Top 10 features that sell your home for more cash

Good strong broadband connection, double glazing, and central heating are essential for modern-day homebuyers, putting practicality above aesthetics.

Reliable broadband, central heating and double glazing are vital priorities, but energy efficiency matters as well.

10 top features

  1. Central heating
  2. Double glazing
  3. The garden
  4. Home security
  5. Off-road parking
  6. The bathroom
  7. Local amenities
  8. Neighbours
  9. Broadband
  10. Energy-efficiency

#1 Central heating


One of the first questions posed by homebuyers is ‘how old is the central heating boiler?’ The importance of having a modern condensing gas boiler with a constant stream of hot water at the turn of a tap is well understood. Ensure your boiler is regularly serviced and the paperwork is ready to hand. When showing potential homebuyers around, air the house and ensure the heating suits the outside temperature/season.

#2 Double-glazing

Double glazing is a must-have feature in this day and age. UPVC, the favourite, provides a draught-free environment and, according to estate agents, is a feature that adds value to your home, making it more sellable.

#3 The garden

A home with a garden undoubtedly increases saleability. Even if yours isn’t particularly large or you live in an apartment or flat, try and create an attractive area using pot plants and a decking area with tables and chairs.

#4 Home security

Nobody likes to arrive home late at night to find the house in darkness, therefore use low-level lighting and PIRs to increase security and illuminate dark areas or light up the access to entrance doors. A solid secure front door also creates an excellent first impression with potential buyers.

#5 Off-road parking

Off-road parking is a big deal these days, with many homes having two cars and fewer spaces caused by increased parking restrictions imposed by local councils. In London, many homeowners can rent out their ‘drives’ for considerable sums! If you have a garden or unused space in front of your home, consider creating an off-road area, it may help sell your home faster!

#6 The bathroom

Bathrooms, like kitchens, are seen as one of the critical rooms in a property appealing to prospective buyers. A bathroom with a bath is an advantage even though showers are considered a more modern replacement. Baths are more suited for babies and young children, so keep options open and retain the bath at all costs when modernising. White baths and basins are a bonus, as a change of taps and lighting with freshened up walls and new grouting can transform a bathroom relatively inexpensively. Keep colours neutral.

#7 Local amenities

Travel to work time is essential, none more so than in London and the South East. Prepare a short schedule of walking times to nearby train stations and bus stops and the routes to key destinations. List local amenities too; the local pub, supermarket, post office, and chemist are all useful to note.

#8 The neighbours

Emphasis just how friendly and welcoming your neighbours are. Is there a neighbourhood watch and a good sense of community? Please make a note; buyers want to visualise themselves fitting in and getting on with everyone.

#9 The broadband connection

With so many televisions and gadgets, all requiring a fast, reliable internet connection, the broadband quality can be a deal-breaker. Broadband has come down in price over the years and if yours is fast, then say so. It might not swing a sale but could be a significant issue if it doesn’t seem that fast when buyers view it. Often slow broadband can be down to outdated or faulty equipment, so check yours for speed and reliability, and update or upgrade if needed.

#10 Energy-efficiency – EPC

The EPC rating for your home should be average or better. If you don’t have a recent EPC, you’ll need one to sell your home. Buyers expect a reasonably good rating, so get one done as early as possible and take steps to ensure the rating is good. A good rating goes hand in hand with a modern boiler, double glazing and sound insulation.

Ensure buyers can picture themselves living in your home

Looks are essential, so de-clutter tidy up and freshen ceilings and walls with neutral colours and tidy up outside. Good first impressions are crucial but don’t forget to have all electrical and gas checks completed with the relevant certification to hand. Missing certificates can hold up a house sale, particularly when it gets to the legal process.

The key is to be organised and present your home to its best, highlighting essential features to increase its worth when you want to sell. Protection Status