Houses For Sale in Watford – A Property Guide

Competition is High With Hundreds of Houses for Sale in Watford, So How Best Should You Market Your Home?

At any moment in time there are hundreds of houses for sale in Watford, so you will need a competitive asking price and a comprehensive approach to marketing if you’re going to sell your house. The advice and tips contained in this guide to the local market brought to you by Flying Homes Ltd should help you to secure a quicker house sale – at the right price.

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Watford’s housing market has been benefitting from the steep house price growth in central London for several years now. Watford’s excellent location, and the fact that the centre of the capital can be reached by train in just 20 minutes, has prompted thousands of homebuyers to look at Watford as a viable and cheaper alternative to live. Property values for houses for sale in Watford have soared since 2011 as a result, but that doesn’t mean you can take a quick sale for granted. Before you embark on lots of fruitless research, try a free online property valuation calculator to assess the value of your home.

If you want to sell your house fast in Watford, you may need to avoid the open market altogether – and Flying Homes can help. We buy homes on behalf of cash-ready buyers throughout the UK. We can pay up to 100 percent of market value, and the service we provide allows you to bypass marketing, advertising, negotiating and countless property viewings. Watford house buyers are keen to find value, and they are prepared to wait for the right opportunity. If you can’t afford to wait for a house sale, then selling your home to Flying Homes could be the answer.

The importance of a competitive asking price when selling a house in Watford

There is no doubt that house prices in Watford have been soaring since 2012. Whilst this has been great for homeowners in the town, it has made it incredibly difficult for first-time buyers vying to buy houses for sale in Watford. Many will continue to struggle to get a first foot on the property ladder. The result has been a continuing shortage of first-time buyers on the market – which has put the brakes on average selling times somewhat. In an article on the Watford Observer website, the average house in Hertfordshire has increased at a rate five times faster than wages in the area – and Watford experienced the second highest rate in the country. According to the same article, house prices rose by 76 percent between 2001 and 2011. Unfortunately, incomes actually fell by 13 percent during the same period. This phenomenon, combined with a continued lack of credit and suspicion amongst buyers, demonstrates the need to be competitive with your initial asking price.

If you are going to sell your house quick in Watford, you’re going to need to set an initial asking price that provides real value to prospective buyers – without devaluing your home. The only way you can do this is to research exactly what is happening to property values in your area. Recent sold house prices in your street will show you what buyers are prepared to pay for houses in your specific neighbourhood. Set you initial asking price just below the average selling price, and you could be able to initiate a bidding war amongst several potential buyers. An estate agent with a good number of houses for sale in Watford will usually be the person to take charge of researching  local sold house prices, but you can do it yourself by using the information freely available on the Zoopla website. You can also find accurate property transaction data on the Rightmove website, as well as government statistics on house sales via The Land Registry web portal.

Why a comprehensive marketing strategy is essential when selling houses in Watford

Although house prices have been showing very strong signs of growth during the last few years, there are still several reasons why you shouldn’t take things for granted if you need to sell your house quickly in Watford. As well as the shortage of mortgage approvals and the continued suspicion amongst buyers, you should also bear in mind that a growing number of local people are being priced out of the market. The Guardian recently reported figures released by housing charity Shelter – which revealed that someone earning the average wage in Watford would need an extra £47,000 per year in order to be able to afford the average home in the town. This underlines the fact that the group of potential buyers you need to target is narrower than it has been in decades, so a comprehensive marketing strategy is vital.

Whether you sell your house privately or you choose to enlist the services of an experienced estate agent in Watford, it’s important not to leave anything to chance. Selling a house on the open market involves a detailed property listing, professional photographs, the compiling of energy efficiency information, dealing with property viewings, price negotiations and dozens of related tasks. This is a highly complex, time-consuming process, and you should only attempt it yourself if you are sure you have the knowledge and time required to maximise the final selling price you achieve. You may think that avoiding an estate agent is an easy way to save some money, but you could be left counting the cost of lost value unless you know exactly what you are doing.

Unfortunately, not even the most accomplished agent in your area can promise you anything when it comes to sale price and timescales. If your situation calls for a quick house sale, waiting for the open market to produce it may be out of the question. However, selling your house to Flying Homes allows you to shave vital weeks off the average time it takes to sell property in Watford. We may be able to pay 100 percent of your home’s value, as we buy homes in any condition and provide no-obligation quotes – and we never alter them at the last minute.

