Selling your House in The Summer Months

The summer is filled with distractions, and many of them can significantly affect selling houses – seasonality can be critical. Buyers’ thoughts are more likely to be wrapped up in leisure time, vacation time, school holidays, and generally enjoying life. Particularly during warm summers, sun-starved Brits like to make the most of the weather while it lasts, which can somewhat dampen the demand for property. However, if you need to sell your house during the summer months, you can do a few things to increase the chances of a quick sale at the right price by considering the time of year. This guide to selling your home in the summer months could help you optimise your home for a quick and profitable sale.

Tend to Your Garden Regularly

During the summer, grass and weeds multiply, and it isn’t usually too long before a garden starts to grow out of control. It is essential to mow lawns and weed your garden at least once every two weeks. Consider putting some garden furniture items to demonstrate the possibilities for leisure, and adding a splash of colour in the form of some flowerbeds could add a different dimension to your property. A tidy, colourful garden will give your home ‘kerb appeal’ – an essential factor during the home buying process.

Decorate for the Summer

A combination of light tones and flashes of summer colour can make a home look fantastic during the hotter months of the year, but it is important to use colour sparingly. Buyers tend to respond more favourably to neutral tones, so keep things tasteful. But adding colour with soft furnishings and accessories could be a great way to give your home a distinctive look. Yellows, oranges and greens work very well during this time of year.

Make the Best Possible Use of the Light

A large part of selling your house in the summer involves appealing to the emotions and imagination of potential buyers. One way to achieve this is to allow light to flood into your property wherever possible. Remove any large drapes, and change dark curtains for lighter shades. The careful placement of mirrors and furniture can also add to your home’s bright and spacious image. Allow as much of the summer sunshine into your home as you can, and you might be surprised at the positive reactions from property buyers.

Be Flexible with Property Viewings

Longer days mean people are out and about for longer, and many people will consider viewing properties for sale well into the evening. If you can host property viewings at these later times, you will generate more interest in your home, which could push up the final sale price.

Move Things Outside

A hospitable, relaxing family home is continually enhanced if there is scope to take daily life outside when the sun is shining. For example, arrange to have a family barbecue during viewing or set up the paddling pool for the kids. Showcasing your gardens and patios like this will help buyers to use their imagination.

Regulate Your Home’s Temperature

Summer heat can be particularly stifling at times, as most houses for sale in the UK don’t have integrated air conditioning systems. Selling your home in summer can go much better if you switch on fans and extractions fans during hot periods and open as many doors and windows as you can. It takes a while to reduce a stuffy house’s temperature in summer, so take these measures every morning. If your home is still too hot, get portable fans, and a standalone air conditioning unit might be a good idea.

Selling and buying a house is an emotional process for many people, so appealing to the different emotions and requirements that summer brings could help you sell your house. While demand can wane during sweltering summers, estate agents and property specialists can help you to stage your home according to the season – and that could squeeze a little extra value out of your property. Protection Status