Sale (Manchester) – Top Tips For Selling – Property Guide

How to Sell Your Home in Sale in the Face of Stiff Competition

There can be dozens of houses for sale in Sale at any given moment, which is why your marketing strategy and asking price need to be spot on. This guide to the Sale property market is filled with useful advice and information you can use to find a buyer for your home as quickly as possible.

Sale is a town in the Trafford area of Greater Manchester. Sale was once part of Cheshire, and its position on the banks of the River Mersey made it an essential part of the North West economy for more than three centuries. Just five miles from the centre of Manchester, Sale is an important commuter town in the region, and with a population of more than 134,000, it is one of the biggest.

Sale is a relatively affluent area of Greater Manchester, with an unemployment rate well below the national average. As well as being a major commuter town serving Manchester, Sale is an important centre for services. Retail plays a huge part in the local economy, with the Square Shopping Centre in the centre of Sale’s retail heart. A relatively high proportion of residents work in business services, property and finance.

House prices in Sale are rising steadily and strongly, and the outlook for the next five years is reasonably positive. However, there are never any certainties when it comes to the open property market. Any number of issues has the potential to harm your chances of a quick sale, so it’s important to have contingency plans ready.

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Why you should set a competitive asking price when selling houses in Sale

Property values in Sale and many areas of Trafford have been rising for some time now. Indeed, this North West area has been one of the UK’s most impressive hotspots in recent years. According to data on the Rightmove website, the average house price in Sale was around £245,000 at the end of 2015. This represented an 11 percent increase in the average price at the end of 2014. While this news is a great sign for homeowners in the UK, it should be viewed cautiously. Brexit’s implications on house prices may not be known for several years, and an economic slowdown could stop house price growth in its tracks. It’s also true that both buyers and banks are very cautious where asking prices are concerned following the 2008 banking crisis’s chaos. So if you want to maximise the interest shown in your home, your asking price will need to reflect real value for money.

To ascertain the best asking price for your specific area of Sale, some detailed research into sold house prices will be necessary. Most homeowners in the UK leave this work in the hands of an estate agent, but you can do it yourself by utilising some of the tools and resources that are freely available on the Internet. There is a myriad of house sale statistics on the Rightmove website, and The Land Registry web portal provides access to official property transaction data from the UK government. And to find sold house prices for your street in Sale, enter your postcode on the Zoopla website.

The importance of a comprehensive marketing strategy when house selling in Sale

It’s safe to say that Sale has experienced an explosion in demand for property in recent years. Not only that, a chronic shortage of new housing stock throughout the Trafford area is fuelling further house price growth and making it relatively easy to sell homes. Detached homes in Sale sold in an average of 154 days in June 2015, but fast forward to June 2016, and the average time is taken to sell property in the town was just 102 days – representing a fall of 34 percent. Across all property types, houses were selling 22 percent faster in 2016 than in 2015. While this bodes well for your own chances of securing a quick house sale, it doesn’t mean you can take anything for granted. Brexit’s economic uncertainty is just one factor that could put the brakes on demand for homes in the future. Regardless of the market’s current strength, your marketing plan must be relevant to the local market and comprehensive.

With so many variables in the UK property market, and with so much uncertainty surrounding the British economy’s future, this is perhaps not the time to experiment with selling a house without the help of an estate agent in Sale. To be sure that your marketing strategy is as good as it can be, it’s probably best to hire an agent’s services. Going it alone might save you some money now, but you might fail to achieve your home’s full price potential if you don’t have the time, knowledge and contacts selling property the traditional way requires.

But regardless of how well the market is performing and how experienced your estate agent is, there can never be any certainties where the open property market is concerned. If you need to sell a house quick in Sale, don’t waste precious time on marketing, advertising, property viewings and protracted negotiations. Instead, turn to Flying Homes.

Is there a profitable time of year to sell a house in Sale?

Most property professionals generally recommend that you list houses for sale in Sale at the time that suits your circumstances. This is because there is very little evidence to suggest that sale prices rise and fall with the changing seasons. Of course, demand for property in Sale will peak at various stages of each year, but predicting these peaks in advance with any degree of accuracy is an almost impossible task. The Home website recently revealed that July was the busiest month of February 2016 for house sales in Sale. However, there are no indications that this statistic is a sign of a long-term trend.

You can make the prevailing season work to your house selling advantage by ensuring your home’s layout, colour schemes, and facilities appeal to house buyers’ seasonal priorities. By doing this, you might be able to widen the audience for your home – and sell it more quickly. For instance, house buyers might prioritise gardens, natural light, and lots of space in the summer. In the winter, priorities might switch to warmth, energy efficiency, lighting quality and ambience.

Can external issues positively affect house prices in Sale?

A range of issues has the potential to influence house prices for houses for sale in Sale positively. This is why you should take the news of rising house prices in Sale with a pinch of salt – until you’ve done your research. For instance, you might find that your home lies within the catchment area of a top school. If it does, tailoring your marketing strategy to buyers with children could deliver a premium for your home. Other issues that could add value to your home are new transport links and recreational facilities. And many house buyers will consider paying a premium for a home in an area of Sale with lower-than-average crime rates. There may be local developments and regeneration schemes with the potential to add value to Sale homes in the future, such as a scheme to breathe new life into the Sale Waterside area.

About the town of Sale

Just five miles from Manchester, Sale is just a short car ride from the big city’s bright lights and world-class attractions. But there’s also plenty to see in the town itself. Ensuring you visit the oldest cottage in the area is Eyebrow Cottage, which was built back in 1670 as a farmhouse. If you’re keen to see more stunning architecture during your time in Sale, make sure you take a close look at The Church of St Martin and the Church of St John. Or if retail therapy is more your idea of fun, head to the Square Shopping Centre, where you will find most of the UK’s leading retail brands. If you enjoy action-packed adventures and more energetic pursuits, Sale Water Park is the place to be. This human-made lake is home to a wide range of watersports, including water skiing, windsurfing, kayaking and dinghy sailing.

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