Houses For Sale in York – A Guide to Selling

With Many Houses For Sale in York, What’s The Best Way to Sell Your Home?

Selling a home quickly and for the right price will always been tough with so many houses for sale in York. This guide to the local property market should help you to maximise your final sale price and sell quickly. You’ll also find out about a new way to sell property in York.

Selling a house in York

Despite the recent recession and the housing crash that accompanied it, house prices in York have fared reasonably well over the last few years. Indeed, York’s housing market was one of the first in northern England to emerge from the recent slump, and it is now one of the more robust markets in the UK. But if you’re thinking of selling your home quickly in York, you may need to think of alternatives to selling on the open market. There are still some obstacles in the way of a quick house sale, which is why our expert property buying service could be the answer to your needs. We pay a high percentage of full market value for the houses we buy, and because we negate the need for marketing and price negotiations, we can drastically cut the time it takes to sell a home in the UK.

With so many houses for sale in York, a competitive asking price is essential

York’s property market has been growing in stature and value since 1997, when the Guardian revealed that the average price of a home in the city was just £80,000. The Guardian recently revealed that by 2012, that value had increased to more than £200,000. Unfortunately, one of the main reasons for this increase was the dearth of new homes being built in the city. Because salaries in York have been stagnant since 2007, tens of thousands of local people have been priced out of buying a home. As a home owner in the city, this may make finding a buyer – and one who can meet your price expectations – more tricky than you originally thought. The only way to maximise value on the open market, with so many houses for sale in York, is to attract the interest of sufficient prospective buyers – by setting a competitive asking price.

The Yorkshire Post recently revealed that York is now the most expensive city in Yorkshire, when it comes to average property price. However, buyers are still wary about paying too much for houses, so you will need to set a realistic asking price that represents the possibility of future value growth. This can be done by researching sold house prices in your street – although an estate agent will usually do this for you. However, if you are selling privately, you can perform you own research using Zoopla’s sold house price search tool. You will also find a range of property transaction statistics on the Rightmove website as well as government data on recent houses sales in York via the Land Registry web portal.

Marketing and advertising are crucial to a quick house sale in York

York is now one of the UK’s property hotspots according to a recent article on the Yorkshire Post website. Between 2013 and 2014, house prices in the city rose by an astonishing eight percent – York is now a very desirable location for the young and successful, on higher than average incomes. A typical Victorian terraced house in the Micklegate area is now selling on the open market for in excess of £300,000, and houses selling for up to £20,000 more than their initial asking price are now widespread in York. Of course, this is great news if you currently own a home in the city, but there are some issues that could scupper your chances of success if you need to sell your house quick in York. For instance, there are still strict rules regarding eligibility for mortgages in the UK, and the buyers who already have their finances in place are prepared to be patient in their search for value. You should still have a comprehensive marketing plan in place – executed by someone who knows exactly what is required for a quick house sale.

Marketing houses for sale in York involves taking photos, writing property descriptions, advertising, liaising with the media, utilising social media and countless other tasks. Unless you have an intrinsic knowledge of the property market, negotiating skills and the enormous amount of time required, you should hand the responsibility of selling your home to an experienced estate agent in York. Of course, this will cost you a significant amount of money, but it will probably be less than the lost value your lack of experience could lead to.

Unfortunately, not even the most accomplished estate agent with houses for sale in York can give you any guarantees regarding timescale and final selling price. If the need to sell your house quickly is your top priority, we may have the answer. We’ll buy houses in any condition on behalf of individuals who then have the cash and freedom to proceed without delay. We may be able to pay up to 100 percent of your home’s current market value, and have everything done and dusted within just two weeks.

Is there a time of year when selling houses in York is most profitable?

It is important not to get too bogged down in trying to decide what time of year is best for house selling in York. Some property experts used to be of the opinion that more buyers were in the market for houses shortly after the festive season and the school summer holidays – when they could fully devote their resources and attention to house buying. However, it seems that the recent disruption caused by a deep recession has made such predictions very difficult indeed. According to statistics published by the Home website, the busiest months of the last twelve for York house sales were October and December.

