Houses For Sale in Salford – A Property Guide

How Do You Market a Property Effectively With Many Competing Houses for Sale in Salford?

There can be several hundred houses for sale in Salford at any given moment, and to sell a property quickly in the city of Salford, then you will need to set a competitive asking price and devise a thorough marketing strategy. This guide to the local property market for houses for sale in Salford should help you in both respects – so you can find a buyer as quickly as possible.

Salford, part of the North West property market, stagnated for several years, and the banking crash of 2008 only made things worse. However, the city has made an extraordinary recovery, and several areas are among the most prestigious for house buying in the UK. But if you need to sell your house fast in Salford, you might be in for a wait. If time is of the essence, Flying Homes could be the answer. We buy any house in Salford; we also purchase property on behalf of wealthy investors who can proceed with transactions immediately. We pay up to full market value for homes, we buy any house in Salford and any condition, and our express home buying service means you could have the proceeds of your property sale in your bank account within just a week or so.

Set a competitive initial asking price when selling a house in Salford

The last few years have been exciting times for property owners in Salford. Thanks, in part, to the incredible success and allure of Salford Quays, local prices for houses for sale in Salford have soared. According to an article on The Telegraph website, the cost of the average home in Salford rose by 12 percent in just six months in 2014 – or £14,874. During the first half of 2014, house prices rose at a faster rate than in any other urban area of the UK, and although the average property price only stood at £138,000, property values were rising faster than they were in central London. As both ITV and the BBC continue to invest in the area – attracting more companies to Salford Quays as a result – the city is expected to become one of the UK’s property hotspots for many years to come. But before you get too excited, it’s important to remember that the local market is still a price-sensitive one. You will need to set a competitive asking price if you’re going to attract plenty of prospective buyers to property viewings, so some careful market research is essential.

Knowing what houses are selling for in your street is crucial to your ability to set a competitive asking price for your home that is in line with local market conditions. Estate agents and house buying specialists can draw upon local knowledge and experience to ascertain what constitutes a suitable asking price, but you can do this research into Salford sold house prices on the Rightmove website. You will find government data on home sales via The Land Registry web portal, and the Zoopla website will provide you with house sales data for your street in Salford if you enter your postcode.

The importance of a detailed marketing plan when selling homes in Salford

The influence Media City has had on the property market in Salford can’t be underestimated. The number of jobs and the amount of investment the development has generated has led to a sudden increase in the number of houses sold in the city. Indeed, a 2014 article on the Thisismoney website referred to the situation in Salford as a ‘house purchase frenzy.’ Salford, regarded as the home of TV production in the UK, has given the entire area a much-needed image boost. However, this sudden increase in demand for homes doesn’t mean that you have a cast-iron guarantee if you’re looking to sell a house quick in Salford. While demand for homes is high, local wage levels are falling well behind house price growth. And when interest rates start rising again, demand for homes could be affected. It is also true that home buyers are still worried about paying over the odds for a property after the chaos caused by the 2008 Credit Crunch. If you’re selling on the open market, a detailed marketing plan is essential – regardless of how high demand is.

The first thing you need to decide before you embark on the house selling journey is who will represent you on the market. There are many agents with houses for sale in Salford, but choosing the right one can be a nightmare. You can sell your house without an estate agent, but you should be sure that you have the knowledge, contacts and time the house selling process requires before going it alone. You might view dispensing with the services of an estate agent in Salford as a way of saving money, but the opposite could be true if you don’t know what you’re doing. Agents do charge significant commissions these days, but these costs could pale into insignificance when compared to the cost of lost value due to your inexperience.

But you don’t need to deal on the open market to sell a house quickly in Salford, as the buying service offered by Flying Homes could be the answer to your need for a quick home sale. We can buy residential property in any condition, and because we have been doing this for many years, we can complete transactions in just a few weeks. We can pay up to 94 percent of market value for property in the UK, and unlike other homebuyers, we never go back on an initial offer without good reason.

