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really good service, Val, Leeds

Customer comments:

I had to start a new job in Glasgow - John really helped speed things along, much appreciated thanks! Mark James

Good solid performance, did what they said they would do and within my timeframe. G Mellor, Clwyd

Having someone take care of all the legals - and pay for it, was a real help. We are now very happy in our new home.Shelley

Had my flat on the market for 9 months with no real interest, after contacting Flying homes I had a cash offer in 24 hours! A Baader

This is No2 property I have sold for cash, each time the company has been true to their word and paid cash - for both and in very quick time. Mohammed

Great job, not quite as much as we hoped but overall a painless experience. Thank you Flying Homes!.George & Sarah Duffy

I tried to sell my property quickly using estate agents. They told me what to do to sell my house fast for the full market value. Unfortunately, this turned out to be broken promises and I had to reduce the price several times, but still no sale! In the end, I asked Flying Homes and they arranged the sale in a snap! Sarah Ainsworth

I wanted to sell my house discretely and without any fuss. These guys came up trumps and found a buyer for me in just a few days.Peter Hillard

I needed to sell the house quickly for a good price, at market value. Our mortgage was high, we missed payments and needed to stop repossession. Thank you Flying Homes, with a little help from our relatives, we got there. .Sandra Melton

How to sell a house fast in 3 easy steps



Discuss the valuation, accept our offer and finalise the sale.


Your legal fees are paid and we agree a moving date.

Different ways to sell a house:

High street agent

Normally takes 3 to 12 months to complete a sale, sometimes even longer. Plus there are the agent fees and legal costs to be paid on completion.

Online estate agent

Realistically the same as the high street model - can take a long time to complete your sale. AND normally you must pay their fees upfront, with no refund if your home doesn’t sell!

Auctioning your home

Buyers here are usually investors - searching for a cheap deal they can profit from. Which means realistically you’re unlikely to get the best return for your house sale.

Classified ads

The place for second hand prams and bikes - not where you expect to see property for sale. Some seller market their properties here, but not many and not successfully.

Social Media - Facebook

Great for showing your friends and family your precious holiday and birthday pics. But maybe not the obvious choice for selling your precious home.


The world’s biggest online marketplace for shoes, prams, bikes, etc. But not famous for house selling. So, perhaps not the ideal platform to sell property fast.

Prize draw

Few have tried this risky route and very few (if any) have been successful. Also there are strict UK gaming laws to consider. This option is a BIG gamble.

How much can you save with us?

We GUARANTEE a better offer!

It worked for Mrs Coe:

Why sell your home fast to Flying Homes?

Reduce bills, save money

Sell fast and put a stop to mortgage payments, utility bills, council tax and agent fees. Plus we'll pay your legal fees. If you are wondering who'll buy my house fast for cash, then look no further and complete the quotation request. Try our property calculator, get a free valuation and see for yourself.

Liquidating assets.

Whether you’re a property investor or just a homeowner in need of some quick cash, we can help you to liquidate your assets for your next venture.

Stopping repossession

As well as being highly stressful, repossession adversely affects a person’s credit rating. If you are threatened with repossession and have no method of paying off arrears, then consider using a property buying company. Selling with Flying Homes will free up the cash to clear your debts.

Divorcing or separating

This usually involves the division of assets, which is something that can be time-sensitive in many break-ups. Selling a home can be hard and is one of the most stressful events in life, which is why people use quick house buying companies for help.


Getting a new job, retiring or starting a new relationship can sometimes involve relocating to a different part of the UK and at short notice. Therefore you may need to sell your house quick. We can buy your house fast, so you can concentrate on making last-minute arrangements for your future.

Inheriting a property

Dealing with a deceased's estate is an emotional experience. Usually, the biggest asset will be the property. So ideally you'll want to sell it quickly and share the money between the beneficiaries.

Needing repairs

Often, homeowners who don’t have the time or money to carry out essential repairs on their property face an impossible situation. However, by selling the property quickly in its current condition, an owner can avoid that expense and receive a fair market price in the process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the 'sell house fast' process?

Phase 1 - Data gathering & research. We quickly compile information on your home and the local area - nearby services and useful transport links. Doesn’t matter the location, London, Glasgow or anywhere else.

