Houses For Sale in Stoke on Trent – Property Guide

There are Thousands of Competing Houses for Sale in Stoke on Trent, How Best Should You Sell Yours?

Despite some recent improvements in the local market, there are thousands of houses for sale in Stoke on Trent. This guide to the city’s property market should help you to make the most out of your own sale.

There is no doubt that Stoke on Trent suffered particularly badly during the recent recession, but employment in the area is rising – and so are house prices. Although a report in January 2014 revealed that many houses in the area are being sold off for as little as a pound, another article revealed that Stoke on Trent was on the verge of its very own property bubble. If you own property in certain areas of Srtoke on Trent, then the future holds much promise for your prized asset.

Although mixed reports about the health of Stoke on Trent’s property market are swirling around the media, the general consensus is that a corner has definitely been turned. However, buyers in a position to proceed with a purchase are still in relative short supply. And if you need to sell your house fast in Stoke on Trent, then don’t worry, we’ll buy any house! You may not want to chance your arm on the open market. We can buy your house directly from you, and we’ll consider your property in whatever condition it is currently in. You won’t have to worry about your sale falling through at the last minute – or about haggling over price.

What is a realistic asking price for your Stoke on Trent home?

When you finally make the decision to sell your house, it’s important to bear in mind that your property will be competing with thousands of other houses for sale in Stoke on Trent. And one of the most effective ways of ensuring your property stands out from the crowd is by setting a competitive initial asking price.

While you may have an idea about how much your home is worth, it is also important to remember that property values for many houses for sale in Stoke on Trent have risen significantly during the last four or five years – albeit from a very low starting point. According to one report the average price of a house in the city in 2011 was a mere £73,000. But by 2014, that figure had risen to more than £124,000. The only way to set your initial asking price at the optimum level for the current market is to do your homework, check my online estate agent for help and advice in this respect.

Researching house sold prices is something that a property buying expert or estate agent with houses for sale in Stoke on Trent will take control of. However, it is always prudent to be in possession of the facts yourself – whether you are selling privately or with the help of an agent. The initial asking price you set will be the first thing prospective buyers look at, so it needs to be spot on if you’re going to attract sufficient interest in your home to drive the price up.

There are several handy tools – most of which are free – on the Internet that can help you to ascertain the likely final sale price of your house in Stoke on Trent. A great deal of property transaction data can be found on the Rightmove website – all you need to do is search using your address or postcode. The Zoopla website is also a great place to conduct some quick-fire research. And if you’re looking for official government data, you will find it on The Land Registry website. Check what houses similar to yours are selling for in your immediate vicinity, and set you own price expectations accordingly. Try our free house valuation tool to get some idea as to your home’s worth.

Choosing who will market your house for sale in Stoke on Trent

All the signs point to a sustained recovery in the Stoke on Trent housing market. The average property price has risen by 3.4 percent in just a year according to Land Registry figures, the availability of credit is slowly increasing and confidence amongst consumers is growing. But before you start dreaming of a new life with the proceeds of a property sale, it’s a good idea to draw up a comprehensive marketing strategy if you want to sell your house quick in Stoke on Trent. Remember, there are always thousands of houses for sale in Stoke on Trent, so you’ll need to ensure yours stands out from the competition.

Now, you may be sorely tempted – like hundreds of other homeowners in Stoke on Trent – to sell your house privately in order to save on the cost of an agent’s commission. However, this is not a decision you should take lightly. The property market is notoriously complex, and to achieve the best possible price and sell your house quickly in Stoke on Trent, you will need an enormous amount of spare time, knowledge and patience.

Hire local estate agents which have houses for sale in Stoke on Trent, even though this may represent a significant expense on your part, but that cost could be dwarfed by the eventual premium a property professional can deliver. Agents not only have an intrinsic knowledge of the markets they serve, they have the network of buyers and marketing contacts to maximise your property’s exposure. This means that hiring a professional could be the most cost-effective move you make during the entire process.

Unfortunately, one thing an estate agent can’t guarantee is a quick sale. If your need to sell your home in Stoke on Trent is urgent, negotiating the open market may not be ideal. You may struggle to find a buyer, and even if you do, there is always the chance that a failure to secure finance or the collapse of a property chain could scupper your chances of a speedy transaction. Whether you are trying to avoid a costly repossession or you need to move on for a new job, we can buy your home from you – at a price that reflects the current market. In some cases, we can process the entire purchase within a matter of days, so you can start making plans with a degree of certainty.

Should you delay your sale until a more profitable time of year?

