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Flying Homes Reviews – Testimonials

Flying Homes reviews are overall very good but remember any home buying company will also have poor or negative reviews, and if they don’t, then steer well clear. Trust your own judgment. The old adage always holds true, ‘you can’t please everyone all the time’.

We take great care to provide a professional yet friendly service to all our customers. Our business thrives on recommendations, so it’s important to us to get it right first time.

Whether it’s a Part Exchange, Job Relocation, Moving Abroad, Probate or Repossession we’re here to guide you through the process to make your sale painless, hassle free and as fast as possible. We are proud of our great customer service and strive to be the best quick sale company in the UK today!

Here’s what some of our recent customers had to say about Flying Homes…

“Fast and efficient service, I was very happy with the service I received.We’d been trying to sell for months before contacting Flying Homes, thank goodness we did!”
Mr Hardwick, Wakefield”

The staff were fantastic, always ready to help through what was a difficult time for us both. Thankfully we got a great home buyer who wanted to move quickly”

Paul & Julie Hirst

We recently contacted Flying Homes to see if they could help with the sale of our house. We wanted a quick move and without the hassle of waiting round for months. However, we wanted more or less the market value and when Flying Homes offered this AND a quick sale it seemed too good to be true. We had already had several companies offer us this facility but the reality was far different.

One company completely wasted our time and offered us a ridiculously low amount so I was sceptical when George from Flying Homes said he could do much better for us. After deliberating all the options and without any pressure from Flying Homes, we decided to ‘give it a go’. We hoped our property would sell within the short timescale they had given us but didn’t hold our breath. However, six weeks later and we are on the move and will be in our new house for Christmas. Unbelievable!

Flying Homes did everything they said they would and what was most impressive was the way they kept us informed through every stage of the process and returned our calls almost immediately.Advertising claims rarely match up to reality but in this case they did. For that reason, I am more than happy to provide a reference for Flying Homes. They fulfilled their promise and without any catches. They have agreed to take only a modest percentage of the sale price, we will all walk away happy.

One final point. George has driven this forward from day one and has been a pleasure to deal with. He is professional, efficient and capable. He has offered assistance in all matters along the way and even arranged for our Energy Certificate. He deserves special recognition for his customer service.
Debra and Rick Rogers

If you need to sell a house fast then call the UK’s top property buyers, Flying Homes now. We’ll guide you through the house selling process and keep you fully informed at every stage. We buy any house and whatever the condition, and anywhere in the United Kingdom.

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by Mr Greenhalgh on Blank Business Name

A+++++++ Service from a good honest and reliable company. I had my house for sale with a local estate agents for the best part of a year but no luck. I was thinking to sell my house at auction when I came across Flying Homes who offered me what I needed to clear my mortgage.

Thanks for the kind review. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our property buying service!

by Sheila Gant on Blank Business Name
Flying Homes buyers

Review for flying homes. I didn't think that many companies would genuinely buy my house fast and at a reasonable price. To be fair to the house buying companies I spoke to, most of them were not agressive or pushy but Flying Homes were different. They genuinely wanted to help me sell my house fast, Thank's again to Flying Homes!

Thanks for your kind review Sheila

by Anonymous on Blank Business Name
Sell fast companies

I was hoping to sell my house fast to one of the companies that buy houses in just a few days. Unfortunately all I was offered was 70% or thereabouts. Then I spoke to Flying Homes they promised they'd sell your house quickly but for much more than the others. In the end I received a better cash offer from a private house buyer but top marks to you for spending time to explain the process. I can now buy another house quickly with cash in the bank!

Thanks Henry, we can't always buy houses fast and give the highest cash price, but we do try harder than most quick sale companies.

by Sheila Lavery on Blank Business Name
House Values

All very subjective. My house is worth what someone will pay for it today or whenever I want to sell it. So many factors. Valuations are just a best guess. Good valuation program and FREE!

by Kerry Towned on Blank Business Name
Quick house sale

Thank you Flying Homes for selling my house quickly. I shopped around and found that your company offered more than the others. I read the government report into quick house salesmen before deciding on flying homes as there were a few dodgy ones out there!

by George Lawson on Blank Business Name
property valuation calculator

I like this nifty little app, tried a few different properties of mine rented out. Suprised to see some of them have increased substantially over the years. House values can be very subjective but this valuation tool seems to work, and it's free!

Thank you George. We're redeveloping the house valuation tool to be more accurate and user friendly!

My house value

Useful house valuation tool. Could do with a few more options such as what similar properties have sold in the locality

by Alana Routledge on Blank Business Name
Selling my London flat

I found this quite interesting. I'm not sure whether to sell myself online or just take a quick cash offer.

by Francis Hosie on Blank Business Name
what's my house worth today

I wanted to know what my home was worth if I sold it TODAY. Alas I didn't realise the whole process was so complicated! Your property valuation tool just gave me more questions than answers but I guess that's the whole point, you get a range of values and then you need to speak with a surveyor or do much more research online. But well done for providing me with a free service with no obligation! 5 stars flying homes.

Thank you Francis, I'm afraid you are right. Valuing property isn't an exact science!

by Dominic Surinam on Blank Business Name
Selling houses fast in Bury

Interesting article, I didn't think anyone wanted to buy houses in Bury!

Yes we do Dominic!

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