Can I make more money selling a house in Salford at a particular time of year?

All property markets in the UK are notoriously difficult to predict with any degree of certainty. Although you might be tempted to delay the listing of a house for sale in Salford until what you believe is a more ‘profitable’ time of year, you should note that there is no conclusive evidence that such an opportunity exists. Yes, demand can peak at specific periods of the year, but even the most experienced property professional will struggle to predict these peaks with accuracy. According to the Home website, house sales during the year to May 2015 rose in October, but this doesn’t mean that they will peak at this time every year.

It is possible to make the time of year work to your advantage – by making seasonal changes throughout your home. Whether you pay extra attention to your gardens during the summer or to your energy efficiency measures during the winter, it is possible to appeal to the seasonal priorities of house buyers and widen the interest in your home.

What issues can affect house prices in Salford?

While it is true that house prices for houses for sale in Salford have soared during the last 18 months, it is also true that house price growth differs significantly depending on where in Salford you look. For instance, home prices in the likes of Ellesmere Park, Worsley, and Broughton Park have been rising at a faster rate than in other areas of the city. It’s important that you thoroughly research sold house prices on Zoopla or Rightmove before deciding on your price expectations.

There can be several issues affecting home prices in a local area at any given moment. Unfortunately, there is rarely anything you can do to influence these problems, but only knowing about them could help you to tailor a marketing plan specific to your neighbourhood and home. You might live close to a school that regularly receives favourable OFSTED reports – in which case marketing your property towards buyers with children might result in a higher sale price. And most people are likely to pay a little more for the privilege of living in an area with relatively low crime rates. There are also issues specific to Salford that should increase house prices for years to come, including the building of 90 new riverside homes in the city and a wider regeneration project for Salford.

About Salford

Salford is a city and metropolitan borough in the Greater Manchester conurbation. The city itself is just one part of a much wider area that includes neighbouring towns of Pendlebury, Swinton, Eccles and Irlam. Although contiguous with Manchester, the City of Salford is home to around 218,000 people, and it has its local authority.

Salford is one of the true economic success stories of 21st century Britain. Although the city flourished because of its textiles industry during the Industrial Revolution, the 20th century brought industrial decline and unemployment. However, the city was reborn following a £150 million development at Salford Quays, as ITV and the BBC relocated their main production facilities to the area.

Salford Docks is just one of the sectors that are currently breathing new economic life into this part of Greater Manchester. After being abandoned as a commercial area in 1982, the local authority bought the site and turned it into a major tourist destination. Among the other industries fuelling economic growth in the city are finance, IT and administration. Media City in the area is home to thousands of jobs; however, the majority of residents (18.7%) are employed in retail and wholesale.

Things to do in Salford

Salford is a historic city with a proud heritage steeped in the traditions of industry and manufacturing. You can take a trip back in time to the city’s past with a trip to the resplendent Ordsall Hall, or join a local tour guide for a heritage walk around Salford. If you’re a fan of the arts, make sure you take in the huge range of exhibits at the world-famous Lowry. There is also an excellent opportunity to experience live music and art events at Islington Mill. There is a vast variety of artworks and artifacts at Salford Museum and Art Gallery, and you can learn about the social struggles people endured during the Industrial Revolution at the Working Class Movement Library. Take a walk around the historic areas of Salford, which include Salford Quays, Chapel Street, and the Bridgewater Canal. You can explore the remains of Wet Earth Colliery, or spend a while exploring Weaste Cemetery – the final resting place of Mark Addy and Sir Charles Halle.

Although this is an exciting time for the Salford property market if you need to sell a house fast in the town, you might need to prepare yourself for a nervous wait. At Flying Homes, we can remove all involvement from the open market by purchasing your property directly from you. The service we provide saves people time and money and helps them to plan for the future. Speak with one of our house buyers today for your no-obligation quote. Protection Status