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Sell Your House Fast in ONLY 24 Hours OR in 6 to 8 Weeks, BUT Get More For Your Home

We buy any house
  • No charge/agency costs for marketing
  • No legal fees/survey/valuation costs
  • No property chains to drag you down
  • No hanging around endlessly waiting
  • No last minute let downs
  • A guaranteed selling timescale
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  • Selling Your House Quickly AND Getting The Highest Price

    Sell House Fast, up to 100% Value Paid, Flying Homes Are Cash Buyers!

    Sell my house fast with Flying Homes help

    How to Sell Your House Quickly in the UK Today at The Best Price

    How do I sell my house fast at the highest price and in the shortest time-scale, is this possible? Of course. Flying Homes has access to unlimited funds to buy any house now. We buy any house cash but we also have many UK investor ‘house buyers’ who want to buy houses fast throughout the UK. Call us now for a free online cash price. Get an offer to sell your house today. No upfront inspection or valuation fees to pay, you can get a quick sale in days, not weeks!

    How do I  sell my home and get the best cash offer?

    Follow these simple steps to achieve the highest house price for ‘selling my house fast’.

    • Find out how much is my house worth, get an approximate value of your house using our free house valuation tool, which combines house prices and property values.
    • Deal with property buyers who can buy fast and preferably with cash in the bank or proof of funds, (such as Flying Homes).
    • Before any potential buyer inspects your home, carry out simple maintenance jobs or improvements and de-clutter.
    • Find out the amount outstanding on your mortgage(redemption amount), including any secured loans, these will be needed.
    • Work out your selling time-scale, get a moving date in mind!

    Can I secure a sale of my property quickly, i.e., in a few days and at full value? No, selling quickly and for the top price are two opposing variables, you will have to accept a certain amount of discount to enable any buyer to maker a profit!

    If you need a quick house sale then many property buying companies will offer to buy your home at only 60% to 80% of its true market value. However, many of our customers have received between 90% to 95% of the market value for selling a house, but this is because they were able to wait longer than those customers desperate to sell. (See Flying Homes sold house prices and check out the percentages and prices achieved).

  • How Much Can I Expect to Receive for Selling my House Quickly?


    Selling a Property Fast For Cash, How Much do You Expect to Receive?

    Many Flying Homes sellers have received an AVERAGE of 94% of the market value of their homes, compare this elsewhere for a similar service!

    Clients achieve this rate for selling a property because we have access to thousands of serious home and property buyers all over the UK. These national homebuyers have the cash to spend on buying your home with minimum fuss, therefore saving you time and money. If you must sell your home fast, then we can help to get you a buyer and quickly.

    Flying Homes advertise all over the country to try to match motivated home buyers and sellers. Indeed we even get clients looking to sell homes fast in Glasgow, Scotland. We advertise the UK nationwide. Look in your local and national newspapers, you may see our advertisements appearing. See our Daily Mirror advert on our Facebook page. Indeed you may well respond to such an advert and wonder what is it all about? Is it really possible to get a quick sale?

    Many online websites similar to Flying Homes buy property directly but offer only 60% to 80% of the value of your home. So it is wise to shop around and deal with a trustworthy company like Flying Homes to sell your home, and get the best price. Our house buyers do not drop the price agreed at the last-minute, so try our quick house sale service, call us and get your home sold!

  • Which Property Buying Company Should I Use to Sell my House?


    Sell Your Property Fast, Choosing the Right Company is Essential

    To sell a property fast and get the price you need, then choosing the right company to help you in this process is essential. It’s a minefield out there and making the wrong decision can potentially cost you a lot of money. Flying Homes is a reliable trustworthy Company with many satisfied clients across the UK. See our client testimonials, we’ve advised thousands of customers over the years.

    Of course there are many ways to sell a house, local estate agent, online estate agents or fast to companies which buy houses, like Flying Homes. Whichever you choose, check that the company is real, reliable and trusted.

  • What Are The Alternatives to Selling a House Fast to Property Buyers?


    How Do I Sell My House, What Different Ways Are There to Sell a Property Quickly?

    Selling your house yourself, is this a viable option? Save on fees and commissions and do your own marketing, find a buyer for your home yourself. Well it is possible to go it alone and cut your costs, selling a house privately can work, but be aware of the complexities involved:

    How to sell your house yourself

    You can try to sell your home yourself privately, but the main portals, (Rightmove, Zoopla and OnTheMarket) don’t deal directly with customers. You will need an agent to market your home through one or both of these portals. Next you will need to set a price for selling, take the right photos and measurements and so on! It’s all getting much more complicated. Therefore if an estate agent isn’t for you, then save yourself time and money and contact us, and we will do all the hard work for you!

