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Quick House Sale

Do You Need a Quick House Sale? Get Yours SOLD in 7 Days Guaranteed!

Get a quick house sale in only 7 days guaranteed by using Flying Homes. We offer a free cash quote in 24 hours to buy your house. Read our reviews, find out below quick sale scams to avoid. Flying Homes has access to quick house buyers looking for sellers who promise to buy any house in all the major towns and cities of the UK, so sell your property fast today!

Faster Than Express Estate Agency?

We are confident that we can get you a quick sale, even faster than express estate agency! Our registered house & property buyers and investors use our service extensively to source quick house sales on a daily basis, so try our service and sell your house quicker than you ever believed possible. Get in touch now if you need a quick sale today.

For a free instant online quote to access our house buying service then enter your postcode in the box above OR call us NOW on 0800 68 99 420. If you need quick home sale advice then you have come to the right place, our helpful and friendly staff will only be too happy to answer  any questions that you may have on buying your house or property.

We Buy Any House, Sell Your House Now

People all over the UK are coming to Flying Homes to get more for their houses, more than what other national homebuyers or property buyers pay, especially in London.

How to Get a Quick House Sale, What You Need to do

For cash offers on your property and a quick property sale anywhere in the UK, then you need to be able to:-

1. Sell at a reduced price to what you would ordinarily have marketed your property at with a conventional estate agent. If you are unable to do this and you can afford to wait several months or even much longer, then you may be better selling through an estate agent.

2. Start thinking about where you are going to live! Yes that’s right, if you want a quick sale and your home is priced accordingly then you could really be moving sooner rather than later. Check out some tips for getting your house ready for sale, conducting viewings and selling your home!

Best Quick Sale Companies

If you need to sell a house quickly then consult one of the leading quick house sale firms, Flying Homes. We can help you to achieve a fast house sale within your selling timescale.

Finding & Choosing a Property Buyer

Finding the right company to assist you with a faster sale of your home isn’t always easy given the problems that can occur with some quick cash sale companies only offering 65 or 70% of a house’s market (Many Flying Homes’ clients have averaged 94% of sale price for their homes).

Shop around, get some comparable’s about how much they are prepared to pay for your home. Do some research too, find out how much your neighbours house sold for. Also search sold house prices in your area too and check out what houses are selling for which are similar to yours on Zoopla or Rightmove.

Pack your bags and get ready for moving! Yes that’s right, get ready to move house, a stress and hassle free sale, using our service involves our client’s finding buyers who are in a position to complete a house sale fast!

 We Buy ANY House – Buy My House – Truth or Fiction?

Quick House Sale UK
Get a fast house sale in the UK Today

House Buyers, Searching Google

If you search Google for ‘buy my house’, you may be dismayed about just how few genuine house buyers there are presented to you in the search results. It can be time consuming to sift the wheat from the chaff so to speak. Sometimes it’s best to spend time to research the companies to ensure that they are genuine cash buyers if that’s what the purport to be.

The Truth About Many Quick House Sales Companies

The truth is that some quick house sales companies WON’T just buy any house, what they mean is that they’ll buy houses if they are so cheap, maybe around 65 or 70% of market value.

5 stars reviews
5 stars reviews

Why it’s important to Read ‘Reviews’ From Customers When Choosing a Company to Sell Your House Fast

It’s a sad fact that many customers have bad experiences when selling a house fast.  Too often vulnerable house sellers facing divorce or repossession pick the wrong company to sell their home. This has been highlighted by the OFT investigation into the quick house sale marketplace as reported by the BBC in August 2013. Some sellers lost a small fortune by accepting less money for their home. One such customer, Anne Baker lost £40,000! The best way to pick a Company to sell your home quickly  is to list out the pros and cons for each company, what they can offer including the timescale that a sale can be achieved.

Where can I find a checklist to help me choose a quick house sale company?

Here’s a handy checklist to help you choose the best quick sale company for you:

  • Does the quick sale firm purchase your property directly or are they simply acting as a middleman or agent for someone else. This is important as the one which is using their own cash MAY offer the best deal and within the shortest time frame.
  • Do the quick sale Companies operate in your area, maybe there are neighbours or friends who can give testimonials or recommendations, check and see if they are registered at Companies House and are real businesses.
  • What is the sale process, do they have clear literature which explains the process in an easy to understand manner?
  • Are you required to part with any money upfront for fees or valuation fees? What is the prospect of getting any fees paid back if they don’t deliver on their promises.
  • What other houses/properties have they purchased in your area, are there customers that you can speak to who are happy with selling their home via your chosen shortlist.
  • Can you see real testimonials or service reviews on the website?
  • Are there any contractual tie in’s for longer than 6 months or so, remember most estate agents will tie you in to a contract for 6 months, so this may seem reasonable, but long term tie in’s may restrict your selling options.
  • Are any deals offered time limited, for example ‘sign up within 7 days or lose the deal’. If they are then avoid them like the plague. Any good fast house buyer will recognise that you will need time to consider all your options and make a decision without being pressurised. You may need a quick sale of your property but review ALL options and discuss with friends and relatives who have your best interests are heart.

Are Estate Agents a viable alternative to selling fast to a quick sale company?

Estate Agents can also help you to sell a house fast so don’t discount this altogether. Successful estate agency involves matching able buyers with willing motivated sellers. A quick sale can be achieved by accepting a reasonable price for your home from a cash buyer who is able to complete the transaction in a timely manner.

We can also help to stop repossession, if you have an offer from us then it’s as good as a guaranteed cash offer, which many repossession companies will accept. Get moving house. For a quick property sale, call us now on 0800 68 99 420 we buy any house!