Is it a Good Idea For 1st Time Buyers to Buy New Build Homes?

Construction of new build homes

Should First Time Buyers Purchase New Build Homes? New build homes, should 1st-time buyers consider buying them? When buying your first home, there are hundreds of decisions to make – location, style, budget, décor, financing – the list goes on and on! One thing you may not have considered is whether or not buying a more

Rightmove’s UK top 10 fastest moving areas 2018 mapped with quick house sale locations

Rightmove's fastest selling locations

Is there a correlation between the UK’s fastest-moving areas (Rightmove research) and homeowners needing a speedy sale of their property? The Map illustrates Rightmove’s 2018 fastest moving locations together with Flying Homes quick house sale hotspots: One notable common feature emerging is that when the locations are plotted on a map most of the locations are more

Is boarding up property a good idea? What are the options

Ringo House boarded up property

Boarding Up Your Property – When, Why and How Whether your property’s residential or commercial, urban or rural, vacant or occupied, there are many structural, accidental or criminal incidents which can make boarding up for health, safety and security purposes essential. The popular options across the UK mostly offer a choice between steel screens and more