Phase 2 - Valuation and a formal offer. Working with local estate agents and land registry, we evaluate an accurate cash price for your home. This formal offer comes normally within seven days of your first contact with us.

Phase 3 - Accepting the offer. We give you a 30 days no-obligation timeframe, within which no pressure is applied to accept the offer. If you accept our cash offer, we run a series of background checks and surveys to make sure that the data you have provided is accurate.

Phase 4 - Legals & completing the sale. The final stage of the quick sale process is the legal paperwork and conveyancing needed to sell your home. Flying Homes can handle the third-party solicitors along with all the legal fees.

I want to sell my house quickly, what other options are available?

There is really only one alternative mainstream way to sell your house quickly for cash:

> Local Estate Agent

Use a specialised fast sale estate agent if you want to sell conventionally. However, you will still have to reduce your price expectations to attract a buyer.

Even if you find a buyer quickly, be prepared for the process still to drag out - estate agents are not known for rushing, neither are solicitors and mortgage brokers.

To be safe, allow for between 3 - 6 months from the start of the selling process before the money is in your bank and be prepared to keep paying your mortgage, utility bills, insurance and maintenance upkeep each month in the meantime.

What does selling via a local estate agent cost?

Average estate agents’ fees: £4,310

Stamp duty: £1,774

Surveyors’ fees: £764

Conveyancing costs: £1,558

Removals charges: £1,065


Total: £9,472

(Source: Post Office Money)

Will I have to accept less with Flying Homes?

Yes you’ll have to reduce your price expectations, but the process and timescales are completely different from that of a local estate agent so the amount you receive could be similar.

We’ll make a no-obligation cash offer, no mortgage or other types of finance will be involved.

There is no 'For Sale' sign and the hassle of multiple viewings, so discretion is a key feature.

If the offer is acceptable to you, we will move quickly with the purchase (but in your timescales).

We arrange and pay for your legal fees to complete the process in a timely fashion.

The cash will be in your account within days.

Is selling using a Property Auction viable?

Demand from multiple bidders during an auction can drive the price up. If the demand is low and there isn’t a bidding war then you may be faced with disappointment. If successful, the buyer has to deposit 10% of the selling price, and then a month to come up with the remaining 90%.

This may not suit your timescale. Auctions are mainly frequented by investors, developers and builders looking for a project to buy cheaply.

What costs are involved in an auction sale?

> Approx 2.5% of the final selling price

> Plus auctioneer’s marketing costs

> Solicitor fees prior to the auction and again on the day

> Auctioneer’s fees are not refundable.

> If a buyer meets your reserve price - you can’t pull out

Can I sell my house fast on eBay?

Really? Yes! You might normally associate the internet’s biggest shop with second-hand clothes, bikes and furniture, but eBay also sells homes, just not that many.

Sellers have to pay a £35 charge and there will be a PayPal fee relative to the sale price. All you need to do is create an advertisement, with photographs and a written description, and set a reserve price for your property.

It’s basically a classified ad so no bidding war, so the price advertised should be what you want to get for it. It all sounds great but in reality, buyers are not on eBay house hunting in their millions. So don’t expect a huge response, nor a particularly fast sale.

Is Gumtree an option to sell my house quick?

This is the UK's biggest free classifieds ads website. Similar to eBay, sellers just need to upload their property photographs together with a description and wait for potential buyers to get in touch.

Gumtree has 16 million visitors each month, which sounds good but would you reach out to a classified online site that wasn’t property specific to buy your next home?

Raffle your home?

There has been a series of homeowners attempting to off-load their homes by selling raffle tickets to those hoping to win a house in a prize draw.

One such homeowner sold raffle tickets for £2 each for a chance to win his 6-bed house. He hoped to enough tickets to cover the £500,000 value of his property, plus all his costs including legal fees and stamp duty.

Another homeowner from Blackheath went online to raffle her property, selling tickets for £5 each. Her aim was to sell a whopping 750,000 tickets, which would give her £3.75m. But the raffle was abandoned after advice from her local council over a potential rules breach from the Gambling Commission.

It could be a good way to sell your property quickly, as long as you can sell enough tickets quickly. But it’s not a certainty, nor is it for the faint of heart!

The market is flat, should I sell my house now to you or wait until demand picks up and get a better price?