    There are lots of different ways to sell a property quickly, but whichever method you use, there is one common denominator – price.  ‘Price to sell’ or sell below market value will get you a buyer.

    Lots of companies advertise to buy your property fast for cash and their adverts appear in the newspapers and online. You can also try one of our partners ‘buy cheap property’, who match sellers with cash property buyers. Check out our many reviews if you want to be sure that you are dealing with a reliable and reputable company.

  • What Different Companies Will Buy my House, What About The Ones Advertising in Newspapers?


    Quick House Sales Newspaper Adverts – Look For Reliable Companies Like Flying Homes!

    Flying Homes Daily Mirror cash house sale advert
    Use a reputable quick house sale company like Flying Homes, to sell your house!

    Beware of some newspapers advertisements from a few ‘quick house sales companies’ often appearing in the property supplements. Some of these companies that advertise may not be reputable, or indeed may have a policy of reducing the price offered at the last-minute leaving you high and dry. These are known as quick sale scams. Companies operating this way need to be avoided like the plague. Indeed this very practice by quick sale companies was investigated by the Office of Fair trading, (as reported by the BBC).

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10 Interesting Facts For Divorcing in The UK

  1. There are less divorces now amongst couples
  2. Women in their late twenty’s –  most likely to divorce
  3. Divorcing couples now tend to be older
  4. Once divorced, it’s less likely you’ll get remarried
  5. Adultery is less likely now to be the cause of divorce
  6. Men granted divorce on the increase
  7. Seven-year itch is actually real
  8. More couples married recently are less likely to divorce
  9. Most marriages won’t end up in the divorce courts!

10 Facts to be Aware of if You’re Selling Inherited Property

Tax Facts: Estates valued over £325,000 – inheritance Tax is due.

Inheritance Tax: 40% rate above the maximum figure. This rate can be cut to 36% if 10% or more is left to charity.

Who pays Inheritance Tax? The estate executor or administrator usually pays with funds available from the estate.

A fast sale of inherited property can often be a priority.


Must Read Facts/Advice – STOP Repossession

  • Facing repossession? Homeowners facing repossession need to act promptly to avoid losing the equity in your property.
  • Property under the hammer – If a lender repossesses your house chances are they will enlist an auction company to sell it quickly to recoup the debt owed.
  • Your equity – If the lender repossesses and auctions your home off, you are less likely to receive the maximum equity (if any) than if you sell your home quickly yourself.
  • Act NOW, Stop Repossession, get in touch with us today to avoid losing money.

Emigrating or Relocating? Read Our Useful Tips!

A new start and a new future – If you are thinking of emigrating or relocating, you will most likely not have time to get involved in a lengthy sale of your property.

Your highest priority will be finding a new property in your new location, but you still have to sell your current home to do so.

Sell quickly and start a new life now – Flying Homes can help you move on. We have expertise helping people like you move on to a new and better future.

Contact one of our experts to show you how quickly we can get you moving!

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Cash Buyer 24 Hours no obligation, no fees!


Which of these best describe your home...


    Should you conduct a full refurbishment of your dilapidated home or cut your losses and get a sale of your house fast to chash homebuyers like Flying Homes? It’s a tough decision, but call us now and get a genuine cash offer to buy your property ‘as is’, and avoid the hassle of what could be an expensive renovation project!


    Houses with structural problems are notoriously difficult to sell because mortgage companies will not generally lend money on them. Homes with structural problems can, however, be good rental investment properties, the tenant isn’t concerned about future values, just how much rent the have to pay each month. So get in touch today with Flying Homes and get an instant cash price for us to buy your run down property NOW!


    Are there any signs of mould or damp on the walls around your home? Damp is one of the main reasons buyers can be put off a property. Not us, we buy any house, any condition.


    Most trees won’t cause damage, even though roots can spread up to three times the tree height. But big trees still put off many buyers causing selling delays in the process. We can help!


    Grade 1 and 2 listed homes are subject to strict planning laws preventing alteration and development without the local council’s involvement (and sometimes English Heritage). You may own such a property that is subject to such a listing, therefore selling may prove problematic if restrictions are attached to your home. Flying Homes can purchase these types of properties if you need a qick sale of your home and with the minimum of fuss.

As a homeowner, you can benefit from expert advice from a RICS (Royal Institute of Charted Surveyors) Member, with an in-depth property inspection. Their report will provide you with an expert account of your property's condition and can highlight any problems that may exist.

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Free RICS Survey

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