Houses For Sale in Rochdale – A Property Guide

There is Competition With Lots of Houses For Sale in Rochdale, We Explore The Best Way to Sell Your Home!

With many houses for sale in Rochdale, the housing market has been relatively stagnant for some time now. Since the 2008 house price crash, buyers in the area have been in relatively short supply. There can be hundreds of homes for sale at any moment in time, so it’s important to make the right selling decisions at the right times. This guide to the local housing market should help you to find a buyer and sell your home in Rochdale as quickly as possible.


If you need to sell your house in Rochdale, you should prepare yourself for an uphill battle. Banks are still reticent about lending, and buyers are still exceedingly cautious about paying too much for residential property.

A competitive asking price is crucial with plentiful houses for sale in Rochdale

The years after the house price crisis of 2008 were tough on homeowners and there were literally hundreds of houses for sale in Rochdale which just weren’t selling. And although a modest house price recovery is underway in this area of Greater Manchester, property values are still way below their 2007 levels. According to an article on the Manchester Evening News website, Rochdale was listed as one of the UK’s top 10 cheapest places in which to buy a home. Indeed, one house in the town sold for just £15,000 in 2013 – at a time when 11 homes sold for more than £1million in the Altrincham area. Buyers in Rochdale typically have smaller house buying budgets, and banks are still treading with caution when it comes to mortgage approvals. You will need to set a competitive asking price if you’re going to sell your house quick with so much competition from many houses for sale in Rochdale.

Selling property quickly requires that you know exactly what kind of asking price is right for your area. The only way to ascertain the optimum asking price for your home – in your area – is to research the houses for sale in Rochdale, in the streets around you. While an estate agent will usually take care of this job, there may be occasions when you need to do the research yourself. For instance, you might have decided to sell your house without an estate agent, or you might simply want to check whether your agent’s valuation is accurate. Researching house prices is a quick and simple process with our free valuation tool or websites such as Zoopla, as all you need to do in order to access property transaction data is enter your postcode. There is also a myriad of data for houses for sale in Rochdale available from Rightmove. Official government statistics on house sales in your area can be accessed via The Land Registry web portal.

Who is the best person to take charge of marketing when house selling in Rochdale?

The Rochdale property market has demonstrated a very modest recovery since mid 2014, but the overall outlook is uncertain at best. According to an article on The Telegraph website, Rochdale was one of the top 10 worst performing property markets in the UK during 2013. At a time when house prices in large areas of Britain were rising steeply, property values in Rochdale actually fell by nearly one percent. According to another article on, house prices actually rose during that same year. Conflicting reports mean even the property experts and estate agents in the region can’t agree on what is happening to house prices, and that makes marketing incredibly important. You simply can’t afford to take chances in this regard, so you need to be sure you have the right person for the job.

You might believe that saving money on the open market is a simple case of selling your home without an estate agent in Rochdale. However, you should contemplate the consequences of achieving an inferior sale price before proceeding. Estate agents do bring a great deal of experience, knowledge and negotiating skill to the table. These attributes will often combine to increase the final sale price of a home. Unless you have a comprehensive understanding of your local property market, and the time that house selling requires, you should probably put the sale of your property in the hands of a local agent.

If your circumstances require that you sell your house quickly, then you may need another option with the number of houses for sale in Rochdale. You just might not want to take a chance on the open market. We buy any home, anywhere and in any condition throughout Rochdale and the North West, and we can often have everything tied up in just a matter of days. This is because we have cash-rich investors and property buyers ready and waiting to make an offer without delay. Selling this way can mean that you cut out the volatile and unpredictable property market completely.

Choosing the best time of year to sell a house in Rochdale

Demand for homes can fluctuate throughout the course of a year, but predicting when demand will be at its highest is notoriously difficult. Moreover, there is no definitive link between the time of year and final selling prices. So, if you’re labouring over whether or not to delay the listing of your home for sale, it’s probably best to just make it available at a time that suits your circumstances.

Incidentally, the busiest month for houses for sale in Rochdale, during the year to October 2014 was June. It used to be the case that house sales peaked during the weeks after New Year, during the early stages of spring and just after the school summer holidays, so this statistic might suggest that the market is still in a transitional period.

If you want to use the prevailing season to your advantage, tailor your home’s layout and decor accordingly. Appealing to the seasonal priorities and wish-lists of potential buyers could broaden the interest in your home – and help you to find a buyer more quickly.

Assess the factors that might positively influence house prices in Rochdale

It’s important to remember that the Borough of Rochdale is a very large urban area, and it includes many different neighbourhoods and outlying villages. Before you take the news of stagnant house prices in Rochdale for granted, you should check what is happening to property values in the streets around your home – they may be higher than you think. For instance, house price growth has been higher in the likes of Todmorden, Littleborough and Saddleworth than in most other areas of Rochdale in recent years. Check out recent sold house prices on Zoopla and Rightmove before reaching any conclusions on the likely value of your home.

There are various issues that have the potential to positively influence the value of your house in Rochdale. You may live next to a great school, in which case parents might be persuaded to pay a little more for your property. If you live in an area which benefits from particularly low crime levels, you might be able to squeeze a little extra value from your home at the negotiating stage. It’s also important to be aware of the local issues in Rochdale that could positively affect the market value of your home. They could include issues such as the town centre regeneration project and the various infrastructure schemes currently underway in the town.

About Rochdale

Rochdale is a large town and borough located in the Greater Manchester conurbation. The wider borough is home to a population of well over 200,000, which makes it the size of a reasonably large British city. However, the original town has a population of 95,000.

Rochdale first showed up in historical records when it received a mention in the Domesday Book of 1086. However, the town wasn’t officially recognised until it was awarded a Royal charter in 1251. After several centuries as little more than a modest market town, Rochdale finally rose to prominence on the world stage during the Industrial Revolution. Wool and textiles facilities opened up across the region, and they generated huge wealth and prosperity – which fuelled several years of growth during the 17th and 18th centuries.

Modern-day Rochdale is a multicultural town that suffered its fair share of economic difficulties during the 20th century. Exceptional levels of unemployment and a lack of inwards investment has caused house prices to stagnate. Although Rochdale is largely a residential area these days, it is becoming more and more popular with people leaving central Manchester in search of more affordable property. This has led to some very modest property value growth in recent years.

Visiting Rochdale

Although you might be tempted to make the short journey into central Manchester in order to find some exciting sights and attractions, there is more than enough in and around Rochdale to keep you and your family occupied. For instance, you can take a trip to the Pioneers’ Museum, and get a close look at the world’s first Co-Op store. If you’re in search of natural sights and sounds, take a trip to Littleborough, which is the ideal base from which to explore miles and miles of stunning countryside. Just a short car journey away is Heywood, where you can board a train on the East Lancs Steam Railway. You can enjoy some stunning architecture in Rochdale, which includes the majestic Town Hall building and the imposing St. Chad Parish Church. If you want to shop ‘til you drop, why not spend a while at one of the town’s two shopping centres, or peruse a range of local goods at the charming indoor market?

The Rochdale housing market has finally turned an important corner. Although house price growth cannot yet be considered strong, it is improving. The next few years could be a great time to sell a house in Rochdale. But if you require a quick house sale, the open market may not be a viable option. We can buy houses for up to full market value, and we aim to have every house purchase we facilitate done and dusted within days, instead of months. Call one of our experienced house buying advisers today for a no-obligation quote, we’ll help you to sell your home quickly amongst all the houses for sale in Rochdale! Protection Status