The best time of year to sell a house is the time when most buyers are in the market for a new home. Predicting when this is can be notoriously difficult, however. There was a time when buyers would enter the market in numbers immediately after the summer holidays and the festive period, as these are times that are conducive to making plans for the future and the number of houses for sale in Stoke on Trent would rise appreciably. However, statistics published on the Home website suggest that the recent turmoil within the UK housing market has affected buying habits. The most popular months of 2014 for buying houses in Stoke on Trent were May, June and September. However, it’s probably worth taking these statistics with a pinch of salt, as the market is in a state of correction.

Whenever you decide to sell your home in Stoke on Trent, adapting your strategy to take into account the changing priorities of buyers as the months pass by is always a prudent move. You can make your house more appealing by taking into account what buyers are looking for at different times of the year. Although this may not affect the value of your home significantly, it could help you to secure a quicker sale than would otherwise be the case.

What issues are currently influencing values of houses for sale in Stoke on Trent?

Stoke on Trent’s property market is something of an anomaly. Although house prices for houses for sale in Stroke on Trent are rising strongly in most parts of the city, the entire region is still one of the cheapest areas of Britain in which to live. This means property investors are circling, and you could be in a strong position if you decide to sell up. However, before you make any decisions, remember that Stoke on Trent’s property market is actually several smaller markets in one. Although the general trend of property prices might be upwards, that doesn’t necessarily mean the value of your own home in the city is rising. Areas like Meir Park and Cheadle are thriving at the moment, but the exact opposite is true if neighbourhoods such as Weston Coyney, Normacot and Meir.

As well as the usual factors that affect property prices, including crime rates, public transport and the proximity of high-performing schools, Stoke on Trent is currently benefitting from a range of developments that have the potential to drive house prices up in the future. Stoke on Trent College is leading the way with a £36 million scheme to transform the city campus. The local council has moved its operations to a state-of-the-art complex in the heart of the city, and Stoke on Trent’s Smithfield business park is continuing to attract new businesses. With so much going on, it seems house prices in the region are set for a sustained period of growth.

About Stoke on Trent

Located in the heart of Staffordshire, Stoke on Trent is a large, industrial conurbation that is known as the Potteries. It forms the centre of a major conurbation of around half a million people, and its location halfway between Birmingham and Manchester gives it a degree of strategic influence when it comes to transport and distribution.

The Stoke on Trent economy was for years dominated by large-scale manufacturing and heavy industry, but the closure of several factories and production plants during the last five decades has forced the city to reinvent itself. Despite being home to several industries, Stoke on Trent’s pottery industry is its most prestigious and profitable sector. To this day, the area is still the home of several giants in the sector, including Minton, Royal Doulton and Wedgwood.

Stoke on Trent has been a city in transition for several decades now. As the heavy industries left the region one by one, employment levels fell, as did average incomes in the city. This had an obvious effect on the retail and services industries, and of course the housing market. As well as pottery, Stoke on Trent was renowned for its high quality steel – which was once exported around the world. However, the industry has been decimated, and other sectors have been slow to fill the jobs gap.

Interesting facts about Stoke on Trent

Stoke on Trent is a city that rose to prominence during the Industrial Revolution. Its pottery and steel industries were world-renowned, and the city and outlying areas thrived as a result. Although many of these industries are now long gone, there are still remnants of the city’s industrial past at every turn – and many of them are now fascinating tourist attractions. Whether you want to delve into local history, shop ‘til you drop or enjoy a vibrant nightlife, Stoke on Trent has lots to offer.

While this proud city has a great deal to offer in terms of history and culture, it is Stoke on Trent’s affinity with pottery that draws in the majority of visitors. And one of the single most appealing attractions is the Wedgwood Visitor Centre, which is set in beautiful country surroundings on the outskirts of the city. Here, you’ll be able to see some of Josiah Wedgwood’s most stunning creations at close quarters. And just a few miles away is Britain’s largest exhibit of Toby Jugs, which takes price of place at the Potteries Museum and Art Gallery.

If you have young children in tow, a visit to Alton Towers is a must when you’re in Stoke on Trent. However, if leisure and relaxation are priorities, they can be found in plentiful supply at the likes of nearby Trentham Estate, Mile Long Lake and Monkey Forest.

With thousands of houses for sale in Stoke on Trent at any given time, it’s important to take a considered, structured approach to selling property in the city. However, if time is of the essence, call us for a no-obligation quote, we buy any property so you don’t have to deal with the volatile nature of the open property market. Protection Status