Sell the House – Seasonal Tips!

Seasonal Tips Selling House
Seasonal Tips to Sell your House

Selling the House? Think Seasonal!

If you’re thinking, “it’s time to sell the house”, make sure you think before you commit. The changing seasons matter when it comes to selling your home!

Selling a Home in Spring Time – Active Buyers

Typically Spring is a popular time to sell your house. We are over the horrible cold Winter period and have hopefully seen off the last of the snowfall, making it easier to get the estate agents around to market homes. Get the estate agent or whoever is selling your house to pick a nice dry sunny day as the external photographs will be much better. Make sure you have cut the grass so that the garden will be looking its best, clear the leaves, burn any dead, fallen branches and unblock any gutters.

Selling Your House in Summer – Buyers are Still Looking, Especially on Holiday!

If you started selling the house in Spring, then Summer is traditionally when house sales slow down a little. Indeed, many people that have tried to sell their homes themselves will have been sadly disappointed. What seemed like a good idea in Spring has become a burden in Summer, and with the UK school holidays just around the corner, it’s guaranteed that nothing is going to be happening with house sales, as typically everyone is away on holiday, right?

Wrong, don’t despair! Remember, lots of possible buyers will have been looking at houses for sale on the internet (whilst sat on the beach or sunbathing) on Rightmove and Zoopla on their laptops, tablets or mobile phones. Houses for sale are nowadays accessible from a variety of computer devices. So, Summer is the time to be thinking about getting your house ready for these potential buyers when they return from two weeks in the sun!

Selling a House in Autumn

Autumn, the end of the traditional holiday season, kids back to school, Mums and Dads back to WORK (ugh). If you haven’t sold the house by now, or are just getting it on the market for the first time, then think about getting your house ready for Autumn house buyers. Remember Winter is just around the corner, so do some basic housekeeping – do those small D.I.Y jobs, paint the gutters and fix that leaky roof – it’s going to be a much bigger leak when the rain arrives, followed by Winter snow!

Autumn is a time when maybe you can get some new photographs taken on a nice sunny Autumnal day, especially if your home has been on the market a while and the photos are quite old. Get some new ones taken from different angles. Maybe when you see what marvellous photos you have taken, you will want to sell your home yourself, rather than rely on an estate agent to sell it for you!

Selling Your Home in Winter!

Believe it or not, Winter is a popular time to sell a house. Think about it; with a new year approaching, many families see this as a new year, a new start. The internal photos for your home can stay the same if you or one of the online estate agents have taken them previously. If you’re using external photos, then it’s probably a good idea to take some new ones, perhaps placing more emphasis on some new found features of your home or garden which may appeal to buyers. If you need any help to ‘sell the house’ then call Flying Homes 0800 68 99 420 (or complete the enquiry form) as we can help with motivated house buyers all year round – Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter!