Rightmove Plus, A Great Property Marketing Tool For Estate Agents!

All About Rightmove Plus – an Online Property Marketing Tool

Rightmove Plus is a back-end system to display properties for sale or rent with access restricted to a membership system. Registered users (estate agents and property professionals) who can upload details of their customers’ properties. The website displays hundreds of thousands of properties using straightforward, concise navigation, acting as a marketplace for home buyers and sellers.

Advertised as the UK’s number 1 property website for properties, it is probably the largest of its kind, certainly in the UK. With around 9 million property searches a month, it also has to be one of the world’s most popular membership websites!

Find out how to sign up/register/login to Access Rightmove Plus here (this will take you to a new page).

Have a question on how to use the Rightmove agents service? The ‘Rightmove plus’ login page has several ‘how-to’ video guides, only accessible when logged in/signed up.

When signed up, users can add properties easily from their portal software. Once properties are listed, users can add content and share it with other users and the general public. In addition, buyers can view properties and contact agents to offer any homes they want to purchase.

Rightmove Plus has many marketing tools for Estate Agents.  There are similar tools elsewhere. If you are an Estate Agent, you can try our free property valuation tool here.

How does ‘Rightmove Plus’ make money? Can anybody advertise a property to sell?

”Rightmove Lettings’ or ‘Rightmove Estate Agents’ are popular search terms on the web, but this isn’t what they do. ‘Rightmove Plus’ generates revenue by charging estate agents (users registered with the service) to list their customers’ properties for sale on www.rightmove.co.uk. Also, Rightmove makes even more money by charging Estate Agents for additional premium advertising. Then users visiting the Rightmove website (who often buy or sell houses) search for a property listed by Estate Agents and are often redirected back to their websites. The service is not currently available for private individuals wishing to advertise a property directly. Rightmove doesn’t sell houses. They merely list homes marketed by advertisers.

Rightmove House Price Index

Each month, Rightmove updates its House Price Index for England & Wales, a helpful indicator of house prices movements. Many property professionals, newspapers, house-builders, and probably even the UK government will use this information to predict the housing market’s health. Therefore it is a handy and valuable tool. In addition, there are other house price indicators, such as Nationwide and the UK Land Registry.

Zoopla, a fast-approaching competitor company

Zoopla is another membership property portal company with similar content, i.e., listing Estate Agents’ properties and selling advertising products to them. Once again, users can add content and share it with their colleagues and the general public via a report or listing. The service also enables house buyers and sellers to sign up for a free membership and an enhanced search for properties (for sale or rent). Again, it is directed back to the users subscribing to the service via a similar ‘back-end system’ to Rightmove plus.

Rightmove Overseas property listings, national and local search for property

Find property overseas using Rightmove. Some of the most popular property searches are in Spain, the USA, France and Australia, Portugal and Italy. Other search areas for many other countries are listed below. The complete list is here.

Commercial property listed

Rightmove also contains commercial property. Plus, over 40,000 properties are currently advertised on behalf of agents (users registered with the service), ensuring that Rightmove needs to be one of your first ports of call if you search for commercial property to rent or buy.

Other Rightmove software – download the app!

The Rightmoveplus app is a great little free utility for users to download for Android or iPhone. Look at and search properties in your lunch hour, on the bus or train, or anywhere, anytime!

Rightmove Plus and ‘Draw a Search.’

Rightmove Plus and Draw a Search are valuable add-ons for users and advertisers. Using the ‘draw a search’ service allows you to find suitable properties in your preferred location. Just mark out your local search area, and the system will do the rest, enabling you to save the details so you can use them repeatedly. It will also allow you to receive property alerts.


The Rightmove Plus service is for professional advertisers, i.e. estate agents and property management companies (letting agents) and other specialists who warrant an account with Rightmove Plus under their terms of business.

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For information on selling or marketing your home, try Rightmove (or Rightmove Plus if you’re an agent). If you’re a property investor, then try our new Property Data directory to search for bargains in your preferred location.

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