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Frequently asked questions
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  • What percent of full market value can I get when selling my house fast to companies like Flying Homes?


    Sell Your House Fast. We’ll Buy Your Property Quickly For Cash in Only 7 Days

    Sell my house fast with Flying Homes help

    Can I get full market value when I sell my house fast to companies like Flying Homes?

    Sell your home fast to Flying Homes; you can expect to receive in the region of 75% to 95% of your property’s current market value. Every fast house buyer has their way of evaluating a property and making an offer. Generally speaking, you will be able to cash in on more of your home’s value if you’ll wait a few weeks. If you need a sale within days, you should expect to receive nearer 75% of market value. The table below demonstrates typical percentages homeowners receive for their property, based on how long they are willing to wait.

    I want to sell my house quickly to Flying Homes. How much can I expect to receive for it?

    We assess each house we value on its own merits. Exactly how much we offer you for it will depend on issues such as the type of property, its state of repair, the demand for it in the local area and local transport issues — along with many more factors. To see how much we’re willing to offer you for your property, complete the quote form, and we’ll start the evaluation process right away. The more time that you gave to sell your home then the more we can pay for it.We can buy any house for a higher percentage of market value in these circumstances.

    You say you can sell my house fast, but exactly how fast?

    We help homeowners to sell a home quickly so that they can make plans for the future. We can shave off several weeks from the usual timeframes because we are cash buyers. We don’t have to worry about property chains or finance so that homeowners can cash in while bypassing marketing, advertising, property viewings and protracted price negotiations. If you are in a major hurry, and all of the circumstances are right, there is a chance you could sell your home in just seven days. But most house sales take some weeks to complete.

    Every house sale is different, so we never know what issues are going to arise when we first value a home. Rest assured that we always do everything in our power to expedite a house sale as quickly as possible. We aim to give you a formal cash offer within 24 hours of valuing your property. Most of our customers get the proceeds of the house sale within 28 days, but this all depends on our surveys, the condition of your home and your personal circumstances.

  • Can I sell my house quickly to you whatever its condition or location?


    Can I sell my house quickly regardless of its location or condition?

    Yes, you can sell a house quick in any part of the UK with Flying Homes. We have highly experienced property valuers in every corner of the British Isles ready to get to work at short notice. Whether you own a studio apartment in Salford or a detached home in Dundee, we can make you an offer for your home that reflects the conditions of the market.

    Sell your house quickly without worrying about its condition. We aren’t bothered if your home is in urgent need of repairs or updating. We don’t care if your property is ugly or undesirable in your look market. In fact, a lot of the homes we buy have failed to find a buyer because of the problems they have. Of course, the offer we make will reflect the current condition of your home, but our service means you can cash in on it without having to find the money needed for improvements.

  • Are there any fees to pay if I sell my home to Flying Homes? What about other companies, do they charge?


    What fees are payable when I sell my house fast to you?

    We make our money through the discounted offers we make to UK property owners. We sell these assets on to cash buyers all over the country. We do not need to charge you a penny in fees. There is nothing to pay upfront, and with Flying Homes, there never will be. Whether you’re fighting repossession or you’re relocating to a new part of the country, you can sell your property fast without having to worry about finding the cash for conveyancing, surveys and legal fees.

    Flying Homes never impose option agreements on homeowners, so you are free to use other services once you’ve signed up with us. Many of our competitors charge upfront fees with no guarantees of a sale. Not only do these companies keep this money, but they also impose draconian restrictions that stop you from selling your home with another service. We take great pride in helping people sell houses fast, so we will never act in this way.

  • Once I've agreed to sell my property to you, what happens next?


    I have agreed to sell my home quickly with Flying Homes. What does the house selling process involve?

    Once you have accepted our offer, we do all the hard work of selling your property.

