Houses For Sale in Peterborough – Property Guide

Selling Homes When Faced with Stiff Competition from Hundreds of Houses for Sale in Peterborough

Selling a house fast can be tricky when you’re competing with hundreds of houses for sale in Peterborough. By following the handy tips and advice in this local property selling guide, you should be able to secure the fastest sale possible – at the right price.

Whilst prices for houses for sale in Peterborough have historically been lower than the UK average, the city’s burgeoning economy has led to some impressive rates of house price growth in recent years. Nevertheless, you may still face a tricky time if you need to sell your house in Peterborough at the right price.

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Set a realistic asking price when selling a house in Peterborough

Peterborough is a city on the up. According to a recent article on the Peterborough Today website, it was the fastest growing city in the UK between 2002 and 2012. Its population rose from 158,800 to 186,400 in just a decade. Moreover, a report from ‘Cities Outlook 2014’ revealed that house price growth in Peterborough was the eighth highest in Britain during 2012. And in 2013 alone, £5,500 was added to the average cost of a home in the city. Peterborough is also amongst the top performers when it comes to the building of new houses and the creation of jobs. Despite all of this fantastic news, there are still reasons why a quick house sale is not a foregone conclusion. Buyers are still wary about over-reaching themselves financially, and banks are still reticent about lending. If you want to sell your house quick in Peterborough, you’re going to need to set an attractive and realistic initial asking price.

The recovery in Peterborough house prices only started in earnest in 2013 – after several years of property value stagnation. With the market still very much in recovery mode, it’s vital that you set an asking price that attracts buyers in sufficient numbers especially as there are many competing houses for sale in Peterborough. The only way you can set this figure is to research recent sold house prices in your street. If you have decided to call upon the services of an estate agent, this research will be carried out on your behalf. However, there is nothing stopping you from using several online resources in order to reach your own conclusions on asking price. For instance, you’ll find a range of property transaction statistics on the Rightmove website, and similar sold house price data is available via Zoopla. The government publishes official house sales data via The Land Registry web portal.

Devise a comprehensive marketing plan when selling houses in Peterborough

The East of England has been performing very well in terms of house price growth in recent years. And although growth in Peterborough was only reported as being 0.2 percent during 2013, it seems that the city is now catching up with the rest of the region. A recent article on the Business Weekly website revealed that, whilst Peterborough was once regarded as one of the UK’s most affordable cities for home buying, the average house is now beyond the reach of the average income. This fact, combined with the continued shortage of home loans in Britain, means selling quickly and for the right price is not a foregone conclusion – regardless of the rate of house price growth. If you have to sell your house quickly in Peterborough, you will need a thorough marketing plan – and the right person to execute it.

You may want to save money by selling your house without the help of an estate agent in Peterborough. However, it’s important to bear in mind what an agent (with houses for sale in Peterborough), brings to the table. Negotiations skills, a network of contacts and an intrinsic knowledge of the property market can be valuable attributes when trying to maximise the value of your home. Unless you have the knowledge and time to devote to the house selling process, you will run the risk of losing precious value in your home. An agent may be costly, but a substandard marketing plan could cost you even more.

Of course, there can never be any guarantees where the open property market is concerned – even if you have a talented and experienced estate agent by your side. Use a local agent with a good number of houses for sale in Peterborough. If a quick house sale is an absolute priority, you can sidestep the open market altogether by allowing Flying Homes to buy your house in its current condition. Sell house fast with Flying Homes! We also work on behalf of investors who are ready to being the purchasing process today, so you may be able to shave precious weeks off the average time it takes to sell a house in Peterborough.

Adapt your home to the prevailing season when house selling in Peterborough

The priorities and wish-lists of house buyers can change substantially at different times of the year. For instance, buyers may be more concerned with gardens, natural light and space during the summer months. However, in winter, thoughts may turn to creating warm ambiences, cosiness and energy efficiency. By giving buyers what they are looking for at different times of the year, you may be able to broaden the appeal of your home- helping you to sell it more quickly.

