Tips For Preparing Your Home For Selling

Once you have made the bold decision to move home and sell your current property, several issues need addressing before you invite the first potential buyers to view it.

Buyers looking for somewhere to live in will search for a property where there is an emotional connection. Still, they will also be mindful of the various practical considerations involved in buying a house.

Before you find property for sale for yourself and your own family, preparing your current home and the relevant information in advance will make selling your home far less stressful.

Essential Steps to Selling Your Home – Showcase Your Property for Viewings

Getting a home ready for property viewings for potential buyers involves a great deal more than just tidying up. In most cases, getting your home prepared for the open market value consists of inspiring potential buyers’ imagination. Creating a ‘blank canvas’ for visitors to paint their futures on could provoke strong emotions, which can secure a speedy and profitable house sale.

  1. Take an impersonal approach to ‘staging’ your home for visitors. For example, remove family photographs, stick to neutral colour schemes, and store any particular niche furnishings.

  2. Remove clutter and unnecessary personal belongings from view. Of course, people viewing your home will want to visualise their things in your home, but that won’t be easy with your possessions strewn about the property.

  3. Don’t believe the adage ‘out of sight, out of mind’. Organise your cupboards, wardrobes and storage space, and don’t use them as a dumping ground for clutter. Some buyers will be very challenging, and they will want to explore every nook and cranny of your home.

  4. Attend to all those niggling repair jobs you have been putting off. Fixing defects will make your home more appealing, whether it’s a loose cupboard handle or a creaking floorboard. In addition, most buyers don’t want to worry about repair work after the stress of a move.

  5. Keep your house sparkling at all times. Take note of any helpful cleaning tips on selling your home; for example, try to get into the habit of cleaning as you go – just in case you receive impromptu visits. Hiring a professional cleaning company for an initial, detailed clean could save you an enormous amount of time and effort.

  6. Create ‘kerb appeal, a lasting first impression. A tidy garden, well-maintained exterior and facades in a good state of repair will ensure that potential buyers are impressed from the moment they set eyes on your property. Selling a house for a reasonable price involves provoking emotions within the buyer, so start the process when viewers arrive at your door. Please don’t make any niche changes in the decor, as it can have the opposite effect and reduce the value of your home.

Compile Useful Information for Potential Buyers

As well as knowing house prices in the area, buyers will want to estimate the total cost of moving, which involves far more than just a monthly mortgage payment.

They may decide to find a property to rent if they can’t find an affordable home to purchase, so providing sufficient information is essential. Collate your utility bills, and make monthly costs freely available for potential buyers to peruse – these will include electricity, gas and water charges.

Also, include any service charges that might accompany the purchase of your home, which is common when flats have shared areas such as stairwells, foyers and gardens. Finally, it may be a good idea to hand all of this information to your chosen estate agent – if you decide to hire one – so they can impart knowledge to buyers without delay.

Gather Relevant Documentation

Get all relevant certifications together and show prospective buyers when they view your home, which will help to inspire confidence that everything is legal and above board. For example, if a potential buyer is a Landlord who intends to rent out your home,  details of any gas certificates are needed for boilers and gas fires/cookers.

If you extended your home with planning permission, you need to have your documentation on hand for inspection when selling your home.

A home condition report and a copy of a recent environmental search will give buyers all the information they need to make such a significant financial commitment with confidence, and it could speed up the legal process when you accept an offer. Buying houses involves a great deal of information, so providing this upfront could result in a quicker and smoother sale.

Selling houses relies on good organisation, marketing and legal expertise, which is all things that a property specialist or an online estate agent can provide. Properties for sale are numerous in many areas, so careful preparations and expert help will often be enough to give your property a competitive edge over others in the area. We hope you have enjoyed reading our guide to selling your home.

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