National Homebuyers & British Home Buyers Reviewed

How do quick sale services from national home buyers work?

Services from UK wide house buyers work for sellers who need a sell house fast service, selling their property in as little as seven days. Often sellers have unsuccessfully tried other estate agents to sell their home and now require a different sales process. Buyers are usually property investors who purchase property at an auction where speed is the norm and houses sold at the drop of a hammer. However, auction property is sold immediately with a purchaser unable to change their mind (often the preferred route for repossession property). Still, with property buyers, you can usually change your mind.

If your house is in the process of being repossessed, then sell your home quick straight away, as they can help stop the repossession by giving you an unconditional cash offer to secure a quick property sale. However, once a mortgage company has a copy of the proposal, they may block the repossession from allowing a deal to proceed. If threatened with repossession, seek independent advice as repossession law may differ in Scotland instead of England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

A homebuyer is continually on the lookout for cheap property for a variety of reasons:-

  • Many have large property portfolios and have an investment strategy that dictates that they buy and rent out many houses each month.
  • Some of these property buyers are building companies needing to be kept busy with renovation or refurbishment projects. Therefore speed for them is of the essence when buying houses.
  • Again, many buyers act as agents and buy homes for property portfolios for larger companies, which have a property purchasing agenda and timescale to follow.
  • Time is money, and if a house purchase drags on for months, buyers may invest their money elsewhere and purchase a different property.

British home sellers should appreciate just how quickly they’ll receive a cash offer to purchase when a fast home buyer or investor is involved. Before a property buyer proceeds with the purchase of your property, they will need to assess what your house is worth. Usually, they can do a desktop valuation on Rightmove or Zoopla coupled with the Land Registry sold house prices for price paid data. Once a value has been established, then they may make you a guaranteed offer for your house.

The price you agree to sell your property quickly for cash is usually the amount you will receive. Traditionally no hidden costs or extra fees apply, therefore helping you sell your property quickly with the minimum of fuss. They will work within a time frame to suit you for selling your home fast.  Please enter your postcode above with us, and get a sale of your property agreed upon now.

Use a national homebuyer service and get a cash offer in 24 hours

There are many property buyers and investors to buy fast and hassle-free all over the United Kingdom. Such buyers are usually seasoned investors and ready to give you an offer and proceed with a quick sale in a very short timescale.

Reasons for selling a property quickly in today’s marketplace

It’s sad that some grounds for selling, such as bereavement, can cause a lot of heartache and distress when selling a property. In addition, problems can occur, such as dealing with protracted property sale negotiations with estate agents. A preferable way would be to get an offer to purchase your house and complete the sale in weeks, not months. Similarly, divorce or separation is a difficult time and invariably involves children moving to school or area, which can also mean that a quick property sale is desirable. Sometimes when kids are grown up and have flown the nest, moving abroad is also an option. In these circumstances, obtaining a fast offer and finalising a quick house sale of your property could be an option and a reason for selling in a hurry. A house buying service can give you an offer you can’t refuse and enable you to move on within days, not months.

What type of property do homebuyers purchase?

Most British home buyers will guarantee to buy your home if it’s priced accordingly. It doesn’t matter if it is a terraced property, back to back property in poor or derelict condition, or a new apartment in the centre of a thriving city! If you need a sell house fast cash offer, then contact us immediately. UK house buyers have the time and money for a property requiring simple refurbishment or complex renovations, so don’t delay. Get a guaranteed cash offer for your property now if you need a fast sale.

The property purchasing process:

  1. Agree on a price at the outset.
  2. They’ll probably do a quick, no-cost and no-obligation survey on your property.
  3. If they don’t make you an offer, they may find another investor/homebuyers who can quickly purchase your property.
  4. A preferred timescale and date for moving set.

National Homebuyers – the Company

National Homebuyers, the Company, is located at Sterling House, 20 Victoria Way, Burgess Hill, West Sussex, RH15 9NF. The Company is operating under the trading name and website of National Homebuyers, is Momentum Asset Management Ltd, Company Number: 05261089.

Who owns National Homebuyers?

Momentum Asset Management Ltd owns National Homebuyers. There are two directors, Julian Grenfell King and Christopher James Loudoun Newman. The Shareholders are at this link.

National Homebuyers reviews

National Homebuyers rating/reviews are good overall. Read some of the latest customer reviews here. On the face of it, despite some old negative press from 2016, we believe they are striving to create a professional, ethical home buying service for customers looking to get a speedy offer and sell in a hurry.

National Homebuyers history

National Homebuyers have been in the homebuying marketplace for over 14 years. The Company started out renovating outdated properties to rent out or sell on, and, according to their website, the business model developed into the fast house buying marketplace.

National Homebuyers advertise extensively, sometimes on TV, and their website theme is the ‘homebuyer man’ with the ‘thumbs up’ logo.

The Promises

National Homebuyers team say sellers using their service can receive a guaranteed fast house valuation & cash offer and purchase your home quickly, a lot of the time within days. In addition, they’ll contribute a thousand pounds towards legal fees (subject to conditions).

They will also verify any details you provide them with a home visit and work toward a convenient time frame for you to move house (should you agree to sell to them). Always read any small print!

The National Homebuyers process

1. Making contact/sending information

Visit the National Homebuyers website and complete the online form entering a few contact and property details, or do it over the phone on 08000 443 911. Essential information required is a full address, number of bedrooms, etc., although most information is usually available from a web search.

2. Research & valuation of your home

National Homebuyers state they’ll discuss your house for sale in detail, the inside of your property and any local amenities, which may add value. When all the information is available, and local estate agents and property experts consulted, they’ll send you a valuation report and what they’ll offer. The writer believes that a valuation fee applies. Check this with them.

3. A guaranteed cash offer

National Homebuyers cash offer is guaranteed (based on their valuation, information available and provided by you. The Company say a crucial feature of their service is the speed of the cash offer (unlike many competitors), and cash offers are valid for thirty days.

4. Finalising the transaction

To ensure everything is present and correct, once you accept an offer from National Homebuyers, they’ll survey your house internally.

Flying Homes’ comments

The amount offered for a property is entirely dependent on the property’s market value, often much less than if selling on the open market.

National Homebuyers may charge for their legal and solicitor fees (check with them); they will also pay some of your legal costs subject to terms and conditions. No additional hidden fees or charges (such as marketing) apply. All expenses incurred in any house sale are explained in the initial offer.

National Homebuyers pros

National Homebuyers guarantee to buy any house, helpful if you’re struggling to sell because your property needs repairs or upgrading or is in a poor location.

They are one of the premier fast house buying companies with lots of experience and an excellent overall rating/review, which you can read online.

National Homebuyers cons

As with probably all fast property buying companies, National Homebuyers offer a percentage of a property’s value; this could be from 75% to around 85%, depending on various factors. In our experience, a desirable house in a good location will sell much quicker than an undesirable property in a poor area, so it might pay to check with local estate agents before considering a fast property buyer.


The sell house fast service from National Homebuyers works for some sellers but not others. Months of additional mortgage payments, abandoned sales, and being stuck in endless property chains from a conventional deal via an estate agent offsets the initial higher cost. If you’ve decided to sell using their service, then make sure you’re happy with all the paperwork, have it checked by your solicitor. Their size, experience, rating and presence in the market makes them one of the more successful organisations to use. Read more online using a simple google news search for any recent press comment! Protection Status