Houses For Sale in Rugby – A Property Guide

How to Sell a House in the Face of Stiff Competition from Hundreds of Houses for Sale in Rugby

The housing market in Rugby is in recovery mode after some very lean years following the Credit Crunch in 2008. However, there can be hundreds of houses for sale in Rugby and the surrounding areas at any given time – so you need to adopt a detailed marketing plan and set an attractive asking price that won’t harm your property’s market value. This guide to the local real estate market should help you in both respects.

There has been healthy house price growth for houses for sale in Rugby over the last two or three years – making it one of the West Midlands new property hotspots. However, there are a large number of factors that could dampen down demand and force prices down in the future. If you need to sell a house fast in Rugby, then Flying Homes will buy any house today. You can avoid the pitfalls of the open market altogether by selling your property to us. We purchase homes on behalf of private investors all over the UK so that we can remove most stages of the traditional house buying process. We pay up to 100 percent of market value for homes in any condition, and in the right circumstances, we’re able to process transactions in just a week or so.

Set a competitive asking price when house selling in Rugby

Property prices for homes for sale in Rugby have been rising steadily for some months now. One of the reasons for this has been the town’s suitability for commuting into London. According to an article on the Homes and Property website, Rugby is one of four towns on the mainline to Euston that has been a surprise commuter destination in recent years. It is possible to travel into the capital from Rugby in just an hour. This forced house prices for homes for sale in Rugby up by 8.8 percent between 2014 and 2015 – taking the average price of a home in the town well beyond the £190,000 mark. An annual season ticket for the journey to London cost around £5,600 – making an attractive proposition for people who want more property for their pound than the capital can deliver. But despite this growth in house prices, local buyers are not going to pay over the odds and get themselves into financial difficulty later down the line. If a quick house sale at best possible price is your objective, you will need to be very careful about setting the maximum asking price for your area.

Set asking prices too high for houses for sale in Rugby, and you will frighten off potential buyers before they’ve even viewed your home. However, it is equally important not to set your asking price too low, as this could make it tough to fulfill your property’s real market potential. Do some detailed research into sold house prices to work out the highest marketing price for your home. You can do it yourself by using the Rightmove website to find recently sold home prices in your area of Rugby. The Land Registry is where you will find home sales statistics from official government sources, and Zoopla provides detailed property transaction data for Rugby based on a postcode you enter.

Why you need to adopt a complete marketing strategy when selling houses in Rugby

The housing market for properties for sale in Rugby is currently booming in every way it can be. Not only are house prices soaring, but the number of buyers in the market for property is also rising at an incredible rate. If you are about to list a house for sale in Rugby, you shouldn’t run into too many issues. According to the Home website, the average home in Rugby took 108 days to sell in January 2015. However, the same house would have taken just 77 days to sell in January 2016, a dramatic reduction of 29%. In other words, homeowners can probably sell their home a third quicker on the open market than they could just a year ago. But there are reasons why this trend may not continue for too much longer. A slowing economy, changes to the rules on borrowing and the prospect of interest rates could all affect both demand and property values. If you need to sell a house quick in Rugby, you’re going to need a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Marketing a home for sale is a complicated and time-consuming process. Sometimes this is best left in the hands of an estate agent. However, an increasing number of individuals are deciding to sell a house without an agent to save money. In such a buoyant market, this course of action is a possibility. However, you will need time, contacts, a knowledge of the local market and negotiating skills. An excellent estate agent in Rugby will provide you with all of these attributes for a commission. And if those attributes convert to a higher sale price, that commission could be well worth paying.

If faced with a situation that demands you sell a house quickly in Rugby, you might not have time to wait for advertising, marketing, property viewings, negotiations and conveyancing to run their course. If this is the case, Flying Homes could be the answer. We offer a national homebuyer service with a record of paying a high percentage of market value for the properties we buy – at a time when other house buying specialists in Britain are paying nearer 60 percent. Whether you need to sell to avoid the bank repossessing your home, to prevent costly repairs or to relocate at short notice, our express house buying service could have the proceeds of your sale in your bank account within just a week or two.

Should I delay the listing of a house for sale in Rugby until a more productive time of year?

You might be tempted to delay the listing of your home for sale until what some people have told you is a more successful season for house selling. Unfortunately, there is little evidence to support the notion that sale prices can be affected by the time of year. Yes, demand can rise and fall during a typical year, but predicting when demand will be at its highest is a difficult job for even the most experienced property professional. Unless there a new development or infrastructure scheme planned in your area, you should sell your house at the time that best suits your plans. The Home website has revealed that July was the busiest month of the year to October 2015 for property transactions in Rugby. However, this statistic is likely to change on an annual basis.

By making some seasonal variations to the various features in your home, you might be able to attract the attention of more potential buyers. So, during the summer, spend time and money on making your gardens and outdoor areas as pleasant and attractive as they can be. Switch your attentions to ambiance and cosiness inside your home during the winter.

What positively influences house prices in Rugby?

Rugby is a large Borough with more than 1000 people living within its boundaries. Take reports of house price growth in the area with a pinch of salt – at least until you have researched what is happening in your street. There is a chance that house price growth has been stronger in your street than in the streets around you. Research recently sold house prices on the likes of Zoopla and Rightmove before you start to make major home selling decisions.

A huge number of issues have the potential to affect a home’s market value. These issues are rarely things you have any control over. However, you can use many of them to press certain groups of buyers for a premium. For instance, if you live in the catchment area of a school with consistently good OFSTED scores, you might be able to extract a higher price from customers with children. There is also a chance that older buyers will be tempted to pay a premium for properties in areas with relatively low crime rates. There are always issues that can affect house prices at a local level too. For instance, a regeneration programmed to revamp Rugby’s most deprived areas could have a knock-on effect on the value of your home in the town.

About Rugby

Located in the ceremonial county of Warwickshire in England, Rugby is a large market town with a population of around 71,000. However, the wider Borough of Rugby is home to more than 100,000 people. Lying just 13 miles east of Coventry, this quaint town is close to the borders with Northamptonshire and Leicestershire.

Modern-day Rugby is a bustling market town with a distinctly Victorian feel. The local economy is services and industry. Engineering and manufacturing are still important sources of employment in the city, with companies such as Alstom and the Rugby Cement Works employing hundreds of local people. There is also a Rolls Royce engineering works in the Borough, which is one of the single largest employers in the entire area. Rugby also enjoys a relatively thriving tourist industry – thanks in part to the town’s association with Rugby football.

Things to do in Rugby

Rugby is awash with world-class visitor attractions to suit every taste and preference. Learn about the history of this entire region at the Rugby Art Gallery and Museum, where you will find a broad range of artifacts and exhibits that chart the town’s history. There are some beautiful and historically significant buildings in Rugby too, including the Rugby School Head Master’s House and the impressive school building itself. Make sure you spend some time at the Webb Ellis Rugby Football Museum housed in the world’s first rugby football factory. The Royal Wedding Clock is just a short walk away – which celebrates the wedding of Charles and Di in 1981. Rugby Theatre doubles up as a cinema so that you can catch a Hollywood blockbuster or a lavish stage production in the same place. Visit this quaint town in July, and you’ll be able to enjoy the Rugby Festival of Culture, which is a celebration of history and the arts. Enjoy music, film, and theatre during the two weeks of the festival, or embark on guided walks with local historians. Protection Status