Sold House Prices in The United Kingdom

Sold house prices

Sold House Prices, How Much Properties Have Sold For Since 1995

Are you selling and need to compare your property with what has sold previously in your area? Find out YOUR home’s value using our free valuation tool.

The best way to check for sold house prices is to visit the land registry house prices website and perform a search which will then tell you what a particular property has sold for in the UK. This is useful if you want to look at how to price your own house for sale in the current market. Sometimes you may get lucky and there will be the exact same house as yours which sold recently which is as good an indication you are going to get in working out how much your own property is worth.

This is how Flying Homes assess House Values, by referencing how much a similar property is selling for and how much a similar property has sold for historically.

Sold House Prices Across The UK

Currently the market is a little mixed, with some up market house builders in the South of the UK, (such as Berkeley) reporting an increase in profits, as reported in the Guardian Online on 19th June 2013. In other parts of London, such as Brixton, ‘This is Money’ reports that there are 100 buyers for every property and ‘This is Corwall’ reports that local estate agents say that confidence is growing with rises in property prices. Indeed one property in Balham, London sold at Auction for 70% more than the listed price, according to the London Evening Standard.

‘Up North’ things are different. In Blackpool some sellers are using the likes of Gumtree to advertise their homes for sale in a desperate bid to get a sale. Bad news continues in Cumbria where it was reported just over a week earlier that average house prices have slumped by 16%.

Mixed Messages – South going well, North not going so well

So basically mixed messages from the market at the moment. Up market, and/or in or around London and the South then it’s good news, anywhere else, especially in the North then it may not be such great news.

The Telegraph suggests hiring an attractive estate agent as a way of getting the price you want as buyers are more inclined to make a better offer – seriously, well what will they come up with next?! Maybe that’s the answer for all you would-be sellers in Cumbria or Blackpool, find a good looking estate agent like us!

What did a house sell for, how much did my neighbour pay and how much is my house worth?

There are a number of useful resources to research and learn more about sold house prices. For example:-

  1. Rightmove Sold House Prices can also help you to find out what a house sold for (as obviously can the Land Registry mentioned above). But in addition Rightmove has a couple of other useful tools such as a price comparison report and a house price trend indicator.
  2. have a free valuation tool which can also give you an estimate of your property’s worth instantly online.
  3. Net House Prices also has useful information and a search facility for sold house prices.
  4. Zoopla has something similar allowing the user to browse sold house prices by area as well as a search box.
  5. Property Price Advice again like the other websites above does more or less the same as the others as does Mouseprice too.

There you have it, a little information on Sold House Prices and how you can research them yourself to help with pricing your home to sell it. So do your research, work out how much your house is worth yourself, and then fill in our enquiry form or call us directly on 0800 68 99 420 and let’s compare ‘Sold House Prices!’

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