Energy Efficiency measures could increase the value of your home

Energy efficiency measures - Solar energy and wind power in the vast grassland, new energy to solve future energy shortages

How can energy efficiency measures increase the value of my property? Energy efficiency measures can positively impact the value of your home. The constant impetus behind energy efficiency, the cutting of CO2 emissions and the spectre of climate change are all factors forcing homeowners and builders to strive for improvements in energy-saving measures continually. Cutting more

Selling Your Home Guide – Valuing Your Property for a Successful Sale

Valuing Your Property

Selling Your Home Guide – Valuing Your Property for a Successful Sale Selling a house is a complicated and often time-consuming process. However, valuing your property correctly for its market is perhaps the single most important factor involved in securing the best possible sale price. Find your property’s value with the help of our short more

Selling your home guide, tips for preparing your property for sale

People renovating the house together

Preparing your property for sale – selling your home guide Preparing your house for sale is part of the Selling Your Home Guide from Flying Homes Ltd. Once you have made the bold decision to move home and sell your current property, several issues need addressing before you invite the first potential buyers to view it. more

Recreational Facilities Can Have a Positive Impact on House Values

Can your proximity to recreational facilities cause an increase in your house’s value? Recreational facilities can add value to your home and cause a welcome increase in house prices generally. Seasoned property investors will always be looking for future developments that might have an impact on local property prices, and the building of leisure centres, running more