If you’re trying to decide what the most profitable time of year for house selling in Peterborough is, it’s probably not worth the effort. Estate agents used to regard the weeks after New Year, the early part of spring and the beginning of autumn as the times of year when demand for homes rises, but that has all changed since the housing crash of 2008 – things are a lot more difficult to predict. Oddly enough, the busiest month of the year to August 2014 for Peterborough house sales was December.

Identify the factors that might influence house prices in Peterborough

Peterborough is a large metropolitan area, and it includes several different property markets all working independently from one another. Before you reach any conclusions on the possible value of your home, it’s important to find out exactly what is happening in your neighbourhood of the city. For instance, areas such as Orton Wistow, South Bretton, Longthorpe and Orton Waterville have experienced healthy house price growth during the last few months. Conversely, areas such Parnwell and Welland have not fared quite so favourably.

It is also important to be aware of the external factors that have the potential to positively affect the value of your home. You won’t be able to influence these issues in any way, but knowing they exist will help you to make the best house selling decisions possible. If your home lies within the catchment area of a top school, the likelihood is that parents will be prepared to pay a little more than the average house price for it. You can also secure a premium for your house if it’s located in an area with particularly low crime rates, or if it’s close to good transport links. There are also some issues specific to Peterborough which have the potential to drive house price growth in the future, including the development of North Westgate, a major plan to develop Peterborough city centre and the building of a new industrial park called Kingston Park.

About Peterborough

Peterborough is a city located in the ceremonial county of Cambridgeshire. The metropolitan area of which Peterborough is the centre is home to around 186,000 people, which makes it the 27th largest urban zone in the UK. The city is conveniently located on the River Nene in eastern England, and its place on the East Coast Main Line means it is also a popular commuter town with people who can’t afford the exorbitant property values in London.

Peterborough was a relatively modest town until the dawn of the railways in Britain. Once the first station opened, the city quickly became a very important industrial centre in the region – famous for its brick making. Sadly, the city’s development stagnated during the early part of the 20th century – until New Town status was granted in the 1960s. Thanks to a £1billion expansion and regeneration programme, the city’s fortunes and population grew quickly. The local economy gradually moved away from a reliance on heavy industries in favour of the service sector.

The money that was poured into Peterborough made it the UK’s fastest growing economy in 2005, and that trend of economic improvement has continued steadily since. Although average earnings in the city are lower than the UK average, jobs continue to be created by a series of retail, leisure and commercial developments. Both Tesco and Debenhams have large distribution centres in the city, and the huge Gateway industrial park has created thousands of jobs and attracted millions in investment since its opening. Due to Peterborough’s convenient location, it has become one of the most productive centres for logistics in the UK.

Whether you are looking for exciting activities or places to immerse yourself in local history and culture, there is something for everyone in Peterborough. The city’s stunning Norman Cathedral is a majestic example of architecture from a hugely important era in British history. You can explore the region’s history, culture and rise to economic power at the Peterborough Museum, or sample what rural life was like in the area at popular visitor attractions such as Sacrewell Farm, John Clare Cottage and Burghley House. If you’re looking for pop concerts and lavish stage productions, you’ll find them at Peterborough Arena, but if relaxing strolls amidst great natural beauty are what you’re looking for, a trip to Ferry Meadows Country Park is worth a spot on your schedule. Shop ‘til you drop at the Queensgate shopping centre, or browse local wares and a range of authentic souvenirs at the City Market. You can catch a play, ballet or musical at one of the city’s two theatres – the Cresset Theatre and the Key Theatre.

House prices in Peterborough are now rising steadily in most areas, but that doesn’t mean you can take a quick house sale for granted – particularly when you’re competing with hundreds of other houses for sale in Peterborough. If you want to sidestep the open market altogether, call one of our expert property agents today, let Flying Homes buy your house in a matter of days! Protection Status