Houses For Sale in Royal Leamington Spa – A Property Guide

How to Sell Your Home in the Face of Stiff Competition from So Many Houses for Sale in Royal Leamington Spa

There can be many houses for sale in Leamington Spa at any given moment, so you need a comprehensive marketing plan in place in order to compete on the open market. This guide to the Leamington Spa property market will help you to make the right decisions when marketing your home and setting an attractive asking price.

The property market in Royal Leamington Spa is booming. House prices are growing fast, and demand for property is buoyant. This is a great time to sell, but if you need to sell a house fast in Royal Leamington Spa, it’s worth bearing in mind that the open market is always fraught with potential for delays and complications. But you can avoid the market completely by selling your house to Flying Homes. We buy UK homes in any condition, and we are often able to use our streamlined house buying procedure to complete property transactions in just seven days or so. We have a record of paying between 90 and 94 percent of market value for the houses we buy – at a time when other UK homebuyers are paying nearer 60 percent.

Why the initial asking price you set is so important when selling houses in Royal Leamington Spa

There is absolutely no doubt that the property market in Royal Leamington Spa has been one of the strongest in the West Midlands during the last few years. Indeed, the town is now considered to be one of the new commuter ‘supertowns’. A growing number of reasonably affluent Londoners are finding it difficult to afford property in the capital – and even in the traditional London commuter belt. In their search for more affordable homes, buyers are looking further and further afield. The average house price in Royal Leamington Spa was more than £268,000 in 2015, and house prices there have grown by 36 percent over the course of the last decade. Commuters can get into Marylebone station in just 80 minutes, which makes daily travel to and from the capital feasible. But despite strong house price growth in the area, buyers are more prepared to shop around for value than ever before. In order to secure a quick sale, you will need to set a highly competitive asking price.

The easiest, and perhaps safest way to set an initial asking price is to leave it in the hands of an experienced estate agent with local knowledge. But whether you are selling a house without an estate agent or you want to understand how your agent arrived at a particular valuation, you can do the research into sold house prices yourself using the resources and tools that are freely available on the Internet. The government releases its sold house prices via The Land Registry web portal, and you can access a wealth of house sales data on the Rightmove website. If you want to access property transaction statistics for your street in Royal Leamington Spa, you can do so by simply typing in your postcode.

Adopting a comprehensive marketing strategy is crucial when house selling in Royal Leamington Spa

The demand for property in Royal Leamington Spa is currently very high – and it is rising thanks to the increasing number of London commuters buying in the area. A lack of supply means that you shouldn’t run into too many problems if you are trying to sell a house quick in Royal Leamington Spa. According to data on the Home website, homes spent an average of 116 days on the market in Royal Leamington Spa during January 2015. However, houses in the town spent just 95 days on the market before being snapped up in January 2016. Property is selling 18 percent quicker than it was just a year ago, which is great news for you if you’re about to put your own home up for sale. But it is important to bear in mind that buyers are very price conscious these days. There are also several factors that could put the brakes on demand for houses in Royal Leamington Spa, including rising interest rates, an end to the government’s Help to Buy scheme and a bleak outlook for the world economy. Despite the current strength in the property market, you will still need to adopt a comprehensive approach to marketing.

If you are thinking about selling a house without an estate agent, Royal Leamington Spa is a great place to do it. Houses are being snapped up very quickly – for fantastic prices. but before you take the plunge and sell privately, it’s worth remembering exactly what an estate agent in Royal Leamington Spa will do for you. Agents can use a combination of their local knowledge, experience and contacts to speed up the house selling process, and they will often be able to unlock hidden value in your home. Although most agents charge a significant commission for their services, this could be a price worth paying if it means you secure a premium for your home.

Estate agents aren’t magicians, however. They can only work within the limitations of the open market, so there will always be potential for delays and complications. If you need to sell a house quickly is your overriding concern, Flying Homes can take away the need for marketing, advertising, property viewings and protracted price negotiations. We buy property on behalf of cash-rich investors all over the UK, and we can pay up to 100 percent of market value in many cases. The express house buying service we provide has the potential to get the proceeds of your house sale in your account within just two weeks.