It doesn't matter what time of year it is or if the property market is slow. We pay up to a set percentage of value for homes and our model is based on what we think we can sell for, given a reasonable timeframe. We can also agree on an early completion today. Nothing is legally binding until you are ready to move into your new home.

I want to sell my property fast for cash, is this possible?

It depends on your interpretation of selling a house quickly for cash! The phrase really refers to buyers having 'cash in the bank' as opposed to relying on a mortgage. Why does this matter? Because it is considered that buyers that have the money in the bank can complete the house buying process quicker than if a mortgage is required. Of course, it is unlikely many house purchases will be facilitated with a suitcase of cash!

Where can I see 'sell quick reviews' for home buying companies?

There are many different review websites such as and trustpilot. Some websites like aggregate all the review sources for companies. Reviews are also featured on many homebuyers' websites, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter pages

The important point to note is to do your own research. Google the name of the Company and see what people have said about them!

Tips on how to sell your home quickly!

1. Consider timing and market conditions.

2. Make your home a blank canvas.

3. Instruct a solicitor early on.

4. Look at each buyer’s position.

5. Consider selling to a property buyer

We’ll show you what to do and how to sell your house fast in the UK today, just follow our simple tips and advice!

Once you’ve found your next dream home, you’ll want to know how to sell your old house in a snap and get things moving as soon as possible. If you’re part of a chain it is a nail-biting time, but if you’re keen to get your current house sold as quickly as possible, there are plenty of things you can do to speed up the process.

Think about the timing and market conditions

You may not have much say in this, particularly if you’re moving for a new job or the arrival of a baby. However, if your move isn’t time sensitive and you don’t want your house sitting on the market for too long, it can be worth planning your move for Spring or Autumn, which are traditionally the best times to sell quickly. The market tends to slow during winter and the summer holidays, so you may have a harder time finding a buyer.

As well as researching the property market you’re looking to move into; it’s worth keeping up-to-date with any developments in your current area that may affect your home’s saleability. Keep an eye on how fast houses are selling locally, as this can be a good indicator of how well yours will sell. Getting advice from some different local estate agents will help you get a feel for the demand and agree on a realistic asking price for your home.</P

Make your home a blank canvas for prospective buyers

When you’ve been living somewhere for several years, it inevitably begins to feel very ‘you’. But, if you want a quick sale, it’s important that potential buyers can picture themselves living in your home, therefore, make it as much of a blank canvas for them as possible. Declutter, fix up any damage or patches of wear and tear, tone down any out-there décor, and make sure your home is as spotless and neutral as possible for viewings.

Instruct a solicitor early on in the process

Conveyancing takes time, as you’ll probably remember from when you bought your current home! The sooner you can instruct your conveyancer; the quicker things can begin to move forward once you’ve found the right buyer. That way, while you get on with tidying up the house for viewings, they can make a start on the draft contract and various other bits of administrative paperwork that need doing.

Look at each buyer’s position, as well as their offer

To sell your home fast by selling to a cash buyer, or a first-time buyer without an existing chain can be a huge advantage. If their purchase isn’t dependent on selling their home, or on securing a mortgage offer, that means a less chance of everything falling through. Likewise, if they already have a good-sized deposit and can get the house ready to sell quickly, mortgage agreed in principle, this will speed the whole process up.

Of course, you want to get the best possible price for your home, so don’t be afraid to negotiate, but do keep their buying position in mind as well. Given two similar offers – one with the potential for hiccups and delays along the way, and one that’s likely to be far more straightforward – it may be worth accepting a slightly reduced price for the sake of speed and simplicity.

Consider selling to a property buyer to sell your home quickly

If your sale on the open market is proving slow and fruitless, and you need to sell fast, it may also be worth considering a service like the one we offer at Flying Homes. Specialist house buying services can help you to avoid the risks and delays associated with having a chain, without having to compromise on price. We match sellers with national homebuyers, who are ready to proceed with the purchase straight away – and we can secure offers comparable to what you’d expect to get by selling through your local estate agent.

Selling your home to buy a new one is probably the most significant, most stressful transaction you’re ever going to make – but it doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Knowing how to sell your property fast can help to make the process less stressful. Whichever selling route you go down, do your research carefully, seek advice from multiple sources, and look into all the possible options before proceeding. Best of luck! Protection Status