If you want to make the time of year count, you should modify your home’s layout, decor and marketing plan in relation to the prevailing season. This means that tending to gardens, enhancing the flow of natural light and creating the illusion of extra space can pay dividends during the summer. However, concentrating on energy efficiency measures and creating a warm ambience during the winter months may be the best course of action in your search for more prospective buyers.

What are the factors that can affect house prices in York?

Before you get too excited about the news of steeply rising house prices in York, it’s a good idea to research property values in your local area of the city. The York housing market is highly nuanced, and what may be happening to house prices in one neighbourhood may not necessarily apply to yours. For instance, areas with houses for sale in York, such as Fulford, Bishopthorpe and The Groves have been increasing in value very rapidly since 2012. Unfortunately, house price rises in the likes of Heslington, Acomb and Tang Hall have not been quite so impressive.

It’s also a good idea to avail yourself of the local issues that could pay a part in determining the maximum sale price of your home. You won’t be able to do too much about any of these issues, but simply knowing they exist can help you to make the best marketing decisions possible. Check competing houses for sale in York similar to yours; knowing your competion can help when pricing your property for selling. For instance, a house that lies in the catchment area of a top school will be in high demand amongst parents – and that could mean you could charge a premium for it. Other issues that may positively affect the value of your home include the proximity of public amenities, the quality of transport links in the area and published crime rates.

It’s also worth keeping your ear to the ground on local issues that affect York specifically. For example, the Yorkshire Post recently reported that there is a major engineering project underway to shore up York’s flood defences, and that there is a scheme on the horizon to build 22,000 new homes for the city, which will dramtically increase the number of houses for sale in York, but this is something that could create thousands of jobs for local people and attract the wealthiest, most successful people in the region to York.

York’s history

York is an historic town located in the county of Yorkshire in northern England. It lies on the banks of the River Ouse, and it has a proud and illustrious history of political power, warfare and religion. Thanks to its stunning architecture and long history, York is one of the most visited cities in Europe. York was founded by the Roman Empire, and it has been a very important seat of power ever since. The city’s wool trade fuelled the local economy for centuries – making York the de facto capital of northern England during the Medieval era. During the Industrial Revolution, the city became the unofficial home of Britain’s new rail industry.

York today

The economy of modern day York is firmly rooted in the service sector. There are buildings and sites of historic importance at every turn, which means the tourist industry accounts for around ten percent of all the jobs in York. The city has always been a desirable place in which to live and do business, and employment rates there have always been higher than average as a result. Among the largest employers with a significant base in York are NFU Mutual, BT, Network Rail, Aviva and Nestlé. Hundreds of jobs and millions of pounds in investment are also provided by the University of York – one of the most prestigious higher education establishments in the country.

Visiting the City of York

There are countless ways to have a great time in York – whatever your interests. For instance, some of Britain’s most distinctive and prestigious buildings can be found in this great city. The one building that stands proudly over the entire region, however, is the majestic York Minster. Not only is it one of the largest cathedrals of its kind in Northern Europe, it is a stunning example of Gothic architecture that defines its time. If you want to immerse yourself in the industrial history of this great city, you can do so at the National Rail Museum, which charts the progress of Britain’s groundbreaking railways. And if you’re in search of ancient history, you will find it at the Jorvik Viking Museum, which is home to exhibits and artefacts that provide an insight into what life was like in the city more than 1,000 years ago. A range of local artefacts and archaeological finds can be viewed at the Yorkshire Museum, or you can really step back into time by visiting The Shambles or York Dungeon. Amongst the countless other attractions in the city are the City Walls and Castle Howard.

York house prices have been rising steadily for some time now, but there are still several challenges in the way of a quick house sale in the city. If your circumstances mean you need to find a buyer quickly, we can help. We’ll discuss with you the best way to sell a house, call one of or property buying specialists today on 0800 669 6784 for a no-obligation chat. Protection Status