Can Certain Features Add Value to My Home?

Can certain features add value to my home?

Making big home improvements is always a big step. We all want to make our home better, but deciding which improvements should take precedence isn’t always easy. If you’re planning to sell your property in a few years, adding features that increase its value might be the best course of action. But which features should more

What Are the Advantages of Selling to a Property Cash Buyer?

Finding property cash buyers

A property cash buyer is someone who makes an offer on a home with the funds required already in their bank account. There’s no need to apply for a mortgage, which means the entire process is concluded a lot faster. According to stats from the Land Registry, around a third of all house purchases in more

Off-Grid Heating: What Are My Options?

off-grid heating options

Off-Grid Heating Options What off-grid heating options are there? Around four million homes in the UK are not connected to the national mains gas grid. These homes are cut off from the infrastructure that gives most of us our gas. Whether you’re buying or selling one of these homes, you’ll need to know your off-grid more