Houses For Sale in Stafford – A Property Guide

Selling Your Home When There Are So Many Houses for Sale in Stafford

There can be hundreds of houses for sale in Stafford and the surrounding areas at any given moment. In order to secure a quick and profitable sale in the town, you will need a sensible asking price and a comprehensive approach to marketing. This property guide will help you in both respects.

The Stafford housing market has been recovering exceptionally well after the shock caused by the Credit Crunch. Nevertheless, it is important to take nothing for granted when dealing on the open property market. If you need to sell your house fast in Stafford, you should be aware that there are still several tricky obstacles in your way. However, by selling your house to Flying Homes, you can bypass the open market and shave vital weeks off the selling process. We can buy your house for cash on behalf of investors all over the UK. This allows us to process some property transactions in just seven days – and pay up to 100 percent of market value.

A sensible asking price is essential when selling houses in Stafford

After a few tricky years in the local property market, Stafford and the wider Staffordshire area are experiencing very high levels of house price growth. If you own a home in the area and you’re looking to sell, this is a great time to do so. According to the Express and Star website, house prices in the West Midlands hit an all-time high in 2015. Prices soared by more than seven percent during the 12 months to March 2015 – taking the average property value in the region to more than £202,000. And the Burton Mail recently revealed that Staffordshire house prices are expected to have grown by more than seven percent by the end of 2015. This is fantastic news if you are about to negotiate the open market and sell a house in Stafford, but you shouldn’t take things for granted. House buyers are more aware of what constitutes value for money for a property than ever, so it is important that you set an asking price that represents value whilst giving you the best chance possible of fulfilling your home’s price potential. Before you do this find out the approximate value of your property using our online house valuation calculator.

In order to ascertain what constitutes the optimum asking price in your specific area of Stafford, research into recent sold house prices is required. This research is one of the primary responsibilities of an estate agent, but you can use a range of online resources and tools that allow you to do it yourself. The Rightmove website is home to a wealth of property transaction data for Stafford, and The Land Registry is where you will find house sales data from official government sources. And you can enter your postcode on the Zoopla website to access sold house prices in your neighbourhood in Stafford.

Why you need a comprehensive marketing strategy when house selling in Stafford

Not only are house prices in Stafford soaring, demand for residential property in the town is on the up too. In general, houses in Stafford are spending a lot less time on the market before being snapped up than they were in 2009 – the height of the house price crisis. According to data on the Home website, houses were spending 12 percent less time on the Stafford property market in September 2015 than they were in September 2014. Perhaps surprisingly, the demand for detached homes has risen by more than any other type of property during the same period. The average detached house in Stafford took 172 days to sell in September 2014, but only 139 days in September 2015. These statistics demonstrate just how well the local market for homes is performing, but it’s important to remember that there are still issues around that could put the brakes on demand in the near future. As well as the prospect of rising interest rates, the Bank of England’s changes to mortgage application rules could peg back demand. And an end to the government’s Help to Buy scheme could also have implications for the local market. For these reasons, it is imperative that you put in place a comprehensive marketing plan.

The marketing required to sell a house quick in Stafford is extensive, which is why most people leave it firmly in the hands of an estate agent or professional house buying service. However, if you want to sell a house without an agent, Stafford is a good place to do it. Burgeoning demand and soaring house prices are making selling relatively easy. However, before you take the plunge, you should remember that an estate agent in Stafford gives you marketing contacts, local knowledge, know-how and negotiating skills – all attributes that can increase the final selling price a home achieves. Although going it alone might save you some money in the short term, you run the risk of losing precious value if you lack any of these attributes.

If your need to sell a house quickly in Stafford takes priority over everything else, you might want to completely avoid the open market – which is where Flying Homes comes in. We buy houses in any condition, and we have a record of paying between 90 and 94 percent of market value when other house buyers in the UK are paying nearer 60 percent. At Flying Homes, we have developed a fast house buying process that can often complete transactions in just a week or two.

