We Buy Any House FAQ’s – Just Ask Away…

Flying Homes FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Our FAQs cover all the most popular questions we get asked by our web visitors and telephone callers. We strive to be 100% transparent in our business and will always give a clear, concise answers to any query. We are one of the premier house buying companies; we’ll show you the best way to sell your home in the UK today. If you feel a question you may haven’t covered within this section or is still unclear, then please get in touch via our contact form or call us on 0800 68 99 420 or Text ‘SALE’ to 60777.

  • How do I know if I am getting the best price for my home?

    There is some unscrupulous property buying companies who will initially offer a high price to secure your interest and then offer a lower price once you have agreed on a deal, usually at the point you are about to exchange and complete your sale. We believe this is a deceptive practice and do not condone it. We support the OFT (Office of Fair Trading) in their efforts to stamp out these scams and close down the companies who practice it. We will always make you the highest cash offer possible for your property right from the start. If however, you believe you have been made a higher cash offer from a reputable competitor company, tell us, and we GUARANTEE to beat it!

  • Where in the UK do you buy property?

    We buy property all over the UK – including Northern Ireland and Scotland. We have a national team of property experts to help you complete all the necessary paperwork, once you are happy with everything.

  • How is my home’s value calculated?

    We use sophisticated software to estimate the value of your home, together with current market information available within your area and data from Land Registry sold house prices. The data allows our team to make an accurate assessment of all types of UK property. Add to that we also have extensive experience and knowledge of all local property markets throughout the UK. Finally, our 40 years experience of purchasing UK property has made us industry leaders in this market.

  • What if I am in mortgage arrears or facing repossession?

    Then you have arrived at the right place at the right time. Act now. We can help stop the repossession by talking direct to your mortgage company and let them know we are in a position to buy your property fast for cash. If your property is about to be repossessed, it may still not be too late for help. As we have cash in the bank, we arrange a solution that suits you and your creditors, but we do advise you contact us as soon as possible.

  • Why do you mean by a ‘cash buyer’?

    A cash buyer means just that. We have unlimited funds available to buy any property immediately without having to wait for a mortgage, or other finance and lead to further delays.

  • What do you mean by a % of market value’?

    The truth is, the real value of a property is what someone is prepared to pay for it. For example, take the value of a house advertised with a ‘High Street’ estate agent, the asking price is usually structured with the intention of the property being on the market for many months, or even longer. The advertised value is not necessarily what the property is worth in today’s market. The vendor may have waited several months to attract a buyer prepared to make an offer near to the advertised price. Then the Estate Agent will recommend a series of reductions until a buyer found. ‘High Street’ estate agents often inflate property prices to secure the vendor’s listing instruction, knowing they face competition from other agencies in the area. Sometimes the successful firm also like to leave a margin to be able to discount later. At Flying Homes, we calculate the accurate, current market value of property, using real-time data of comparable sales activity achieved locally and recently. Plus, of course, our very sophisticated valuation software.

  • Will it cost me anything for an offer?

    No. We do not charge any fees. You are under no obligation to pay any fees anytime whatsoever. Some of our competitors do charge fees for the likes of valuations etc.are, but we always insist our Valuation and Offer services are free to all customers, whether you use our services or not. We are a business of long-standing property professionals, with over 40 years experience in the property industry. Our team of experts is always happy to chat and offer free property advice where appropriate.

  • What if my property is in bad condition?

    We buy any house, anywhere – no matter what state. However, it is best to inform us of the status of your property right from the outset when requesting a valuation, that way we can give you an accurate ‘best offer’ first time.

  • Are there ANY fees to pay?

    No. There are no hidden fees to pay, from start to finish, for the service we provide. And we even pay all of our customers’ legal fees.

  • Okay, I’d like you to give me a valuation and make me an offer. What next?

    Just fill in our contact form or call us on 0800 68 99 420 or Text ‘SALE’ to 60777.

  • Any other questions?

    How Much Will I Get For My Home? – Depends on your selling timescale – the longer you can wait the more you’ll receive. Am I under any obligation if I request a valuation? No. Do I need to pay for an appraisal? No. Are all offers on a ‘no obligation’ basis? Yes. How quickly will I get an offer? 24hrs. What can I save by using your service? Time and money. Do I need to pay for a solicitor? No Am I able to rent back my home after selling? No. Can I sell my home if I have a secured loan on it? Yes.* Can I sell my house if I have mortgage arrears? Yes.* Can someone visit me to explain the process? Yes. Are you able to give me an approximate date for completion? No. Do I have to pay any upfront fees? No. My home is about to be repossessed, can you help? Yes.* I’m getting divorced and need to sell fast, can you help? Yes. My house has been on the market for over six months, can you help? Yes. I need to sell a house left to me by a relative, can you help? Yes. My house is in need of repair, will I still be able to sell it? Yes.

  • How can I sell my house fast and for a price near its actual value at any point in time?

    The question most house sellers want to know is how do you achieve a quick sale of your home AND at the best possible price?

    The answer is to follow these simple steps:

    1. Get an approximate value of your house using our free property valuation tool.

    2. Deal with a property buyer who can buy fast and preferably with cash in the bank, such as Flying Homes.

    3. Before any customer inspects your home, carry out simple maintenance jobs or improvements and de-clutter.

    4. Find out the amount outstanding on your mortgage, including any secured loans; these will be needed.

    5. Work out your selling time-scale and get a moving date in mind!

  • How much time does the process take?

    As cash buyers for many years, we have learned over time that the quicker we can buy a property the happier everyone is – we included, as time is money. We have unlimited funds to invest in property, and as such we will make you an offer within 24 hours. After that, the entire process can take between 7 – 14 days to complete. That said, we are more than happy to discuss your individual needs, whether it’s a faster or a slightly slower sale you require, we will work to your specific timescale.

  • What property types do you buy?

    We don’t have a typical type or price bracket of properties that we purchase. We will be interested in your property whether it’s a flat, a mid terraced, a semi, a bungalow, or detached house – we will ALWAYS make you our best offer.

  • Can I be sure that Flying Homes is right for me?

    Yes, you can. Our good reputation rides on our professional, honest approach. Take a look at the number of Facebook Likes we have accrued over the years – and review some of the testimonials we’ve received also. Naturally, we can’t guarantee that our service is right for everyone, but we can promise that our service is the fastest and fairest available – with the highest possible offer, in the quickest time. Call us, text us, or fill out our form, and see for yourself.