Can I Sell a House with Asbestos?

Can i sell a house with asbestos?

Selling a house with asbestos. Asbestos, widely regarded as a construction evil of the 20th century, was around far longer than most people realise. Asbestos, an excellent insulator, fire-resistant and conductor of electricity, Was used by both the Roman and Persian Empires,  Asbestos is a cost-effective material used to provide safe and relatively cheap insulation … Read more

My Ex Has Stopped Paying the Mortgage — What Next?

My ex has stopped paying the mortgage

A divorce is usually a stressful and emotional event — more so when it involves joint homeownership. If your ex has stopped paying the mortgage, it’s essential to understand your legal position and responsibilities. We’ve put together a short guide on what to do when a joint homeowner neglects their financial obligations. Who is liable … Read more

Can Certain Features Add Value to My Home?

Can certain features add value to my home?

Making significant home improvements is always a big step. We all want to make our home better, but deciding which improvements should take precedence isn’t always easy. If you’re planning to sell your property in a few years, adding features that increase its value might be the best course of action. But which features should … Read more

What Are the Advantages of Selling to a Property Cash Buyer?

Finding property cash buyers

A property cash buyer is someone who makes an offer on a home with the funds required already in their bank account. As a result, there’s no need to apply for a mortgage, which means the entire process is concluded a lot faster. According to the Land Registry, a third of all house purchases (in … Read more Protection Status