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We buy any house companies, frequently asked questions – FAQ’s

Many customers that contact us have questions about we buy any house companies and the services they offer. Some questions are more frequently asked than others, and this is Flying Homes attempt to answer the most popular ones in turn, and in detail. We have discovered that there is a great deal of suspicion surrounding these companies – the result of some unscrupulous practices perpetrated by a minority of house buying services. We believe Flying Homes’ house buying service is one of integrity and openness, which is why we are addressing your question and worries, one by one.

After a torrid time of uncertainty and volatility in the UK housing market, house prices are starting to rise, and home owners across the country can expect the value of their home to increase significantly during the course of the next few years. However, an increasing number of owners are choosing to sell property in a very different way. Instead of traversing the minefield that is the open market, they are utilising the services of so-called ‘buy any house’ companies.

FAQ 1. Where can I find a forum or discussion about quick sale companies?

Whether you are considering selling your house to a specialist company focused on house buying in the UK company or you’re already committed to such a sale, you may want to get the advice and feedback of people who have gone through the process before. This is only natural, as selling a home is always a huge step in a person’s life. Fortunately, the Internet is awash with online discussions on the issue, so you can get the advice you need, or find the recommendations that will help you to choose the right service.

A great place to start your search for a ‘we buy any house forum’ is by using a leading search engine such as Google. There are several impartial discussion boards and forums available on the issue, including the massive selection currently available in the MoneySavingExpert website and If you register with these sites, you can ask questions of other users, and get the advice you need to make the right property selling decisions.

FAQ 2. What problems or complaints occur with buy any house services, what are the pitfalls?

There has been a great deal of negative press surrounding property buying services in the UK recently – fuelled by the actions of a minority of companies in the industry. We buy any house complaints are varied in nature, but the main issue is the amount that is being offered for property in return for a quick sale.

Some ‘house buying’ specialists are offering as little as 70 percent of a home’s market value – a practice that has been highlighted by consumer websites such as, MoneySavingExpert and Which? There have also been reports of house buying companies lowering their initial offer at the eleventh hour – giving helpless homeowners little option other than to accept a lower sale price. And one company in particular has been charging customers £695 before valuing a property.

According to Trading Standards, the most common buy any house complaints are related to last-minute changes in purchase price. Another common gripe relates to the timescale promised by property buying specialists. Many customers are verbally promising a house sale in a matter of days, yet the terms and conditions eventually signed by homeowners often state a maximum timescale of 12 months.

Fortunately, there are house buying services in the UK that stick to their promises, and that never renege on an initial offer once it has been made. And these companies will not charge you upfront fees for the services they deliver.

FAQ 3. Where can I find reviews for house buying companies to compare?

The best way you can compare ‘quick sale companies’ is to read the reviews of their customers. People who have lived through the house selling experience are best placed to give an insight into the services these companies deliver. Reviews can be found on sites such as and

You will find that many home owners have complained because the promises that were made at the start of the house selling process were not followed through on. Many customers believe they were deliberately misled or lied to. However, this contrasts with the fact that there are also thousands of home owners who have escaped a costly repossession, or who have been able to relocate quickly for a new job, because of the services property buying companies provide. Look for the house buyers that have more positive comments than complaints, and use that information as the basis for your next move.

FAQ 4. Where can I obtain a free online quote if I want a quick sale/ sell my house fast?

If you perform a quick Internet search for ‘buy my house companies’ or ‘sell my house fast UK’, you will discover that there are dozens of property buying services currently operating in the United Kingdom. By researching companies on review sites and discussion forums, you can identify which of the services are the most trustworthy and reliable. You can then compare them based on their specific way of doing things.

You should take promises of selling your house within a week with a pinch of salt. While this is possible in a small number of situations, it is rare. It will usually take between two and four months to sell your property in this way – still less time than on the open market, however. You should also look for assurances that the quote you are given will not be changed at the last minute. Finally, you shouldn’t be paying upfront fees for valuations or consultations. Buy any house quotes should be realistic, free of charge and irreversible.

Do home buying companies advertise in newspapers or on TV?

An increasing number of adverts for we buy any house are popping up across all forms of the media. There have been several high-profile ads on TV during the last two years, as well as some full-page spreads in national newspapers. Of course, most of these companies operate respectable, trustworthy house buying services that really help people during tricky situations in their lives.

While these ads can look alluring, it’s important that you read the small print. While some services promise to sell a house in as few as seven days, there will usually be a clause stating a maximum timescale of 12 months. You should also check that you won’t be charged an administration fee for the services being advertised. The Advertising Standards Authority has dealt with previous misleading TV ads severely, but they can be very persuading when they make dramatic declarations surrounding price and timescale.

Remember: and ad from a reputable house buying company will not make wild promises. It will simply state the facts and inform you how to make contact for further discussions.

FAQ 5. What if I have a property abroad or in Scotland, do house buyers work loutside England and Wales?

The short answer is yes, many property buyers promise to buy any house Scotland or Spain, and work in exactly the same way as they do in England and Wales. Although there are some key differences between the way property transactions work in these countries, the principles of bypassing the open market and securing a buyer through a third-party’s help is exactly the same.

Selling houses in Scotland has been incredibly hard since the banking crash of 2008, but Edinburgh and Aberdeen in particular have been leading the way to recovery. House price rises of 11 percent were recorded in Aberdeen during 2013, and the continuing improvement of the local economy means these rises are set to continue. However, there is still a dearth of credit available, as well as a lot of suspicion among buyers. This is why house buying services in Scotland are growing in popularity as with throughout the country.

If you have owned property in Spain over the course of the last six or seven years, you won’t need anyone to tell you how tough things have been. One report in The Telegraph recently revealed that house prices in Spain have fallen by 30 percent since the banking crash. And perhaps more alarmingly, house prices in the debt-ridden country are still falling. Banks in Spain are simply unwilling to lend to anyone other than those with huge cash deposits. This is making selling property in places like Spain a long and drawn-put process, which is why so many people are turning to property buying specialists.

Despite all the bad press that has surrounded house buying companies in recent months, there is no doubt that the reputable operators have been able to give people back control over their lives. Whether you are planning to sell your house and rent it straight back, or you simply want to sell your home without worrying about property viewings, price negotiations and property chains, there are still property buyers that can be trusted such as Flying Homes, call us now on 0800 68 99 420 for free help and advice.