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Search for property data in the United Kingdom by region, county, town and postcode

Search for all kinds of property data in the United Kingdom for free. Start by selecting the type of property you’re looking for; unmodernised, tenanted, quick sale, land for sale, properties with great views or near good schools and much more!

Data is updated twice a month so check back regularly to find property bargains!

The property data for the whole of the UK is already shown in the table below and by selecting filters, you can narrow it right down to what you’re looking for. Use the quick links in the blue box to jump to a region of the UK that will eventually drill down to the town level of a region or county.

If you find a property and want more details then copy its address and/or postcode and do a simple internet search and you should find it on Rightmove, Zoopla or one of the internet portals or an Auction House, etc.

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