Homeowners decide to use a house buying service in these circumstances, to repay their mortgage in full before any drastic action.

    Unexpected property inheritance

    A lot of people inherit a property at inopportune times. The home may need extensive work carried out before it can be sold or rented. It may also come with incumbent tenants — giving you a management headache you didn’t plan or expect. Flying Homes helps people to offload inherited property quickly and for something close to full market value.


    The resolution of divorce proceedings often hinges on the selling of jointly owned property. To move onto the next chapter in their lives as quickly as possible, homeowners turn to house buying services to speed up the process.

    The property is in need of expensive repairs

    If a homeowner simply doesn’t have the cash required for costly repairs and maintenance, it may make sound financial sense to sell up quickly. As Flying Homes buys any house in any condition, the responsibility for the essential repairs will lie with the new owner.

    If you want a reputable buyer to purchase your property, then call Flying Homes now, we buy houses fast!

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