Is there a profitable time of year to sell a house in Stafford?

Ask most estate agents, and they will tell you that the evidence linking house prices to the prevailing season is limited at best. Unless there is a development planned for your area that could give house prices a boost in the near future, you should sell your house at the time that best suits your plans for the future. While demand for homes can peak during certain months, predicting when these peaks will take place is incredibly difficult. And even if it weren’t, there is no guarantee that increases in demand result in increases in average house prices. According to the Home website, the busiest month of the year to July 2015 for house sales in Stafford was December, but this could change in the future.

If you want to use the prevailing season to boost demand for your home, consider making some seasonal changes to its layout, features and decor. In the summer, this may mean harnessing natural light, switching to light colour schemes and improving your gardens and outdoor areas.

What issues have the potential to increase house prices in Stafford?

Stafford is a large town and borough, and it is home to dozens of different estates and neighbourhoods. The rate of house price growth can fluctuate wildly from area to area, which is why you shouldn’t take reports of widespread house price growth in Stafford for granted. In order to fulfil your home’s full price potential, you will need to delve into the detail of property value growth in your street – and you can do this on the Rightmove and Zoopla websites.

Exploiting the various issues that have the potential to increase house prices in Stafford will help you to secure a premium for your home on the open market. For instance, if your property lies within the catchment area of a top school, there will be parents who will consider paying a little more than average for your home. And most people will at least consider upping their offer for the privilege of living in an area of town that benefits from low crime levels. Among the issues specific to Stafford with the potential to drive up house prices in the future include the regeneration scheme that is breathing new life into the entire Borough of Stafford.

About the town of Stafford

Stafford is a large town located in the ceremonial county of Staffordshire in the West Midlands. Situated just 16 miles from Wolverhampton and 24 miles from Birmingham, Stafford is a picturesque location that is proving very popular with relatively affluent commuters in the area. The population of the town itself is around 64,000, but more than 120,000 people live in the wider Borough of Stafford.

Stafford was once a major centre for the production of shoes, but the industry gradually died out during the 20th century. There was also once a major locomotive manufacturer in Stafford, but this has since made way for a diesel manufacturing plant owned by Perkins Engines. Thousands of jobs in Stafford are based in public services – the single largest employers being Staffordshire Police, Stafford Borough Council, Staffordshire County Council and the NHS.

IT and computer sciences are also well represented in the Stafford economy. Staffordshire University is home to the Faculty of Computing Engineering and Technology. And Stafford is also home to a bustling retail industry, the centre of which can be found in the Guildhall Shopping Centre – a town centre shopping destination that is home to most of the UK’s major high street retailers.

Things to do in Stafford

Stafford is an historic town that is filled with stunning architecture and local heritage. But there is far more to this town than history. There is a large indoor sports centre, complete with 25-metre swimming pool, football pitches and badminton courts. You can enjoy a bite to eat in beautiful surroundings at Aston Marina, which is home to a farm shop, bistro and stunning views of inland waterways and luxury boats. Explore a huge selection of collectibles at Bowman Antiques, or spend the morning looking for the freshest produce money can buy at the Canalside Farm Shop & Cafe. If it’s history you’re looking for, make sure you pay Ancient High House a visit, which dates back to the turbulent Tudor era. And the 200-year-old Broad Eye Windmill is one of the area’s most famous landmarks. The whole family can have a great day out at the Family Fun Farm Adventure at Lower Drayton Farm, and youngsters can blow off some steam at the Come Into Play indoor playground. History and stunning architecture can be found at some stunning locations in the area, including Ingestre Hall, Ingestre Orangery and Izaak Walton’s Cottage.

House prices in Stafford are rising steadily, and so is demand for homes in the town. But if you are in need of a quick sale, your interests could be best served by avoiding the open market altogether. Call one of the house buying experts at Flying Homes today to arrange your no-obligation valuation.

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