Selling Your Home Guide, The Different Stages Involved

A guide to the six stages of selling your home

There are many different stages of securing a sale of your house; we focus on the main ones in this short guide to selling your home.

Selling a house, uprooting your life and packing away your worldly possessions to move into a new home is one of life’s most stressful events. As well as dealing with the complex logistics involved, it is often necessary to sell an existing property first. That can delay the whole process and, if not approached correctly, it could lead to some significant financial consequences.

There are six necessary steps to selling your home, securing a successful and profitable property sale, and they are less complicated than you might think.

Step 1. Preparing Your Property for Sale

Before marketing your property for sale, a great deal of planning and preparation requires doing. As well as attending to repairs, removing clutter and generally making the house attractive to prospective buyers, some essential facts and documents need compiling so that property buyers can make informed purchasing decisions. Preparing your property for sale is a matter of prioritisation, or there could be a great deal of expense involved.

Gather all electrical and gas certification for inspection, as well as any planning certificates needed for home improvements and extensions. It is also a good idea to get together your household utility bills, as most buyers will want an idea of what the additional costs of running your home are. Buying a house is about more than mortgage repayments, so helping buyers to a budget will work in your favour.

Step 2. Valuing Your Property for a Successful Sale

It is vital that an informed, experienced and qualified person values your property to give it the best possible chance for a successful sale. Setting an asking price that is too high will scare off potential buyers before they even view your property. Conversely, if the cost is too low, this may devalue your property and result in an inferior final sale price. If you decide to sell your home through an estate agent, a valuation will usually be part of the service. However, if you choose to sell privately, researching local properties for sale through some of the online portals (Rightmove, Zoopla etc.) is vital. Similarly studying sold house prices can also help to indicate value.

Or you could ask a local estate agent to provide you with a realistic and achievable asking price.

Step 3. Deciding Who Will Sell Your Property

A local estate agent will have a thorough, working knowledge of the property market in your area. These attributes will be invaluable in marketing your property, finding serious buyers and achieving a satisfactory final sale price based on local market conditions. Estate agents will usually take control of viewings, negotiations and conveyancing as well, leaving you to concentrate on finding the home of your dreams. If you want to sell your house fast, the assistance of a professional will be invaluable. And if you are struggling to find the property of your dreams in time, an estate agent may also help you to find a property to rent. However, these services come at a cost – often based on the final sale price achieved.

Selling your house yourself involves a great deal of time and effort, and you will need to thoroughly research local house prices to attract buyers who are willing to meet your asking price. Achieving the amount you want quickly and without legal delays is a complex process, so you should only attempt it if you have the time to spare – otherwise, you could be left counting the cost of a lower-than-expected sale price. Selling your home yourself can be fraught with difficulty.

And then there are the ‘Quick Sale’ firms many of whom will offer a paltry amount for your home, although Flying Homes’ can get you more. Choosing who and how to sell your home needs careful thought and consideration.

Step 4. Making Your Home Appealing to Prospective Buyers

‘Staging’ a home for viewings is all about setting a scene. Buyers aren’t necessarily looking for perfection, but they must be allowed to picture themselves in your home. Home staging, giving your home kerb appeal’ by tidying the garden, attending to exterior repairs and making its façade look presentable will give potential buyers a favourable first impression – something that could drive up the final sale price. It is also a good idea to remove excess clutter and stick to neutral tones in terms of decor.

Allowing the imaginations of potential buyers to roam free is often the key to provoking an on-the-
Spot offer. Buying houses is often an emotional decision, so inspiring emotion is an essential aspect of ‘staging’ a home for viewings.

Step 5. Negotiating the Legal Aspects of a Property Sale

From compiling an inventory to exchanging contracts, the help of a conveyancer or real estate solicitor will be crucial to a satisfactory sale of your home. Finding the right legal expertise involves some careful research of the services available in your area, but most estate agents will be able to point you in the right direction. Successfully negotiating the legal process of selling property is an essential part of the house sale process.

Step 6. How to Prepare for Moving Day After Selling Your Home

The process of moving is often the most stressful aspect of selling houses. Selecting a respected removal firm, assessing your insurance cover and packing up in advance are just three ways of reducing the burden. You need to leave your home in a fit and proper state for your buyers, so some planning is essential in that regard as well. But if you can’t find property for sale that meets your requirements before moving out, it may be worth considering rented accommodation – rather than settling for something that is less than ideal.

Nothing beats the feeling of finally settling into your new home, with all the legal and financial drama firmly behind you. With careful planning and expert assistance, you can ensure the process of selling your home is smooth and relatively hassle-free.

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