Houses For Sale in Mansfield – A Property Guide!

What’s the best way to market your home for sale in Mansfield?

With so many houses for sale in Mansfield at any particular point in time, it is important to do all you can to make your home appealing to buyers and stand out from the crowd, particularly if your need is to sell your house fast.

Marketing and the setting of a competitive asking price for houses for sale in Mansfield are crucial to your chances of securing a buyer quickly – and this guide to the local market should help you in both respects.

The Credit Crunch hit the Mansfield property market particularly badly, and local house prices have been prolonged to recover. There is no doubt that this is a challenging property market, and you face an uphill struggle in your attempts to sell your house fast in Mansfield. However, flying Homes might have the answer. We buy any house in Mansfield for up to 100 per cent of their market value, and when the right circumstances are in play, we can process a property transaction in as few as seven days! In addition, we remove several stages of the house selling process by purchasing homes directly from their owners, so we’re able to save you both time and money.

Set an attractive initial asking price when selling a house in Mansfield

There are several reasons why house prices for sale houses in Mansfield have been relatively static for several years. And although house price growth remains far lower in Mansfield than in many other areas of England at the moment, there are some encouraging signs. According to an article on the Hucknall Dispatch website, house prices in Mansfield have finally reached their pre-recession levels. According to Zoopla and The Land Registry data, the average price of a home in Mansfield rose by 3.7 per cent during 2014 – reaching £126,960. In nearby Nottingham, however, house price growth was nearer eight per cent – reaching £168,000. These statistics suggest that relatively low wages make house buyers acutely sensitive to the prices of houses for sale in Mansfield. Therefore, to maximise the initial interest in your home on the open market, a sensible and competitive asking price is needed.

What constitutes a competitive asking price in a particular area of Mansfield very much depends on recent sold house prices in the immediate area. An estate agent will usually conduct the research required to ascertain the optimum asking price for houses in your street. Still, there are tools and resources on the Internet; that means you can do this important research yourself. The Rightmove website is the source of lots of information about house sales in Mansfield. In addition, you can access data on Mansfield sold house prices from government sources via The Land Registry website, and property transaction data in your area of Mansfield can be accessed by entering your postcode on the Zoopla website.

Adopt a thorough approach to marketing when selling in Mansfield

While house price growth for houses for sale in Mansfield has been relatively modest in recent months, the town’s demand for quality homes is growing. Statistics on the Home website have revealed that the average semi-detached property in Mansfield spent 173 days on the market in September 2014, but just 135 days in September 2015. Overall, Mansfield houses are spending, on average, 17 per cent less time on the market in 2015 than they were in 2014. If you are about to list a house for sale in Mansfield, this is fantastic news, but it comes with a caveat. Average wages remain relatively low, interest rates are likely to start rising soon, and the Bank of England’s new rules on borrowing are going to make it more difficult for first-time buyers to get on the property ladder. This all means that a comprehensive marketing plan is as important now as it ever was.

The property market for houses for sale in Mansfield is definitely not the place to experiment with selling a house without using an estate agent. Of course, going it alone will save you money in the short term, but you could be left counting the cost of lost value unless you have the time and know-how to maximise your final selling price. Enlisting the services of an estate agent in Mansfield might be a costly endeavour at first. Still, it could be a cost-effective move if your chosen agent manages to unlock hidden value in your property.

If you need to sell the house quickly in Mansfield as your number one priority, gambling on the open market might prove to be a little risky. But by selling your home directly to one of Flying Homes’ cash buyers, you might be able to have the proceeds of the sale in your bank account within just a week or two. Our buyers purchase property swiftly.

What’s the best time of year for selling houses in Mansfield?

Most property professionals will tell you to sell your house in Mansfield at a time that fits your plans for the future. However, there is very little to be gained by delaying the listing of your house for sale until a more ‘profitable’ time of year – as there is very little research to suggest that such a time of year exists. The Home website has published data revealing that August was the busiest month to June 2015 for Mansfield’s home sales. However, you can’t bank on this trend being repeated in the future.

