Selling Your Home Guide – Home Staging to Appeal to Prospective Buyers

Make your home buyer friendly with staging.

Having signed a contract with any high street agents or having begun the process on your own – you will need to consider home staging to prepare your home for viewings. House buying is often an emotional process, so it pays to spend a little time appealing to the sensibilities of prospective buyers. From the moment viewers arrive outside, they need to feel a connection with your property. ‘Staging’ home for a specific target market can result in higher house prices, but getting it right is not easy.

Create ‘Kerb Appeal’

The term ‘kerb appeal is a common buzz phrase amongst estate agents, and it pertains to the first impressions people get as they approach your property from outside. Of course, no one will decide on buying a house just by viewing it from the pavement, but some buyers will choose not to buy it based on its immediate appeal. So to create a positive first impression and make the exterior of your home more appealing.

  • Make sure the windows are clean and in a good state of repair

  • Clear clutter from the garden, mow the lawn, remove weeds and add a splash of colour in the form of some flowerbeds

  • Repair any broken doors and facades, and consider giving them a lick of paint

Allow Prospective Buyers to Use Their Imagination

Selling houses is often about appealing to a potential buyer’s emotions. Allowing things to get in the way of a buyer imagining life in your property can seriously harm the chances of selling a house for the right price. On the other hand, some buyers would instead find property for rent than settle for a new home that is anything less than perfect, so taking a few steps to allow imagination to roam free could be a profitable move.

  • Redecorate rooms that have exceptionally bright or niche themes – stick to neutral tones

  • Remove any furniture that is not necessary to create the image of space

  • Allow natural light to flood into rooms wherever possible

  • Remove clutter, and hire temporary storage space if necessary

  • Attend to any repairs

  • Remove odours caused by pets, and introduce some homely smells into your home with pots of coffee, home baking and fresh flowers.

How to Negotiate Offers

With attention to the small details and some careful staging, you should be able to find a buyer with the help of an estate agent. However, the first offer made on houses for sale is often a speculative one – aimed at getting the negotiations started. The services of experienced agents can be invaluable at this point, as they are adept at forming relationships with buyers, understanding their priorities and gauging their level of interest.

What if Home Staging Doesn’t Work And Your Property Just Isn’t Selling?

The property market is notoriously volatile, and it is subject to change based on a range of underlying factors. If you are finding it difficult to sell your property, even after extensive home staging, you still have a range of options. Still, it is a good idea to consult your agent beforehand.

  • Create a new property listing with more descriptive language.

  • Identify key features of your home that aren’t yet apparent.

  • Retake your photos and experiment with different lighting levels and perspectives.

  • Consider reducing the asking price.

  • Attend to any structural issues flagged up by a surveyor’s report. Protection Status