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We are 'sell house fast experts'. It’s never been easier, faster or cheaper to sell your house quickly to Flying Homes. Our team has perfected the process and can have a cash offer to you often within twenty-four hours of your initial contact with us.

Why do people use our sell house fast service?

Homeowners use quick house sale companies such as Flying Homes for a broad range of reasons. Here are six of the most common:

  1. Relocation

    Getting a new job, retiring or starting a new relationship can sometimes involve relocating to a different part of the UK at short notice and with it the need to sell your house fast. We can buy your house quickly, so you can concentrate on making last-minute arrangements for your future.

  2. Possible repossession

    As well as being highly stressful, repossession adversely affects a person’s credit rating. If you are threatened with repossession and have no method of paying off arrears then consider using a property buying company like Flying Homes to free up the cash to clear your debts.

  3. Liquidating assets

    Whether you’re a property investor or just a homeowner in need of some quick cash, we can help you to liquidate your assets for your next venture.

  4. Inherited property

    Inheriting a property is not always a straightforward affair. You may have inherited tenants too, or the upkeep of the house might be something you’re keen to avoid. You can sell the property without the fuss by turning to a quick house sale company like Flying Homes.

  5. Divorce and separation

    Divorce and separation usually involve the division of assets, which is something that can be time-sensitive in many break-ups. Selling a home can be hard and is one of the most stressful events in life which is why people use quick house buying companies for help.

  6. Extensive repairs are required

    Often, homeowners who don’t have the time or money to carry out essential repairs on their property face an impossible situation. However, by selling the property quickly in its current condition, an owner can avoid that expense and receive a fair market price in the process.

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What’s your process if I decide to sell my home to you?

When you decide to sell your house fast to us, we follow a simple four-stage process that we have tweaked and perfected over our time in the industry.

This process allows us to quickly gather the relevant information and give you a cash offer for your home.

  1. Phase 1 - Data gathering & research

    In phase one our teams spend time quickly compiling data on your home and the surrounding area. As part of this, we will often work with the homeowner, asking them to answer questions that will further allow us to value your home in the quick sale process.

    Examples of these questions would be about the local area, nearby services and useful transport links.

  2. Phase 2 - Valuation and a formal offer

    In the second phase, we will then use this information, and working alongside local estate agents and land registry portals, evaluate the value of your home. At this stage, we can then give you an honest and accurate cash offer for your home.

    In most cases, this offer comes within seven days from when you first contact Flying Homes.

  3. Phase 3 - Accepting the offer

    From the time the offer is made, we give you a 30 days no-obligation timeframe within which we will never put any pressure on you to accept the offer. If you get a better offer from any other 'sell house fast service' then we promise to beat it!

    If you choose to accept our offer, we will run a series of background checks and surveys to make sure that 100% of the data you have provided is accurate.

  4. Phase 4 - The legal stuff & completing the sale

    The fourth and final stage of the quick sale process is the legal paperwork and complex conveyancing often needed to sell your home.

    As part of our buying process, Flying Homes will handle the third-party solicitors along with all the expensive legal fees. We know this is an area that many homeowners can do without and we know that Flying Homes covering all paperwork and legal fees is one of our largest selling points.

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What other ways are there to sell a house quickly?

There are a number of alternative ways to sell your house quick. Below you’ll find the pros and cons of them.

Local Estate Agent

To get a quick sale with an estate agent you must drastically reduce your price expectations.

However, most estate agents work on a percentage fee of the selling price so won’t be keen on recommending this route. If you can find one to agree to this strategy you may be successful, but many potential buyers may be suspicious of the low price, they may think there is something wrong with the property and be put off.

OK, so you inform them you simply want a quick sale for whatever reason. But a potential buyer may use the opportunity to further reduce your price in the knowledge that you’re in a rush to move. Then the minute a for sale sign goes up all your neighbours will be inquisitive of the price and why it’s so low; if you’re a private person then advertising your situation may not be for you.

If all that doesn’t put you off then consider reducing your property’s value by approximately 20% for a potential buyer to see it as a ‘bargain’ to be snapped up. But even if you find a buyer quickly, be prepared for the process still to drag out - estate agents are not known for rushing, neither are solicitors and mortgage brokers.

To be safe, allow for between 3 - 6 months from the start of the selling process before the money is in your bank and be prepared to keep paying your mortgage, utility bills, insurance and maintenance upkeep each month in the meantime. Plus you’ll have to pay your own solicitor’s fees to sell your property.

Estate agents are also considered to be the most costly method when it comes to selling a house. It’s understandable when you consider their office, staff and travel costs. Most estate agents are situated on busy high streets to attract buyers and sellers, these prime locations come at a prime cost in rent and business rates. As part of their service, they will take care of all your viewings, showing potential buyers around your home. However, they are not charities, this comes at a significant cost to their business and someone has to pay for it. Plus travel - the price of a car and petrol doesn’t come cheap.