    The sale process involves four key stages:

    The collection of information

    We’ll give you with the fairest, most accurate valuation first time around, so we take the time to gather as much information about your home as possible. Our consultant will discuss the various features of your home, its history and the local neighbourhood. We also check with local estate agents to get a feeling for the local property market.

    We will compare your home with other homes in the area that have changed hands recently. We utilise extensive online resources such as The Land Registry web portal. There is a good chance we will also look up recently sold house prices with the likes of Rightmove and Zoopla. Then we’ll employ a combination of cutting edge valuation software and our experience to calculate the current market value of your property. From there, we’ll make you an offer that reflects your desired house selling timescale.

    The formal offer

    We carry out rigorous investigations into the local property market before making an offer. Once we’re confident that our valuation is accurate, we will deliver a no-obligation offer. Then it’s up to you whether or not you will accept or decline it. You may also want to ask our competitors for quotes to compare our offer. We will never press you into accepting an offer, but we promise to beat any offer made by another real quick house sale service. Our offers are good for 30 days, so take your time before committing.

    Detailed checks

    Once you have accepted an offer and decided to sell your property quickly, we will get to work on verifying all of the information we have received. We will carry out the necessary checks and surveys — at our cost. We will never ask you for a penny. During this period, you have the option of continuing your search for the best price possible for your home.

    I’m selling my house quickly to Flying Homes, but can I change my mind?

    We certainly don’t want our customers to feel pressurised into making such a huge decision. We are flexible about the entire process. If you want to change your mind, we will respect your decision. But if you need more information on the deal and how it works, we will always be available to answer your questions — with no obligation on your part.

    I need to change the completion date for selling my house fast. Can I do that?

    We want to be sure that you are comfortable and relaxed throughout the house selling process. We can be as flexible when it comes to the completion date. We never want homeowners rushed into moving out of their home before adequate plans are in place. We are always available to discuss the details of any house sale, so please don’t hesitate to contact us when you need help.

    The boring legal stuff

    One of the reasons homeowners choose to sell a house fast with us is to avoid the complex nature of legal and conveyancing issues. We do all of this work on behalf of the owners, and we cover all the costs it entails. We instruct solicitors, arrange the necessary paperwork and liaise with all the concerned parties. And of course, we will keep you updated as to the progress of your house sale throughout the process.

  • Your reviews and testimonials, where can I see them and those of other property buyers?


    Where can I see reviews and customer testimonials before selling to a fast house sale company like Flying Homes?

    We have a long, proven track record of helping people to sell their homes quickly. You will find many reviews and customer testimonials about the level of service delivered by Flying Homes. Take a look at our website, and you will find several positive reviews from previous customers on our Facebook and Google pages. There are also reviews and testimonials on third-party sites such as and Trust Pilot. You can read about real people and their real experiences with Flying Homes to put your mind at rest about our reliability and trustworthiness.

    If you are comparing Flying Homes with other fast house sale companies, just perform a quick search on the Internet. Take part in online discussions, and join property-based communities and forums. Consumer sites such as Money Saving Expert also offer advice and give previous customers a platform from which to share their experiences with house buying companies. You can read about the practices of rogue house buying services on some leading news websites too.

  • Are there any scams or pitfalls that I should be made aware of, before selling quickly to a homebuyer?


    What scams should I be aware of when selling my home fast to a quick sale company?

    We have an excellent reputation within the UK property industry. Sadly, our commitment to customer service and fairness is not shared by some of our competitors. Not all ‘sell your house fast’ firms operate with the same level of integrity as Flying Homes. So whoever you choose to sell your home quickly, it’s important that you know what the various scams in operation are, and how to identify the perpetrators.

    1. Providing inflated initial valuations

    Some UK house buying firms are interested in just one thing: getting your business. They will stop at nothing to get you to sign on the dotted line. The greatest scams in recent years have involved national home buying companies exaggerating the value of property to win new clients. Once a contract has been signed, and an upfront fee paid, the homeowner quickly discovers that the estimate is wholly unrealistic. An inflated valuation also gives the company some room for manoeuvre when it comes to making a formal offer — giving the homeowner the impression they’re getting a fantastic deal.

