Sell your House Online

Selling your house online, the estate agent alternatives Here’s the dilemma – you want to sell a house online simply because you don’t want to pay huge estate agency fees, right? Maybe that’s how you arrived here, typing into Google something like ‘property private sale’ or ‘online estate agents‘. Well the fact is that many home sellers … Read more

Selling Your Home Yourself – Is it a Good Idea?

Selling Your House Privately

How do you sell your house privately? Selling your home yourself, often referred to as ‘selling privately’, means not using an estate agent, but using an online estate agent is different – right? There’s not a lot of difference – except the online estate agency route is usually much cheaper, but the service could be … Read more

How Home Staging Can Help You to Sell Your Property

Home staging

Using Home Staging Can Help to Sell Your Home in a Difficult Housing Market Try home staging to sell your home in a challenging market. An excellent resource for tips on home staging is Channel 4 TV personality Phil Spencer. We have taken the headings from this article and added our comments, so if you wonder how I … Read more Protection Status