Home Improvements, Modern Amenities & Utilities Positively Affect Property Values

Home improvements increase property values

Do home improvements, modern amenities & utilities positively affect house prices? We think so! In the wake of the Brexit effect on the property market, selling and moving house may not be an option so why not consider home improvements – a guaranteed way to increase your home’s value? Buying a home is more complicated and more

Do you live on a Floodplain? It Can Affect House Values

Flood plain

Living in areas subject to flooding or on known floodplains can mean lower house values The increasing unpredictability of weather patterns in the UK is leaving more and more homes susceptible to flooding. While many affected homeowners took care to steer clear of floodplains when they originally bought their property, they are now finding that more

Horrible Histories: How Much Will This Affect Property Values?

An unsavoury history: how much will this knock off Property Values? While it may sound unbelievable, some homes have modern facilities, a perfect location and reasonable property values, yet they linger on the market for several months looking for a buyer. While these homes are in an ideal state of repair, buyers simply aren’t interested. more

Is there a correlation between local crime rates and house prices?

Crime rate

Do local crime rates affect demand for property and average house prices? Local crime rates affect demand for property and dictate average property prices in a neighbourhood, some are within the control of homeowners, but most are ultimately out of any individual’s control. Not surprisingly, no one would choose to buy a home in a more

School League Tables Affects House Prices

School league tables can influence house prices

Poor performance in school league tables may adversely affect local house prices School league tables can have an enormous impact on property prices. The length parents will go to get their children into the best schools is simply astonishing. And they are equally vociferous in their bid to avoid badly performing schools. Whether it’s a matter more

Home Improvements Without Planning Consent Can Reduce Property Values

Home improvements without planning permission can adversely impact on house values Planning permission needs granting for some property alterations. Buying a house is fraught with potential for nasty surprises, and one particular surprise is the addition of extensions and home improvements not given official planning permission that can have an adverse impact on property prices. A conveyancer more