12 positive factors for adding value to your home

Factors adding vale to your home - renovation work

Check our 12 positive tips on how to add value to your home! We list the 12 best ways to add value to your home. 1. Location location location! Yes, it is integral to property prices and value! Some homes will always struggle to achieve the top end of market property prices – regardless of more

12 Factors Which Can Reduce House Values

Factors which can reduce house values

12 Factors to Look Out For Which Can Adversely Affect House Values If you are thinking about selling your home, you will want to achieve the highest sale price possible try and avoid any of the issues below which negatively affects house values, meaning lower sold house prices. Unfortunately, some factors drive down the value of more

Rightmove Plus, A Great Property Marketing Tool For Estate Agents!

Rightmove Plus

  All About Rightmove Plus – an Online Property Marketing Tool Rightmove Plus is a fantastic resource for estate agents and property professionals. It displays hundreds of thousands of properties for sale and to rent. Rightmove acts as a marketplace for home buyers and sellers. Advertised as the UK’s number 1 property website for properties more

How do National Homebuyers work? Find out with our top guide

National homebuyers

How do quick sale services from national homebuyers work? Services from national homebuyers are designed for sellers who need a quick sale of their homes in as little as seven days. Buyers are usually property investors used to buying property at auction where speed is the norm and houses sold at the drop of a hammer. more