How to Prepare For Moving House

Are you moving house? How to get ready for one of life’s most stressful events, moving day, one of the stages in our selling your home guide.

All the stress of the sale of a house and haggling over home prices is behind you. No more trawling houses for sale with local estate agents – the moving day has finally arrived. While the moving process can itself be a stressful event, a little planning and preparation go a long way. Selling houses involves a complex series of legal and financial tasks, but the new start that moving day signals should be an exciting time. Formulate a plan of action well in advance, get yourself a moving house checklist, and you can truly savour the moment.

Finding a Reliable Removals Firm For Moving House

It is likely that there are dozens of removals companies in your area, and finding the right one can be a daunting task. It is important to remember that just opting for the cheapest quote may be a mistake. You should check with previous customers, friends and family to ascertain the level of service each firm offers, and it is also a good idea to learn what types of specialist equipment they use. Your chosen removals firm should also have sufficient insurance cover in place – just in case any of your possessions are lost or damaged in transit when moving house.

Stagger the Moving Process

Whether you find a property to rent or find property for sale in advance, you might be able to move your possessions in different stages, saving you the stress of trying to get moved within only a few hours on the day. So, when the day finally arrives for moving house, you might be left with only the most essential furniture items. In addition, estate agents and conveyancers may be able to arrange a sale in such a way that you gain access to your new home before moving out of your current property. Doing it this way allows you to attend to any essential cleaning and repair jobs without the need to work around stacks of unopened boxes for moving house.

Moving House Checklist Includes Planning Every Detail in Advance

Preparing for moving house
Preparing for moving house

For a smoother day, use your moving house checklist of things to do, before during and after your move. Try to make it a weekend – although removals firms will often charge more for these days. However, with less traffic on the road, you should find it more accessible.

Before the big day arrives, however, there are some essential tasks you can take care of in advance:

  • Contact the Royal Mail and arrange for your post to be redirected for a few weeks.

  • Download any instruction manuals you need and send any emails before moving day, as you may find that you’re waiting several days to install your new Internet connection.

  • Compile a list of instructions for the people buying your home, including details of how to operate windows, security systems and heating. It might be nice to leave some local information for your buyers as well, such as the names of your neighbours and the details of any local amenities.

Before locking up for the last time, the last thing you should do is take meter readings for gas, water and electricity, and forward them to your utility companies.

Whether you are buying or selling a house, the day for moving house is usually emotional. On the one hand, you are excited and happy about moving, but on the other, you are sad about closing the door on a significant chapter in your life. By planning every detail of the moving process, you can ensure that stress and emotions are kept in check when the big day arrives. Protection Status