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Tips to Sell Your House

Sell your house quickly

Follow Some Basic Rules From The Experts on Selling Your House!

Sometimes it’s just the luck of the draw when it comes to selling a house. Do you often wonder why some house sellers always seem to sell a home easily, usually within days of it being advertised on Rightmove or Zoopla? They have a couple of viewings and then it’s sold!

Tips to Sell Your House Fast

I know what you are thinking, ‘knowing my luck, mine will never sell’. And do you know what, that’s what usually happens with the property market. Some houses will sell faster than others which will be on the market for a long time, even though they are similarly priced, and essentially the same house: 3 beds, kitchen/dining and reception room, back garden and off-street parking!

So why the difference? Let’s look at a couple of possible reasons why one house sells fast and the other doesn’t sell at all.

The Area You Live In

This makes a huge difference when selling a house. One area may suffer from high levels of crime or anti-social behaviour whereas the other one doesn’t. Unfortunately there isn’t a lot that you can do about this, although trying to ensure that the street where you live is kept clean and tidy could be a start. No, that isn’t your responsibility, but if you don’t do something then your home may never sell.

Try talking to the neighbours or the local council to see if you can get some interest in a neighbourhood watch scheme if there isn’t one already. You never know, you might just be acting as a catalyst to get people working together to tidy up, which might improve your street and help to sell your house!

Tip Summary: Don’t despair – try and improve things yourself, ask for help from the local council or neighbourhood watch scheme.

How Your Home is Presented For Sale – Getting Those Viewings!

In order to maximise those hard to get viewings your house should be presented in its best possible light. Now you may think that those garish dark colours and heavy patterned carpet are nice, but the fact is that neutral colours and a fresh coat of paint really does work wonders! Rooms look cleaner, newer and bigger.

Fresh flowers, the house aired and the smell of fresh coffee gives a welcoming impression to anyone viewing your home. You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘first impressions’ but it really is just that. Home buyers need to be able to imagine themselves living in your home, so make the effort and make the difference!

Tip Summary: Present your home well, freshen and tidy up!

Selling Your Home – Setting the Right Market Price

Without stating the obvious, you need to do your homework (especially if you intend to sell your house yourself), make sure that your property is priced around what other similar houses are selling for, or have sold for recently. There really is no point in thinking that by setting the price high with the intention of reducing later will pay dividends. It won’t! Pricing your home too high just means that many home buyers won’t even look at it, so they’ve discounted it straight away. Price your house to sell, look at sold prices elsewhere on Rightmove and Zoopla and set the sale price accordingly. That way potential buyers will look at your property on the internet which hopefully will drive interest in it. So go on, do your homework and get your house sold fast!

Tip Summary: Be realistic with your pricing and research thoroughly

There are more ‘seasonal’ tips on selling your house in the blog┬ásection of our website. If you need any help or advice on selling a property then call Flying Homes on 0800 669 6784.

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