Property Market – Overview for the UK

Property Market in the UK

Welcome to Flying Homes Overview of the Property Market in the UK

Inside you’ll find a brief description of the UK property market split conveniently into the different regions of the United Kingdom.

Bookmark and revisit this page we’ll update the information on each area periodically.

If you wish to sell any property then consider the information here but remember that this is only a snapshot; the real estate market in the UK is continually changing.

The real estate market in Greater London

Greater London Property Overview – 2016 – Maybe tough times ahead? Commuter belt living is ‘attractive.’ Demand continues to outstrip supply!

Quick summary

  1. Possible tough times ahead for growth.
  2. Demand fuelled by a lack of housing stock, overseas buyers & problematic ‘Help to Buy Scheme.’
  3. Commuter belt towns are doing well.

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Yorkshire & Humberside

Yorkshire & Humberside Property Guide – Great value, Sheffield, Leeds & Hull steady growth, Huddersfield a hotspot, Harrogate & York expensive!

Quick summary

  1. Yorks & Humberside is good value for investors and home buyers compared to South East.
  2. Sheffield and Leeds growth high, Huddersfield hotspot.
  3. Hull & Beverley growth healthy, fuelled by rising wages and employment levels.
  4. Harrogate and York property are expensive.

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East Anglia

East Anglia Property Guide – House price growth buoyant, Cambridge top performer, Ipswich & Norwich high price increases, more robust growth expected to 2020.

Quick summary

  1. Cambridge top performer, unprecedented increase in house prices, Ipswich & Norwich in top ten UK hotspots.
  2. Home buyers look beyond London and the Home Counties for affordable housing.
  3. More strong growth expected up to 2020.

See our local guide for more information about East Anglian property.

East Midlands

The East Midlands real estate market is enjoying an unprecedented period of growth with further increases expected in Leicester, Derby & Nottingham.

Quick summary

  1. Leicester houses in high demand, potential future hotspot.
  2. Derby mixed growth but lots of potential for the future.
  3. Nottingham house prices fuelled by new home building.

East Midlands – A more detailed look at the market.

North East

North East Property – Values vary widely, Newcastle demand is high, rises expected over next five years – bargain hunters should look to County Durham.

Quick summary of the North East property market 

  1. North East house prices struggled over the years; property values vary widely.
  2. Newcastle, demand is good, so house price rises expected for next five years.
  3. Bargain hunters should look to County Durham for affordable property.

More detailed information for the North East here.

North West

North West Property – Manchester, one of the strongest outside London, Trafford potential hotspot, Liverpool ideal for bargains, Cheshire steady, Cumbria in the doldrums.

Quick summary

  1. Manchester property market, one of the highest outside London recently.
  2. Quality housing & enterprise zone status makes Trafford a potential hotspot.
  3. Liverpool is great for bargains, Cheshire steady but Cumbria in the doldrums.

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Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Property Guide – After years of decline, house prices moving upwards. Prices are cheap for buyers. North Down, South Belfast and East Belfast are possible hotspots.

Quick summary

  1. After years of decline, home prices are heading in the right direction.
  2. Good news for buyers as bargains to be had and property is cheap.
  3. North Down, South Belfast and East Belfast are possible hotspots.

More detailed guide to the real estate market in Northern Ireland.


Scotland property overview – still recovering after 2008 crash, Edinburgh growth good. Glasgow, a hotspot, has Aberdeen peaked? Mixed elsewhere.

Quick summary

  1. Still recovering after 2008 crash.
  2. Growth expected as demand outstrips supply.
  3. Edinburgh growth is good, Glasgow a hotspot but a mixed bag elsewhere.
  4. House price falls include East Renfrewshire, Angus, Inverclyde & the Orkney Isles.
  5. Aberdeen house price growth peaked as local economy affected by energy slowdown?

An extensive overview of property in Scotland.

South East

South East Property – High growth and more expected. Investors and overseas buyers pricing out London market. Affordable homes, huge issue – demand exceeds supply.

Quick summary

  1. Exceptional levels of growth over the last three years.
  2. London growth fuelled by property investors and overseas buyers.
  3. Affordable homes a huge problem as demand exceeds supply.

South East property overview.

South West

South West Property – Poor past growth replaced by much more positivity. Bristol & Bath, house prices stable, some SW property such as Plymouth haven’t fared as well.

Quick summary

  1. Poor past growth in house prices now replaced by much more positivity.
  2. Bristol, growth is strong, more expected, Bath the same.
  3. Somes major towns, such as Plymouth, haven’t fared as well.

South West – a detailed market overview.


Wales Property Guide – Further stagnation predicted. Some regions are better than others. Bargain property found in Merthyr Tydfil. Cardiff & Swansea high property growth.

Quick summary

  1. Lower house price increases historically further stagnation predicted.
  2. Some regions such as Conwy fare better than others.
  3. Bargain hunters should head for Merthyr Tydfil.
  4. Cardiff & Swansea was strong as demand outstrips supply.

More in-depth property overview for Wales.

West Midlands

West Midlands Property Overview – Demand, growth & average house prices, a mixed bag,  strong growth predicted. Birmingham & Coventry & Wolverhampton doing well, Solihull 2nd dearest place to buy outside London!

Quick summary

  1. A mixed bag with demand, growth & average house prices, but robust growth predicted.
  2. Birmingham & Coventry home price increases are doing well, but Wolverhampton is outshining both.
  3. Solihull second most expensive place to buy outside London!

A detailed overview of the West Midlands market. Protection Status