Houses For Sale in Maidstone Kent – Property Guide

Some useful tips and advice if you’re selling a property in Maidstone

The average price of houses for sale in Maidstone, Kent, has been rising for a considerable period of time now, and most experts are predicting this trend will continue – despite a few rough patches along the way. However, this doesn’t mean that you can take a quick and profitable house sale for granted. There can be hundreds of houses for sale in Maidstone at any time, so you need to take steps to ensure that your home is appealing to a broad range of potential buyers – this guide to the local property market in Maidstone will show you how.

Maidstone was for many years one of the less popular commuter towns in the South East of England. However, house prices in the likes of Hampshire and Surrey have grown so high in recent years that towns such as Maidstone have risen in popularity very quickly – fuelling a house price boom in the town. But despite this obviously good news for homeowners in the area, there are still no guarantees on the open market if you’re looking to sell your house fast in Maidstone at the best possible price.

The initial asking price you set is vitally important when selling a house in Maidstone.

The demand for residential property in Maidstone has soared since 2011. The relatively gentrified nature of the town, coupled with its proximity to the capital, has meant that a growing number of house buyers have turned to Maidstone in search of affordable homes. A more recent phenomenon has been purchasing homes within the official catchment area of good schools – particularly state-funded grammar schools. But despite the recent growth in local property values and the promise of more to come by the end of the decade, some experts are warning that 2015 could actually see house prices in Maidstone fall. The Maidstone and Medway News recently reported that a house price fall is expected in Kent during 2015. According to the Centre for Economics and Business Research, the cost of a house will fall by 0.6 per cent during 2015. The rate at which house prices have risen in recent years means a large percentage of the local population can’t afford to buy. Coupled with the reluctance of banks to lend and the likelihood of interest rate rises over the course of the next few years, the need for a sensible and competitive asking price has never been greater.

To attract maximum interest in your house for sale in Maidstone, you will need to ascertain the average property value in the streets around you. In most cases, selling on the open market in the UK involves hiring an estate agent. If this is the path you have chosen, the estate agent will research the market on your behalf. on your behalf. However, researching house prices yourself couldn’t be easier, as there are some convenient online tools to help you. For example, you can call up a great deal of house transaction information on the Rightmove website. There is also the opportunity to view sales statistics for houses for sale in Maidstone by entering your postcode on the Zoopla website. In addition, the UK government makes official sold house price information available via The Land Registry web portal.

Devise a comprehensive marketing strategy to sell your house in Maidstone

For many years, Maidstone was considered on the ‘wrong side of London for serious and affluent commuters. However, the incredible rate of house price growth that has been recorded in other areas of the commuter belt has meant that Maidstone, and other towns in Kent like it, has become very popular indeed with cash-stretched house buyers. According to a recent report from the Financial Times, a square foot of residential property in Maidstone is worth around £300, but this is half what is being paid in Surrey. To put that into some context, a large detached home in Maidstone sells for around £450,000. However, that same home in Surrey would attract offers over £860,000. But despite this newfound popularity and proliferation of houses for sale in Maidstone, there are still several hurdles to overcome if you need to sell your house quick in Maidstone. As well as the prospect of interest rates rises shortly, banks continue to apply strict criteria when lending to first-time buyers. And as house prices continue to rise, the pool of local buyers available continues to diminish. So a sensible and all-encompassing marketing strategy is as important now as it has ever been.

Although the general trend for house prices is long-term growth, stagnation and decline were expected in 2015. In this economic climate, selling your house in Maidstone without an estate agent could be considered an unnecessary risk. Hiring an experienced estate agent if you have houses for sale in Maidstone might be a costly affair, but losing out on value because of your own inexperience and lack of knowledge could end up costing you a great deal more. Agents offer knowledge of the local market and an extensive network of contacts, and these attributes will often translate into a higher-than-average selling price on the open market.

If you are being forced to sell your house quick in Maidstone, traversing the tricky waters of the open market may represent a gamble you’re not willing to take. But there is another way, and it involves selling your house in its current condition to us. We buy houses in Maidstone and throughout Kent on behalf of cash-rich investors, which means we remove the need for marketing, advertising, property viewings and negotiations on price. As a result, we can pay up to 100 per cent of market value and shave vital weeks off the average time to sell a house in the UK.