Is there a profitable time of year for house selling in Watford?

Rightmove recently predicted that areas with excellent commuter links to central London – of which Watford is one – can expect to experience exceptional property value growth over the course of the next decade. This means that the time of year at which you decide to sell your home won’t make much difference to the final sale price you achieve. Some property experts used to be of the opinion that demand for residential property used to increase just after the festive season, during the early part of spring and during the weeks shortly after the school summer holidays. However, the Home website recently published data that confirmed November as being the busiest month of the year to August 2014 for completed house sales in Watford.

If you are determined to use the time of year to your advantage, you should adapt your home’s layout and decor to the prevailing season. For instance, a greater number of buyers may be attracted to property viewings during the summer if your gardens are attractive and functional. During the winter, where there are generally less houses for sale in Watford, buyers may respond to warmth, soothing colour schemes and energy efficiency measures. Appeal to the seasonal priorities of buyers, and you may be able to sell your home more quickly.

Assessing the factors that can affect house prices in Watford

Before you reach any conclusions on the likely market value of your home, it’s important to research the various issues that have the potential to increase the value of your home. You should also be aware that the reported house prices rises you will see in the press don’t necessarily pertain to your neighbourhood. You should assess what houses are selling for using Zoopla and Rightmove before making any decisions. It may also be worth checking house prices in surrounding towns and villages – comparing property values in this way could help you during the marketing process. Your home may be competing with houses for sale in Leighton Buzzard, Letchworth, Huntingdon, St Albans and Hitchin.

The value of your home can be affected by a range of issues. There is usually very little you can do to affect these issues directly, but knowing they exist in your area will help you along the way to maximising the value of your home on the open market. For instance, if you live close to a school that ranks highly in OFSTED league tables, there is a good chance you will be able to achieve a premium on the open market. You may also be able to squeeze extra value from your home if it is close to good transport links, or if it’s in an area that enjoys lower-than-average crime levels. Also, make sure you keep up with local events that can positively influence house prices. In Watford, these might include the Watford High Street regeneration plan, the removal of allotments to make way for a major housing development and the refurbishment of the town’s car parks.

About the town of Watford

Located in the ceremonial county of Hertfordshire, Watford is a town that is just 17 miles from central London. Watford is a relatively young town by British standards – having only been granted urban district status in 1894. According to the 2011 status, Watford was home to around 90,000 permanent residents.

Watford serves as a major economic centre for the Home Counties, and it fast becoming one of the South East’s most successful retail areas. The town is also home to a vibrant high street and a large shopping centre. The local economy is firmly rooted in the service sector, and Watford’s location just a few miles north west of central London has made it a very popular location for the head offices of some of the UK’s largest and most successful businesses. Among the major private employers based in the town include JD Wetherspoon, Balfour Beatty, Costco and Mothercare.

Visiting Watford

Whether you are moving to Watford or simply considering your options, it’s important to be aware of all the various attractions and amenities the town has to offer. One of the most popular destinations is the Hertfordshire Fire Museum, which is located in a purpose-built facility next to the Watford Fire Station. If you have children, they will be spoilt for things to do in the town. The Watford Skate Park is great for allowing kids to blow off steam in a safe environment, and the Farm Yard and Fun World Children’s Activity Centre is perfect for younger children. If you want to enjoy some respite from the chaos of the town, take a trip to Cheslyn House and Garden. And if you’re prepared to travel just three or four miles in search of exciting attractions, take a trip to the Harry Potter Studio Tour, and immerse yourself in the sound stages that brought J.K. Rowling’s characters to life. Also in the area are the Batchworth Lock Canal Centre, the Rickmansowrth Aquadrome Nature Reserve and the Ruislip Lido Railway.

Watford house prices have been soaring in recent months, and they are expected to continue in that way for several years to come. But if you need a quick house sale in the town, with hundreds of houses for sale in Watford at any moment in time, then you may need to avoid the open market altogether. Flying Homes can buy homes in any condition.. Call one of our expert property buyers today for your no-obligation quote today! Protection Status