Choosing the best time of year to sell a house in Royal Leamington Spa

Most estate agents and property professionals will tell you that the seasons alone don’t have a direct effect on what people are prepared to pay for property. Only if you know of an impending development or regeneration scheme should you delay the listing of your house for sale. Demand does rise and fall at different times of the year, but there is no clear evidence to suggest that heightened demand always leads to heightened sale prices. The Home website recently published data revealing that June was the busiest month of the year to October 2015 for completed house sales in Royal Leamington Spa. Unfortunately, this does not signify a long-term trend, as sales are just as likely to peak in the autumn in future years .

It will be almost impossible to use the prevailing season to increase the market value of your home, but you can use it to find a buyer quickly. By making some seasonal changes to your home’s layout, features and colour schemes, you will be able to appeal to the seasonal priorities of buyers in the area – which should help you to secure a formal offer a lot more quickly.

What external issues have the potential to positively influence house prices in Royal Leamington Spa

Royal Leamington Spa is a relatively affluent town, and house prices there are way above the national average. What’s more, recent rates of house price growth have been phenomenal. However, most statistics you see will refer to the town as a whole, and not the subtle variances in property values that can often exist within a UK town or city. Before you set your price expectations, make sure you know exactly how much houses have been selling for in your street recently. You can use Rightmove and Zoopla to do the necessary research.

It is possible that there are several issues currently affecting house prices in your area of Royal Leamington Spa. These external factors aren’t usually things you can directly influence yourself, but you might be able to use some of them in your marketing campaign. For instance, get on the OFSTED website and take a look at the results of schools in your area. If your home lies within the catchment area of a high-performing school, there is a chance that buyers with children will consider paying a premium for your property. It’s also the case the many older buyers will actively seek out properties in low-crime areas, so you can use this to your advantage if the local police force’s crime figures are favourable. There can be issues specific to Royal Leamington Spa at play too, including the arrival of tech firm Tata Technologies in the town and the development of a new rail link between Royal Leamington Spa and Coventry.

About Royal Leamington Spa

Royal Leamington Spa is a spa town located in the ceremonial county of Warwickshire. Originally called Leamington Priors, the town started to grow very quickly during the 19th century after claims were made about the therapeutic qualities of the spa water in the area.

This picturesque town is replete with Georgian architecture, which is just one of the reasons why it remains a popular tourist destination in the 21st century. There is also a relatively strong retail industry in Royal Leamington Spa, which is based at the Royal Priors Shopping Centre and the Leamington Shopping Park. There is still a strong industrial base in the town too, as there are still several automotive plants still operative. Detroit Electric is one of the largest employers in the sector, and they have recently committed their medium term future to the town. However, it is the digital media and video games industries that has given Royal Leamington Spa an international reputation.

Things to do in Royal Leamington Spa

Royal Leamington Spa is a truly beautiful town, and the architecture alone is reason enough to pay it a visit. However, there is much more to this beautiful part of the West Midlands, including Jephson Garden, which is home to some stunning trees from around the world, landscaped gardens and a stunning glasshouse. Take in some fantastic exhibitions at the Royal Pump Rooms Art Gallery and Museum, or enjoy a show at the Royal Spa Centre, which regularly plays host to concerts, plays and movies. If you want to explore this gorgeous town yourself, buy a 50p ‘Walk Around Royal Leamington Spa’ guide and head off on a stroll you’ll never forget. A great way to see the area is by boat on the River Leam. You can hire a rowing boat and gradually wind your way down the river at your own pace. Royal Leamington Spa is also the home of the Victoria Park Bowling Complex, which is Britain’s official home of Women’s Bowls.

The property market in Royal Leamington Spa is currently in a great place. However, if you need to sell a house quickly in Leamington Spa, you may not want to risk delays and complications on the open market. Call Flying Homes, sell your house fast today, organise your free, no-obligation valuation NOW.

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