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    We review Rightmove's property search tools!

    • 'Draw a search’
    • Where can I live?
    • Property maps
    • Save properties
    • Saving search areas
    • ‘Instant Property Alerts’

    We take a look at Rightmove’s property tools which make for a better search experience


    How do you get the best out of the Rightmove property portal? What tools can enhance my property search experience?

    Rightmove UK has a Million plus properties for sale or rent in the UK. Most of the significant estate and property developers use Rightmove.

    Rightmove Search lists properties for sale or to rent in throughout the UK, England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The search facility includes all major cities (London, Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester, etc.)

    Rightmove has an array of fantastic tools to enhance users property searching experience.

    Rightmove tools to help you find your dream home

    We consider each of Rightmove’s tools to help find the perfect home with example screenshots.

    1. Property maps,
    2. ‘Draw a search’,
    3. Where can I live.’
    4. ‘Instant Property Alerts’,
    5. Save properties,
    6. Saving personalised search areas.

    1. Rightmove Property maps

    Rightmove property maps have some ‘Quick Links’ to take you quickly to larger map areas of England, Scotland, Wales, then Northern Ireland, London, and the London stations. These examples are probably the most popular search areas, hence the ‘Quick Links’.

    Selecting any of the links leads to an area where you can drill down to more specific areas

    Rightmove property map
    Rightmove property map

    Selecting ‘Yorkshire & the Humber in the above example opens another sub-menu to drill down further to the precise area or town required.


    Rightmove property map for Yorkshire and Humberside
    Rightmove property map for Yorkshire and Humberside

    Clicking on ‘South Yorkshire property’ opens another map as detailed below, with different options presented. The options are:

    1. Property for sale in South Yorkshire
    2. Property for rent in South Yorkshire
    3. Estate agents in South Yorkshire
    4. House prices in South Yorkshire

    Hovering over any of the areas opens yet another sub-menu, for example, selecting Bawtry allows selection of property for sale or rent and Estate Agents in Bawtry:

    Rightmove property map south yorkshire bawtry
    Rightmove property map South Yorkshire – Bawtry

    Selecting for example ‘Property to rent’ on this map then opens a further property results page for ‘Bawtry’.

    Rightmove rent in Bawtry
    Rightmove rent in Bawtry

    The results displayed can be further refined. The sort selection can be some ways,

    • by price,
    • newest listed, and,
    • displayed as a grid or on a map.

    The property results are filtered by minimum and maximums based on

    • price,
    • the number of bedrooms,
    • and the property type.
    Rightmove property type filters
    Rightmove property type filters

    More filters refine the property results by type of property, i.e., detached, semi-detached, flats, bungalows, land, etc.

    2. Rightmove – ‘Draw a Search’

    Rightmove Draw-a-Search, allows you to find properties in your preferred area/ location by drawing a search outline, saving it and repeating whenever you want the same search.

    Why is this useful? Because traditional search is usually limited to postcode, town or county, whereas you may want to include several postcodes, parts from different cities, or an area combining elements of two or more towns. Plus using ‘Draw a Search’ allows omitting specific locations. Just imagine drawing freehand on a paper map! Draw a Search tool Draw a Search tool

    How to use the ‘Draw a Search’ tool

    Using your mouse cursor, hover over the desired geographical location, and a text box will appear ‘click and release to place your first point’. Once done a straight line appears which can be dragged and released to the next desired outline point, the text box will be visible and the phrase ‘click on the map to draw an edge’ and ‘continue placing points’ or ‘double click to finish shape’ will appear.  Once the shape completes, a pop-up box appears with the option of saving the ‘selection query’ you just created and viewing the properties within that selection.

    Rightmove Draw a Search example
    Rightmove Draw a Search example

    Select  ‘view properties’ in the map above, and the results display as illustrated in the image below, with the option to further refine the selection using the filtering described earlier.

    Draw a Search results
    Draw a Search results

    3. Rightmove’s ‘Where can I live’, tool

    Located on the Homepage, Rightmove’s tool  ‘Where can I Live’s does what it says. Input a preferred area by clicking on the link ‘Discover your perfect location’.