See the likely cost breakdown of an estate agent:

  • Average estate agents’ fees: £4,310
  • Stamp duty: £1,774
  • Surveyors’ fees: £764
  • Conveyancing costs: £1,558
  • Removals charges: £1,065
  • Total: £9,472
(Source: Post Office Money)

Flying Homes - The fast online property buyer

Here also you’ll have to reduce your price expectations, but the process and timescales are completely different from that of a local estate agent. There's no faster way to sell your home.

First, we’ll make a no-obligation cash offer, no mortgage or other types of finance will be involved. Nor will there be a for sale sign and the hassle of multiple viewings, so discretion is a key feature.

Next, if the offer is acceptable to you, we will move quickly with the purchase (but in your timescales), arranging and paying for your legal fees to complete the process in a timely fashion.

Finally, the cash will be in your account within days of agreeing matters.

Property Auction

If you’re looking for a quick property sale then an auction can be a good choice, but once again your selling price expectation should be lowered.

Demand from multiple bidders during the auction can drive the price up, but if the demand is low and there isn’t a bidding war then you may be faced with disappointment.

If successful, the buyer has to deposit 10% of the selling price, but then they have a month to come up with the remaining 90%, which may not suit your timescales.

Auctions are mainly frequented by investors, developers and builders looking for a project to buy below market value. The cheaper they can buy it, the more profit they can make once they sell it.

So how much does an auction sale cost? Expect to pay your auction house in the region of 2.5% of the final selling price - plus there may be the auctioneer’s marketing costs to pay. Sellers also need a solicitor to for legal help prior to the auction and again on the day.

Choosing an auction house is not as easy as choosing an estate agent or a cash buyer like Flying homes. An established auction

house will probably be more expensive than a less known one or an online one, but you’ll need to weigh up the pros and cons and shop around.

If you decide to sell your property quickly this way and you’ve paid the necessary auctioneer’s fees, your property will be advertised to potential buyers. At this point, you may be approached by buyers who try to persuade you to sell before going to auction so they can avoid a bidding war. But be warned, if you do agree to sell prior to an auction, your auctioneer’s fees are not refundable.

If you reject any such approach then the sale of your property is binding from the moment the auctioneer’s hammer falls. You must sign and exchange contracts on the spot there and then. So there is no time for cold feet or second thoughts.

It is also wise to set a reserve price, this is the lowest price you are prepared to accept and is kept a secret between you and the auctioneer. So if the bidding is too low the auctioneer will withdraw your house from the auction. But if a buyer meets your reserve price then you won’t be able to pull out, so think carefully if this is the best route for you.

How to set a ‘guide price’ - this is the price that the property is advertised at to the public and it is designed to lure buyers in. Your auctioneer can help here, it’s just a rough guide of what your property is worth, so even if you set it below your reserve price you don’t have to accept it.

In terms of timescales, it may take a month to go up for auction as some auction houses only operate monthly, then the sale could be completed in a further 28 days once the hammer drops. The auction house will also insist on a board outside your property to advertise the sale by auction to as many prospective buyers as possible.

As mentioned previously, there is a more modern and potentially quicker method of an auction which allows buyers to bid online to buy a property. The buyer pays a reservation fee (non-refundable) but will have a longer time for completion, so it may or may not suit your circumstances.


Really? Yes! You might normally associate the internet’s biggest shop with second-hand clothes, bikes and furniture, but eBay also sells property, just not that much.

But on the upside, while sellers have to pay a £35 charge, there is no final fee to pay once your property is sold. But there will be a PayPal fee relative to the sale price.

All you need to do is create an advertisement, with photographs and a written description, and set a reserve price for your property.

It’s basically a classified ad so no bidding war, so the price advertised should be what you want to get for it.

It all sounds great but in reality, buyers are not on eBay house hunting in their millions. So don’t expect a huge response, nor a particularly fast sale.


This is the UK's biggest free classifieds ads website. Similar to eBay, sellers just need to upload their property photographs together with a description and wait for potential buyers to get in touch.

Gumtree has 16 million visitors each month, which sounds good but would you reach out to a classified online site that wasn’t property specific to buy your next home? Me neither.

And again, similar to eBay, this is not necessarily the best way to sell your home if speed is your key factor.

Raffle your home

Recently there has been a series of homeowners attempting to off-load their homes by selling raffle tickets to those hoping to win a house in a prize draw.

One such homeowner from Lancashire sold raffle tickets for £2 each for a chance to win his 6-bed house. He hoped to enough tickets to cover the £500,000 value of his property, plus all his costs including legal fees and stamp duty. Another homeowner from Blackheath went online to raffle her property, selling tickets for £5 each. Her aim was to sell a whopping 750,000 tickets, which would give her £3.75m. But the raffle was abandoned after advice from her local council over a potential rules breach from the Gambling Commission.

That said, it could be a good way to sell your property quickly, as long as you can sell enough tickets quickly. But it’s not a certainty, nor is it for the faint of heart!

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