    2. Reducing a formal offer during the final stage of the house selling process

    There have been several cases of unscrupulous house buying companies reducing their initial offer during the last stages of the process. The scam is an attempt to use the desperation of homeowners to raise cash quickly. In many cases, the owner has wasted so much time, and there is no other option than to accept the significantly reduced offer. These firms justify their immoral actions by citing changes in market conditions.

    Where can I find evidence of house buying scams before I decide to sell my home quickly?

    Thankfully, incidents of home selling scams documented in recent years are few and far between. Indeed, several media organisations have conducted their investigations into disreputable operators and rogue companies that buy houses. You can speak to real people who have been affected by these scams on forums, in chatrooms and property-related online communities. And if you are treated unfairly — or ripped off by this type of scam — you can contact the Citizen’s Advice Bureau, The Property Ombudsman and even Trading Standards for help and advice.

  • Are there any other ways of selling houses fast, other than to a quick sale firm?


    What other methods of selling a house fast are available to me?

    Despite the growing influence of the Internet and fast house sale companies such as Flying Homes, one of the best ways to sell a property quickly in the UK is to hire local estate agents. Agents based locally have an in-depth knowledge of the local market and know what sells and what doesn’t.

    However, even the most accomplished agents can’t bypass certain time-consuming aspects of the open market. If for instance, you need to sell a house fast before the bank repossesses it, you won’t get the speed or certainty you need from an agent.

    More and more people are saving money and streamlining the house selling process by selling with the help of an online estate agency. But this still doesn’t remove the same time-consuming processes of marketing, advertising, property viewing, home staging and price negotiation.

    By selling a house to Flying Homes, you are moving from the decision to sell straight to the legalities and conveyancing involved — and that has the potential to cut several weeks from the process.

  • Is Flying Homes a trusted company to sell my home fast, how can I check?


    Am I selling my house fast to a company I can trust?

    Whether you choose to sell your house to Flying Homes or another home buyer in the UK, you need to know — for your peace of mind — that the company can be trusted. It is vital that you do a little research before making a decision. Some companies regulated by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), others with the Property Ombudsman; all must register at Companies House if they are property trading entities.

    A quick Internet search will demonstrate our favourable reputation within the UK real estate market. If you decide to go elsewhere, we won’t pressurise you into changing your mind. However, remember that Flying Homes promises to beat any offer from another reputable quick house sale company.

  • What reasons do people have for selling their houses quickly?


    Why do people choose to sell their home fast to companies like Flying Homes?

    We streamline and simplify the house selling process in exchange for a discounted purchase price. We don’t charge any upfront fees. In fact, we don’t charge homeowners a penny for our services. People find this approach attractive for a range of reasons.

    Unwanted inherited property

    Many people inheriting a house do not wish to negotiate the real estate market when they unexpectedly inherit property. In many cases, the property inherited needs updates and repairs, which all cost money.

    Repossession by banks and finance providers

    Having a home repossessed can affect a person’s credit rating for many years after the event. A lot of people facing this scenario will sell their house fast to a company like Flying Homes to pay off their home loan and start again.

    The break-up of relationships

    When a relationship comes to an end, both parties usually want to divide their assets and move on as quickly as possible. Selling a house fast to a specialist property buying company will expedite the financial aspect of getting divorced.

    Expensive repairs are needed

    Homeowners are having their personal finances stretched more than ever before. So when unexpected repair bills come in, or essential maintenance becomes inescapable, many people just don’t have the money to cover the costs. Rather than get into debt, they sell their home fast and buy a home that is ready to move.

    Moving to another area

    A new job, a new relationship or retirement can sometimes involve starting a new life somewhere else in the UK. To ensure that this new chapter can begin as quickly as possible, homeowners turn to national house buyers for help.

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