    'Where can I live' tool
    ‘Where can I live’ tool

    Next, enter a budget and property criteria and the places you want to be near. Click on the ‘get started’ button

    Rightmove 'Where can I live' tool, data input
    Rightmove ‘Where can I live’ tool, data input

    Then either register to use Rightmove as a new user or sign in with your account details.

    Rightmove sign in or create an account
    Rightmove sign in or create an account

    Once signed in there is the option to select specific criteria, in the first two selection boxes pick ‘I need to be near,’

    Work, or

    School, or

    Family/ friends, or


    'Where can I live' criteria selection
    ‘Where can I live’ criteria selection

    Then enter in the next box an address or postcode.

    The second box further refines the ‘where can I live’ selection by the time taken to get there, from 15 minutes to 2 hours in 15-minute increments, and the preferred mode of transport. The tool does the rest, a bit like Sat Nav, or using Google maps!



    Car or

    Public transport.

    Add a second and third location at this point and the selection process repeats.

    Next, tell the tool if you want to buy or rent a property and choose between:

    a house or

    A flat or


    together with the number of bedrooms and preferred budget.


    Rightmove 'Where can I afford to live' further criteria selection
    Rightmove ‘Where can I afford to live’ further criteria selection

    Then hit ‘Find Areas’, and if there are matching properties with your selection, they’ll display on a map like the one below:

    Rightmove 'Where can I live' second results page
    Rightmove ‘Where can I live’ second results page

    Selecting the green box ‘Show me the first area’ then displays the results in order of affordability, according to your initial budget entered earlier.

    Rightmove 'Where can I afford to live' results page
    Rightmove ‘Where can I afford to live’ results page

    The information displayed shows the travel time in this example, to ‘Winfield Rd as 27 minutes cycling. The selection of two-bed properties lists the average house price at £70,000 and for flats, £75,000, and finally, the number of properties matching the range as 113 in this area.

    Selecting the tab ‘See all properties’ then opens a new browser window with the properties displayed, and again, sort these in a number of ways.

    Scroll the results to see more properties.

    Next up is ‘instant property alerts’.

    4. Instant property alerts

    Instant property alerts from Rightmove is a great tool. To receive the notifications for properties meeting your criteria, you need to login to

    Step 1, set up an instant property alert start by searching Rightmove for properties. Use the search box.


    Rightmove Instant property alert
    Rightmove Instant property alert

    Step 2, refine the search on the area and radius, together with bedroom numbers, price range and type of property.

    Rightmove Instant alerts, step 2
    Rightmove Instant alerts, step 2

    Step 3, locate the ‘Create Alert’ at the top of the page and decide how often you want to receive the notifications from Rightmove and how often you want to be updated.

    Rightmove 'Instant alerts, step 3
    Rightmove ‘Instant alerts, step 3

    Finally, all alerts, as well as saved searches, can be viewed in ‘My Rightmove’ on the menu at the top of the page on the right-hand side. From here alerts and searches can be deleted off when they are no longer required. Note from this section other tabs ‘Saved Properties’, ‘Drawn Areas’, Investor News’ and ‘My Details, are available to personalise your experience or edit details, etc.

    5. Saving properties to my personalised account

    How can you keep a property to a shortlist to view later?

    Saving individual properties is straightforward and easy. When you’ve located a property you wish to keep, then click on the Save property’ link, which is a small white heart, which when clicked, turns red and the property saved. Ensure you’re signed in and review any saved properties in the ‘My Rightmove’ section.

    Rightmove 'Saved property' tab
    Rightmove ‘Saved property’ tab

    6. Saving search terms

    Saving a search term on Rightmove is simple and is very similar to the process to follow for ‘Instant Alerts’

    To save a search do the following:

    1. Sign in
    2. Perform a search, filter the results
    3. Click on Save your search on the search results page.
    4. Receive matching properties via your email account, selecting the frequency

    Change or run the saved searches in ‘my Rightmove’.

    Enjoyed our look at Right Move’s tools? Try the Plus version for professionals.

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