A New Kitchen, or Improving the old one can add Value to Your Home

A new kitchen (or refurbishing the old one) is one of the significant factors affecting a house’s value. Kitchens are genuinely at the heart of any family home where buyers look for somewhere to spend quality time with friends and relatives. A kitchen is one of the essential rooms in a house. People gather to discuss the day’s events over a meal, and it is pretty often a home’s main reception room. Kitchens that are well-appointed and well designed can add premiums to house values like no other room in the home. If you can create a warm and inviting kitchen, you have a great chance of inspiring a bidding war for your house.

Minor kitchen improvements can make significant differences.

There is no need to splash out upwards of £60,000 on a new kitchen to grab buyers’ interest. In many cases, only a few minor improvements and alterations are necessary to make a kitchen appealing.  The effect on house sale prices can be substantial. For instance, replacing the doors can be just as effective instead of forking out thousands for a new kitchen suite. Replace a worn and tired worktop in only two or three hours, and transform any kitchen with the addition of some stylish hanging rails and accessories.

If your kitchen is oddly shaped, it may be worth considering some structural changes to create a more ergonomically friendly layout. Buyers like space to cook and entertain, and that can be tough in an L-shaped area. There should also be dedicated space for appliances such as washing machines and fridges and, wherever possible, integrate white goods into the kitchen cupboards.

Buy a kitchen for around £1,500 in a major DIY store such as B&Q or Wickes, but remember it is often possible to pick up bargains during end-of-season sales. By hiring a local contractor to fit a new, relatively cheap kitchen, you can transform your whole home into something far more desirable to buyers. However, it is also important not to forget lighting when staging a kitchen for viewings. Many old kitchens still have pendant lights, but the installation of halogen spotlights creates the white light that will showcase your kitchen significantly.

Functional remodelled or new kitchens can increase your home’s value.

Potential buyers often want to move into a home without any fuss or added expense. A clean, functional, well-appointed kitchen is usually a critical factor in their decision. Although buyers don’t usually expect to see a sterile environment, they will expect certain levels of hygiene. For the best results, hiring a professional cleaning service will remove any grease and grime build-ups, including around your cooker and extractor hood. Give particular attention to the cleaning of floor and wall tiles.

Island ranges are very popular with buyers at the moment, and they are often a critical factor in achieving quick and profitable house sales. However, the most crucial aspect of your kitchen is functionality. Is there sufficient space for food preparation, entertaining, and are all your appliances clean and in perfect working order? According to a recent HSBC survey, new kitchens that are functional and ergonomically designed can add nearly £5,000 to net house prices. That means spending £1,500 to upgrade your kitchen before listing your home for sale could be a cost-effective strategy.

Most buyers are usually most excited by the kitchen of a home, as in most cases, it will be the most used room on the property. If you can create the ‘wow’ factor in the heart of your home, you can significantly increase the chance of a favourable home valuation when it is time to sell.

Infographic – 12 tips to improve your home’s value.


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