You can broaden your home’s appeal by accommodating the seasonal priorities of house buyers with some subtle changes to your home’s layout, decor and features. Many house buyers approach the market with a wish list, and in many cases, these wish lists are heavily reliant on seasonal requirements. Taking a seasonal approach to house selling won’t necessarily increase your home’s value, but it may help you quickly sell it.

What issues can increase house prices in Mansfield?

Most Mansfield reports suggest that house price growth and demand for homes in the town have been disappointing recently. However, there are several different neighbourhoods within the town, and some of them may have been out-performing the town average. Therefore, before you start making major decisions regarding the marketing and advertising of your house, you should ascertain what has been happening to house prices in your street recently by doing your homework on the Zoopla and Rightmove websites.

There is a chance that many of the factors that increase the prices of homes in Mansfield are relevant to your particular neighbourhood. Including some of these issues in your marketing strategy could help you get a premium for your home from certain groups of buyers looking for houses for sale in Mansfield. For instance, schools with great OFSTED scores are always popular, but getting children into those schools often requires living in the immediate area. You might be able to persuade buyers with children to pay a little more for your home by making them aware of all the good schools in the area. Low crime rates may also persuade buyers to part with a little extra cash. Local issues such as the regeneration of Ashfield and Mansfield may also drive up house prices in the future.

About the town of Mansfield

Mansfield is a large market town located in Nottinghamshire in the Maun Valley. Mansfield is just 12 miles north of Nottingham. And when the outlying towns are taken into account, the population is around 100,000.

Mansfield has a bustling town centre that is based around the market square. Almost all of the traditional industries that made this part of England so commercially successful during the Industrial Revolution have gone, which has caused unemployment to rise and the local population to fall. A new Business Improvement District was established in 2010 to boost commerce and attract new business to the centre of town, but the results have been mixed.

Although ‘Queen’s Place’ was meant to attract new retail and catering outlets to the town, it hasn’t impacted what local council leaders were hoping for since it opened in 2013. Most of the town’s retail stores are located in the Four Seasons Shopping Centre, home to national retailers such as Boots, Primark, HMV and Debenhams. Marks and Spencer has a large store in the West Gate area. In addition, there are three retail parks outside of town, and the Rosemary Centre near the town centre is home to several independent stores and small retailers.

Mansfield has suffered from unemployment and stagnant wage levels for many years, which is why several regeneration projects have been planned for the town. The likes of Queen’s Place, Arrival Square and the new King’s Mill Hospital have brought a little optimism to Mansfield since 2013, but there is still a feeling that the local council could do more to entice new employers to the area.

Things to do in Mansfield

Mansfield is a large market town located on the edge of the beautiful Nottinghamshire countryside in the Midlands. Within a few miles is the historic Sherwood Forest, where you can explore the legend of Robin Hood at Fountaindale and Thieves Wood. If you want a fun-filled family day out, make sure you spend a day at the Water Meadows Swimming Centre, which features a wave machine, rapids and a fast water slide for the more adventurous. People of all ages can learn about science, design and creative disciplines at the Discovery Centre. Wheelgate Adventure Park is just a few miles outside the centre of town. It offers a range of exciting activities for children of all ages, including bumper boats and a mini rollercoaster. And there is a fantastic opportunity to get up close and personal with a range of animals at White Post Farm. If you’re staying closer to the town centre, make sure you take the time to peruse a huge range of exhibits at Mansfield Museum. Take a show at Mansfield Palace Theatre, or get some retail therapy at Mansfield Market and the Four Seasons Shopping Centre.

House prices and demand for houses for sale in Mansfield have been relatively stagnant for some time. If you need to sell a house quickly in Mansfield, you might benefit from the expert house buying services of Flying Homes. We can help you to sell your home in as few as seven days. Call us today to arrange a no-obligation valuation.

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