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The Seasons – Selling a House in Spring Time

Selling a house in Spring

The spring is widely regarded as one of the best seasons for selling houses. With the worst of the winter gone and summer only weeks away, property buyers come out in force to find a new home.

The spring signals the start of new beginnings, and for many people, it also signals the start of a new chapter in life. If you want to take advantage of this phenomenon and sell your house fast in spring, there are several relatively simple steps you can take to make the season work to your advantage.

Tend to Your Garden

There are probably thousands of properties for sale in your neighbourhood, so making a great impression from the moment prospective buyers arrive at your property is essential. A great way to do this during the spring is to inject new life into your garden. Ensure that all the debris and disruption of winter are removed, keep your lawns mowed and remove any weeds. Spring is a time of emerging colour, and you can inject some into your own garden by planting some classic spring flowers such as daffodils and tulips. If the weather is fine, consider putting out some garden furniture.

Repair Any Damage to Your Property’s Exterior

The cold, wet and windy weather of winter can take a heavy toll on the façades and fascias of your home, so use the longer, warmer days of spring to attend to any repairs that may be required. Pay close attention to the roof and windows of your home, as well as the brickwork. These areas can take a battering during the winter, and they can spoil the ‘kerb appeal’ of your home. As well as a tidy and attractive garden, a presentable property that is in a good state of repair is essential if you want to create a positive first impression amongst prospective buyers.

Spring Clean

The relative darkness of winter can result in certain areas of your home becoming less than perfectly polished and clean. However, the spring sunshine is unforgiving, and it can shine a light on dust and dirt you didn’t know was there. Of course, it is a cliché, but a good spring clean is essential if you’re selling a house in the spring. Pay particular attention to door knobs, mirrors, hard floors and chrome – these surfaces can streak and mark relatively easily. You may want to enlist the services of a professional cleaning company – just prior to your first viewing – in order to give your house a real sparkle.

Let the Light In

After a long and dark winter, it can be easy to forget that the spring presents a fantastic opportunity to breathe new life into the rooms of your home. With the sun higher in the sky and the daylight hours more numerous, you can use the extra natural light to give your property a sense of freshness and space.

If you have thick, winter curtain and drapes hanging, it may be a good idea to replace them with thinner alternatives. Also, try to stick with pastel shades for fabrics that represent the natural colours of spring. Keep your blinds fully opened, and make sure your windows are always spotlessly clean. And if you rearranged your furniture to create a cosy ambience during the winter months, move it back to create space for light to creep into.

Introduce Spring Colours into Your Home

The spring is often associated with pastel shades, yellows and greens, and introducing those colours into your home will create an uplifting ambience that will resonate with people during the home buying process. Work with home staging specialists or estate agents to inject colour into your property in appropriate and subtle ways. This may entail repainting walls, but it could be as simple as adding a few fixtures, fabrics and soft furnishings.

Selling a house during the months of spring allows you to take advantage of a sudden spike in demand. However, to give your property the competitive edge over other houses for sale in the vicinity, you should be prepared to go the extra mile, as people buying a house at this time of year are likely to have several options. But if you follow these relatively simple steps, you should be able to use the changing priorities and requirements of spring buyers to increase interest in your property – driving up the final sale price. For more tips and advice on how to sell your house, then call Flying Homes now on 0800 669 6784!

Image By Anita Martinz from Klagenfurt, Austria – Colorful spring garden, CC BY 2.0, Link

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