Choosing the best time of year for selling houses in Maidstone

Although you might be tempted to delay the listing of your house until a more ‘profitable’ time of year, there is very little evidence to suggest that such a time exists. While it is true that demand can peak at specific times of the year, the evidence linking sale prices with the changing seasons is limited. Most estate agents will advise that you sell your home at a time that fits in with your long-term plans. According to the Home website, October was the busiest month to January 2015 for completed house sales in Maidstone, but this could change next year.

The best way to make the prevailing season work in your favour when selling a house is to tailor its layout and decor according to the time of year. House buyers tend to want very different things from home in the winter than they do in the summer – appealing to these changing needs could be the key to increasing interest in your home.

Use the issues that positively affect house prices in Maidstone to your advantage.

Many local estate agents, property experts, and media outlets predict that house prices for houses for sale in Maidstone will continue to rise over the next five years. But before you reach any conclusions over the likely market value of your own property, you should research sold house prices in your immediate vicinity. These reports of house price growth refer to the town as a whole and not necessarily your neighbourhood. For instance, property value growth in places such as Sandling, Otham, Detling and Ditton has been exceptional, but the rate of growth in the likes of Park Wood, Boxley and Mangravet has been modest in comparison.

In any housing market, there can be several issues that can affect house prices in a localised area. Knowing how such issues affect your own home will allow you to hone your marketing strategy and maximise the value of your property. For instance, any home within the official catchment area of a top school is likely to fetch a premium from buyers with children. You might also be able to extract extra value from your property sale by highlighting meagre crime rates in the area. Local issues in Maidstone could also play a role in setting future house prices, including the recent increase in development around the junctions of the M20 motorway and the local council’s plans to build nearly 20,000 homes in the town.

About Maidstone

The town of Maidstone is located in the beautiful county of Kent – known as the ‘Garden of England’. Situated on the River Medway, just 30 miles from the centre of London, the town is significant to the wider economy of the county. According to the 2001 census, Maidstone was home to 113,000 permanent residents, roughly 70 per cent of the population in the wider Borough of Maidstone.

After a long and proud association with industry and agriculture, the local economy heavily relies on the service industry. Several high-tech companies and IT firms in the area, and Maidstone is a vital centre for the paper and packaging industry. But despite having such a high-skilled workforce and diverse economy, the local retail sector employs more local people than any other. Indeed, the spend per capita in local retail stores is among the five highest in the UK. The majority of the major retailers in Maidstone are located in one of the town’s two shopping centres – Fremlin Walk and The Mall Maidstone.

Things to do in Maidstone

Maidstone is a historic town located in the county of Kent – known colloquially as the ‘Garden of England’. As well as huge swathes of stunning countryside, this part of England has a wealth of cultural, architectural and historical attractions. If you are a history buff, take the time to visit Leeds Castle, which used to be the residence of King Henry VIII’s first wife, Catherine of Aragon. A huge selection of local artefacts and treasures is available for viewing at the 14th-century Archbishops’ Palace. And there is a unique collection of horse-drawn carriages and ancient agricultural vehicles on display at the Tyrwhitt-Drake Museum of Carriages. You can take in the stunning town and the surrounding greenery with a cruise along the River Medway on either the Allington Belle or the Kentish Lady. And if you are interested in delving into the history of Kent, you can do just that at the Kent Life Museum, which is home to recreated homes, artefacts and equipment from throughout the region’s history. The Maidstone Museum & Bentlif Art Gallery is home to a dinosaur found in the area and a 2,700-year-old Egyptian mummy.

House prices in and around Maidstone have been buoyant for some time now, but this is no guarantee of a quick house sale in the area. We can help you shave vital weeks off the average house selling time by buying your home directly from you (we’ll buy any house). We take the hard work, expense and uncertainty out of the house selling process, so call us today for a no-obligation chat about your selling options if you have houses for sale in Maidstone.

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