The Quick Sale Hotspot Data

About the Data Behind the Top UK Locations for Motivated Home Sellers.

Bargain hunters looking for cheap houses for sale can now find out where to look for motivated home sellers willing to accept a discount. Check the percentage rankings for the 100 largest UK towns for homeowners who need to sell fast. Plus, if you are a UK homeowner then you can check if you live in a quick sale hotspot before marketing your home for sale!

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The Scoring System.

Over 16,000 Flying Homes customer enquiries analysed geographically by UK town. The figures illustrated are the number of Flying Homes customer enquiries received expressed as a percentage of each town’s population.

We have filtered the data using the following criteria:

Town data: We have mapped and tabled lead numbers for the largest 100 UK towns by population, receiving more than 5 customer enquiries:


  1. Flying Homes: Over 16,000 Flying Homes customer enquiries received between 3rd May 2013 to 26th July 2017.
  2. Flying Homes -
  3. Love My Town: Population data for UK towns/ cities

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