Houses For Sale in Tamworth – A Property Guide

When There Are Many Other Houses for Sale in Tamworth What’s The Best Way to Market Your Property For Sale?

Tamworth is experiencing economic growth and falling unemployment, which is fuelling demand for property in the town. This guide to the housing market and houses for sale in Tamworth is full of information and advice designed to help you make the best possible home selling decisions.

Tamworth, (forming a part of the much larger West Midlands property market) is currently riding the crest of a wave. Property prices are rising, and demand for homes is buoyant. If you need to sell your house fast in Tamworth, however, you can’t afford to take anything for granted. One way to reduce the time required to find a buyer is to sell your house to Flying Homes. We buy any home in Tamworth, if we don’t then a quick house sale is still possible as we also act on behalf of investors throughout the UK, so we’re able to move swiftly, and pay up to 100 percent of market value. This specialist house buying service could be just what you need if your primary objective is to sell your property in Tamworth as quickly as possible.

Why your initial asking price is crucial when selling a property in Tamworth

The local market for property and houses for sale in Tamworth has suffered a prolonged period of relative stagnation in recent years. However, all the signs point to a brighter future for homeowners in the area. It is clear that a burgeoning economy is driving property value growth throughout the town, and demand for homes in Tamworth has rarely been higher. According to one article on the BBC News website, unemployment in Tamworth fell at the fastest rate in the UK between 2012 and 2014. At the same time, average wages in the town soared by 16 percent. These favourable economic conditions have fuelled impressive levels of house price growth in recent months, and all the signs point to this trend continuing. However, there are still reasons to be cautious in your approach to the setting of an asking price.

The Bank of England has introduced tighter new controls on borrowing, and the prospect of rising interest rates will make mortgages more expensive in the coming years. If you need to sell your home quickly in Tamworth, you can maximise interest in your home by setting a highly competitive asking price. What constitutes a competitive asking price depends on what houses for sale in Tamworth or your part of the locality have been selling for recently. Some detailed research on sold house prices, the price houses have attained historically will reveal the optimum asking price. Most people will leave this in the hands of an estate agent. But you can do your own research into Tamworth sold house prices on the Rightmove website. Access The Land Registry web portal in order to find property transaction data from government sources, and enter your postcode on the Zoopla website to find house sales statistics for your part of Tamworth.

Why marketing is still crucial when selling houses in Tamworth

Tamworth is currently (2015) enjoying a sustained period of house price growth, thanks to a flourishing economy and soaring wage levels. According to the Lichfield Mercury, Sutton Coldfield, Lichfield and Tamworth have all been impressive hotspots in recent years. The same article revealed that a chronic shortage of properties in Tamworth is adding to the rate of house price growth in the town. This is undoubtedly a very good time to sell a house and make your home one of the hundreds of houses for sale in Tamworth, but it’s important not to take a quick and profitable house sale for granted. The best way to ensure you maximise the sale price and sell as quickly as possible is to adopt a comprehensive approach to marketing. Who will take charge of the marketing process is entirely up to you.

I want to sell my house, why isn’t the process always straightforward?

I want to sell my house – this is what many people ask Google every day, but is it simple and straightforward? Even a buoyant property market such as Tamworth’s can be fraught with uncertainty and potential for delay. Selling a house involves marketing, advertising, property listings, photography, endless property viewings and price negotiations. These processes can be complicated and time-consuming, which is why most people will leave the sale of their house in the hands of an estate agent in Tamworth. While selling a house without an estate agent is a simple way to save money in the short run, going it alone has the potential to restrict your home’s price potential – unless you have the time, contacts and knowledge required.

The need to sell a house quickly in Tamworth might be your top priority, in which case you might need to look for alternatives to the open market. We can buy properties in any condition, and we have a record of paying a high percentage of market value for them. And unlike other homebuyers in the UK, we never lower or withdraw our formal offer at the last minute. We remove several stages of the house selling process for houses for sale in Tamworth – saving you both time and money.

