Houses For Sale in Rotherham – Property Guide

With Many Competing Houses For Sale in Rotherham, What’s The Best Way to Sell Your Home?

Houses for sale in Rotherham are plentiful. Indeed house prices have been relatively stagnant in Rotherham during the last few years, and property buyers in the town have become incredibly value-conscious. In order to secure a quick sale in rotherham, you will need to find out how much your house is worth and then make it stand out from the rest, before putting it on the market. This guide to the local housing market will show you how.

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Set a competitive asking price when selling houses in Rotherham

2013 was a fantastic year for most homeowners in the UK. House price growth was well into the double digits in many areas of the country, including in the previously flat markets of Cardiff, Barnsley and Newcastle. So it is rather surprising that property values for houses for sale in Rotherham continued to stutter in the way they did. The Thisismoney website revealed that house prices in the South Yorkshire town actually fell by 0.1 percent during 2013 – a period during which the average price of a home in Newcastle rose by more than ten percent. Another report on the ITV website revealed that house prices had fallen by 0.2 percent during November 2013 in the South Yorkshire Region when they had risen by 0.5 percent nationally. This information suggests that the local housing market is incredibly fragile. The only way you can hope to sell your house quick with so many houses for sale in Rotherham is to set a highly competitive initial asking price.

Relatively low wage levels, depressed confidence and a general air of suspicion mean local property buyers are shopping around for real value, so the need to entice them with an attractive asking price is vital. In order to ascertain the best price for your home, you will need to compare it with recent sold house prices in your street – something an estate agent will usually take care of. But if you want to perform some of your own research, there are several online tools that make it a relatively easy process. Flying Homes provides one such tool which gives you a rough guide if you’re wondering how much your house is worth. A myriad of property transaction data for houses for sale in Rotherham is available on the Rightmove website. You can also search for sold prices using your postcode on the Zoopla sold prices site. Official figures on house prices are available via The Land Registry web portal.

Follow a comprehensive marketing strategy when there are lots of houses for sale in Rotherham

An Express article recently demonstrated just how challenging the property market is with so many houses for sale in Rotherham presently. It revealed that two in five house sellers in the town were forced to reduce their initial asking price in 2013 – compared with one in four in London and Edinburgh. Another piece on the PropertyWire website revealed that property values in Rotherham fell by at least 0.1 percent in November 2013 when house price growth was well into double digits in many areas of northern England. It is clear that local property buyers are willing to bide their time when searching for value for money in the housing market. In order to attract prospective buyers in sufficient numbers, you will need a comprehensive marketing plan – and a knowledgeable person to execute it.

Selling a home without the expert help of an estate agent (who has a reasonable number of houses for sale in Rotherham), will be a huge gamble – unless you have the time and expertise to devote to the project. Agents usually have an in-depth knowledge of the local area, a ready-made network of contacts and negotiating skills honed over many years. These attributes will often result in a higher final sale price on the open market – and that is usually a service worth paying for. You can sell your house privately if you’re determined to save the cost of commission, but you could be left with lost value if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing.

Tailor your approach to the prevailing season when house selling in Rotherham

In order to maximise the market value of your home, you should try to appeal to the priorities of the widest range of buyers possible. A great way to do this is to adapt your home’s layout and decor according to the prevailing season. The average buyer may be looking for well attended gardens and the clever use of natural light during the summer months, but attentions may turn to warmth, cosiness and energy efficiency measures during the cold, winter months. Try to stage your home with seasonal priorities in mind, and you might be able to broaden its appeal.

If you are trying to ascertain what the most profitable time of year for house selling is, you may be on a hiding to nothing. There is no clear link between the changing seasons and average house prices, and even if there were, predicting when increased demand will drive prices up is incredibly difficult. Estate agents used to believe that there was a clear rise in the demand for homes just after the festive period, during spring and shortly after the school summer holidays. According to, however, November was the busiest month of the year to August 2014 for house sales in Rotherham.

Assess the issues that might affect house prices in Rotherham

Before you become too disheartened about stagnating house prices in Rotherham, it’s important to ascertain exactly what is happening to property values in your street, and assess your house’s worth. There is a chance that your specific neighbourhood is outperforming the town in terms of house prices, but you will only know by researching sold house prices using Rightmove or Zoopla house prices. Homes in Kimberworth, Swinton and Treeton have suffered a serious drop in value since 2008. However, properties in Wentworth, Broom, Thorpe Salvin and Whiston have been able to buck the regional trend and rise in value.

It is possible to increase the value of your home significantly if you are aware of the many issues that can influence localised house prices. There is very little you can do to influence these issues directly, but simply knowing they exist will help you to make the best marketing calls. One of the most common factors that can raise local property prices is the presence of a school that ranks highly in OFSTED’s league tables – as parents will often pay a premium for the privilege of getting their children into a top school. You may also find that buyers will up their offer for a house that is located in an area with relatively low crime rates, or for a home that is close to established transport links. You may also want to stay up to date with issues specific to Rotherham; such issues include developments like the new HS2 link, a huge house building scheme in the Waverley area and the creation of a major new retail and leisure development in Rotherham.

Facts About Rotherham

Rotherham is a large town located in the ceremonial county of South Yorkshire. Just six miles from the centre of Sheffield, the Metropolitan Borough of Rotherham has a population of more than 260,000, which makes it similar in size to a major city in the UK. Rotherham was a relatively small settlement until this region of Yorkshire started to grown quickly during the Industrial Revolution. The town’s location on the River Don – coupled with the huge coal deposits in the area – attracted dozens of ironworks to the town. Indeed, the methods that allowed the mass production of steel were developed in and around the town, and then exported around the world. Steel from the area was used in the building of some of Britain’s most famous bridges, as well as Nelson’s flagship HMS Victory.

Sadly, the production of iron and steel in Britain started to decline rapidly during the early part of the 20th century, as cheaper markets emerged all over the world. Most of the area’s heavy industries have long since closed their doors, which has left a gaping hole in the local employment rate for decades. The local economy is now heavily reliant on the service sector – and the retail industry in particular.

A combination of an image problem and a dearth of jobs in and around Rotherham has had a profound effect on house prices in the area. After several years of house price stagnation, there are still very few signs that property values are headed for a sustained period of growth – surprising given the fact that house prices are rising steadily in most areas of the UK. Houses for sale in Rotherham are spending far longer on the market than in most areas of the North of England, which is causing serious problems for people in need of a quick house sale.

Out and about in Rotherham

There are several exciting visitor attractions in and around Rotherham to keep you and your family occupied. If you want to uncover the truth about local history and heritage, you can do just that by paying the Clifton Park Museum a visit. There are several interactive exhibits to explore at the Magna Science Adventure, or if you want to explore local flora and fauna, a trip to the Centenary Riverside wetland nature park is well worth a visit. Admire stunning architecture and immerse yourself in centuries of history at Holy Trinity Church in the picturesque village of Wentworth, or opt for something far more spectacular by visiting Rotherham Minster. Other local attractions that shouldn’t be missed include the Wentworth Woodhouse mansion, the Catcliffe Glass Kiln, Roche Abbey and Clifton Park.

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