5 Hidden Issues That Might Lower the Value of Your Home

Issues that reduce house prices

Do some research on the internet, and you’ll find a range of issues and characteristics that can increase the value of a home. But if you’re selling, it’s just as important to be aware of the problems that can lower the value of your property. Once you know what to look for, you can take … Read more

Is There a Relationship Between High Performing Schools and Property Values?

Good schools affect property values

Good schools and the British education system are always making the headlines these days. The struggle to improve education standards means every school is striving to make improvements, which directly impacts local house prices. Parents are now more aware than ever before of the various merits of different state schools, and they are prepared to pay … Read more

Poor Property Maintenance and Disrepair Impacts House Prices

Many factors contribute to average UK house prices, and some of them are within homeowners’ control. Anyone who has ever viewed property as a potential buyer will know that first impressions mean an awful lot. Arriving outside the property for the first time is often pivotal in a buyer’s selection process. If your home requires … Read more

Do Local Crime Rates Affect House Prices?

Crime rate

Local crime rates affect demand for property and dictate average property prices in a neighbourhood. Some are within the control of homeowners, but most are ultimately out of any individual’s control. Not surprisingly, no one would choose to buy a home in a crime-ridden area, even considering the impact on house values. Until recently, it … Read more

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