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Can I Value My Home Accurately?

Value my house

You don’t have to hire an estate agent to sell a house in the UK. But remember: a local agent brings an array of skills to the table — including experience in valuing homes.

Are you asking yourself “can I value my home accurately”? You can certainly value your property with a degree of accuracy, but you’ll need to know what you’re doing.

We’ve broken down the steps to valuing homes in the UK. But bear in mind this isn’t an exact science. And even the most talented and experienced estate agents get it wrong from time to time.

Is the house in a good state of repair?

Most homes can be valued according to their location, size, facilities, number of rooms, floor space and nearby amenities. But all of this data could mean very little if the property in question is suffering from serious structural issues. Before you do anything else, establish if any of the following issues are present:

  • The quality of construction is low
  • There’s damage due to subsidence
  • There’s damage or warping on the roof
  • There’s visible structural degradation
  • The windows are in a state of disrepair

Value a home that needs repairs

Are the house’s facilities fit for purpose

Every home relies on power and water. And when these essentials are interrupted or disrupted in any way, the consequences on the property’s market value can be devastating. Among the most common issues to look for include:

  • Unusually high water and energy bills
  • A malfunctioning boiler or central heating system
  • Restricted access to cut-offs and stopcocks
  • Outdated wiring and gas piping
  • Badly heated rooms

Your property might be in a fantastic area in high demand among buyers. But if it’s afflicted by some of these issues, you’ll need to address them if you hope to maximise your home’s price potential.

Of course, you may not have the time, money, or inclination to update your property. You might simply want to find a willing buyer as quickly as possible. And that’s where Flying Homes can help.

We buy houses directly from buyers without fuss or delay. There are no negotiating on price, marketing, property viewings or protracted conveyancing issues to deal with. If you accept our offer, we take care of everything. And in many cases, we’re able to release funds within just four or five weeks of making an initial offer.

Research recent house sales

The internet has made valuing UK homes easier than ever. Using the Land Registry website, Zoopla and Rightmove, you can search for recent house sales in your area. You can even search for homes that are similar in size and style to your own. This gives you a clear idea of what people are prepared to pay.

Recent house sale prices affect the value of your home

But there are many variables at play, and it’s impossible to be wholly accurate with your valuations. For example, a similar home that sold recently may have had a slightly larger garden. Or it might have newly-fitted windows. Any information you glean from these sites will only ever give you a rough valuation.

Can I get a more accurate valuation?

The tips listed above are used by the vast majority of estate agents in the UK. The current condition of a property together with recent sales data (and maybe a little intuition) are the key components of any valuation process.

If you need something more accurate, however, there is an alternative. Approach a surveyor and ask for a “standard valuation”. They’ll use all the data available to you online, but they’ll cast an expert eye on structural issues, too.

Valuing a home isn’t rocket science, but doing it with a high degree of accuracy is very difficult. If you’d rather skip the traditional house selling process altogether, get in touch. At Flying Homes, we buy houses fast, directly from their buyers. We’ll make you a fair offer based on market conditions. And if you accept it, we’ll take care of the entire transaction.

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