What is the best time of year for house selling in Tamworth?

Unless there is a particular development or infrastructure project planned for where you live in Tamworth, you should list a house for sale in Tamworth at the time that fits in with your plans for the future. No definitive evidence proves that selling at a particular time of the year has a direct impact on the value of a home or the average price of houses for sale in Tamworth. Yes, the number of buyers looking for a home can ebb and flow during the average year, but this fact by itself won’t have a significant influence on the price potential of your property. According to the Home website, the busiest month of the year to May 2015 for house sales in Tamworth was September. But don’t bank on this statistic repeating in the future.

If you want to use the current season to sell your house more quickly, make some subtle seasonal changes to the layout, decor and amenities of your home. Buyers often make home buying decisions based on season-related priorities. Appealing to these priorities will widen the appeal of your property – helping you to find a serious buyer more quickly.

What issues can increase house prices in Tamworth?

Tamworth is a large, growing town. It stands to reason that there will be several different property markets operating side by side in Tamworth. If you hope to maximise the price potential of your home fully, you will need to find out what is happening to prices of houses for sale in Tamworth or your specific neck of the woods. House prices can fluctuate significantly from street to street, so make sure you use Zoopla and Rightmove to check what is happening on your street. To find out how much your home is worth then try our free online house valuation tool!

There is an excellent chance that you will be able to secure a premium for your home from a particular demographic group if you can find out which issues can increase house prices in your neighbourhood. These aren’t usually issues you can directly influence yourself, but you can use them in your marketing strategy. For instance, make sure buyers with kids know about schools in the Tamworth area that always rank highly in OFSTED league tables. It is also a good idea to draw attention to low crime levels in your area. Issues unique to Tamworth could influence house prices in the future too, including a plan to build 1100 homes in the area and a regeneration project for a troubled area of Tamworth.

About the town of Tamworth

The market town of Tamworth located in the ceremonial county of Staffordshire, has a population of around 77,000, it is one of the largest urban areas in the West Midlands. Situated just 14 miles from central Birmingham, Tamworth is becoming increasingly popular with commuters.

Tamworth is an ancient town with a long history of political and military intrigue. Indeed, the town was once the capital of the ancient Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of Mercia. Although industry in the town went into decline during the early years of the 20th century, there is still some relatively successful industry still with a presence in Tamworth, including the clothing, brick-making, engineering and logistics sectors.

Although Tamworth never had the official status of ‘New Town’, it served a similar purpose to the several New Towns that popped up across the country during the years after the war. Tamworth was a popular destination for people trying to escape the destruction and decay left behind after months of German bombing raids. The population grew rapidly during the 1950s and 1960s – fuelled by large employers such as the Reliant Motor Company. With excellent road and rail links into the urban centres of the West Midlands and Stoke, Tamworth is expected to grow further over the coming years.

Visiting Tamworth

There is plenty to do and see in Tamworth for people of all ages. If you want to explore centuries of history, make sure you clear a place in your schedule for a day at Tamworth Castle. You can enjoy being at one with Mother Nature at either the Kingsbury Water Park or the Pooley Country Park. Enjoy a more dynamic outdoors experience at the Birches Valley Forest Centre. Nearer the centre of town, you will find a range of restaurants, night-spots and leisure facilities, including a multiplex cinema, a 10-pin bowling alley and the Planter Sky Trail Adventure. Pay your respects to those that gave their life for freedom at the National Memorial Arboretum, or learn more about life in the military at the Staffordshire Regiment Museum.

House prices are rising quickly in Tamworth at the moment, but this is not a guarantee of a quick and profitable sale. Selling your home to Flying Homes will save you both time and money, so call one of our experienced house buying specialists today. Get a sale of your home agreed in minutes we buy any house, and reduce by one more, the number of houses for sale in Tamworth! Protection Status