Houses For Sale in Maidenhead – A Property Guide

Tips and advice on selling a property in Maidenhead in the current market

With so many homes for sale in Maidenhead at any time, the need for a thorough marketing plan is as important now as it has ever been. You will also need to set a competitive initial asking price for your home. Use the information and guidance in this property guide to help you make the best possible decisions during the house selling process.

If you need to sell a house fast in Maidenhead, you may be nervous about waiting for a buyer to emerge on the open market. However, if time is of the essence, then you can avoid time-consuming marketing, advertising, property viewings and price negotiations by selling your home quickly to a cash buyer with our help. Call us today for more information or complete the enquiry form above.

Set a realistic and competitive asking price when selling houses in Maidenhead

Maidenhead house prices are already high, but they are set to soar further between now and 2020. The continuing exodus of affluent professionals from London will drive property values upwards in towns such as Maidenhead. The town will also benefit greatly from the opening of a new Crossrail station. According to a report on the Telegraph website, Maidenhead is expected to be one of the UK’s top seven areas for house price growth between now and the end of the decade. However, after the last house price crash in 2008, buyers are very wary about paying over the odds for a property. They are now likely to be patient when it comes to searching for value, so your initial asking price needs to reflect a little value – without permanently devaluing your home.

Research sold house prices to work out the asking price for your home. Most homeowners leave this important task in the hands of an estate agent and forget about it. However, you can get involved and do your research using the many online tools and freely available resources. For instance, Rightmove provides an enormous amount of house sales data for Maidenhead free of charge. The government releases its sold house price statistics via The Land Registry web portal, and you can enter your postcode on the Zoopla website to access sold house prices for your street in Maidenhead. Get your initial asking price right, and your home sale in Maidenhead won’t run into too many problems.

Adopt a comprehensive marketing plan when home selling in Maidenhead

Some estimates put house price growth in Maidenhead between now and 2020 at more than 46 per cent. The demand for property in the area will skyrocket, as the new Crossrail link will make getting to and from London even easier than it already is. Couple this with astronomical average house prices in the Capital, and the number of home sales could double over the course of the next five years. But you can’t afford to take anything for granted if you need to sell a house quick in Maidenhead. Several issues might put the brakes on demand for homes shortly, including rising interest rates, tightened lending criteria, a slowing economy and an end to the government’s Help to Buy scheme. You, therefore, need a detailed and comprehensive marketing plan to ensure your home reaches a broad audience of prospective buyers.

The strength of the local property market means selling a house without an estate agent is relatively easy. However, even in such a bullish market, a lack of experience, local knowledge and time could leave you with an inferior selling price. An estate agent in Maidenhead might prove expensive, but hiring one will give you knowledge, expertise and an extensive network of marketing contacts. In many cases, the premium an experienced estate agent delivers more than makes up for the commission involved. If you want to ensure that all your house selling bases are covered on the open market, hire a local estate agent.

Choosing the best time of year to sell a house in Maidenhead

The best time to sell a house in Maidenhead is usually the time that fits in with your plans for the future. There is very little evidence to suggest that house prices rise at a particular time of year. The only reason for delaying the sale of your home should be an imminent infrastructure project or development with the potential to increase house prices in the local area. Demand can peak at specific times of the year, but this doesn’t necessarily mean home prices will rise as a result. According to the Home website, July was the busiest month to January 2016 for house sales in Maidenhead. While this might suggest home buyers come out in force during the summer, this statistic is very likely to change in the future.

You can use the current season to your advantage by making seasonal variations to your home’s layout, colour schemes, and features. For instance, buyers might respond favourably to a property with well-maintained gardens and outdoor areas in the summer. It might also be a good idea to harness as much natural light as possible inside your home during the summer months.

What issues have the potential to drive up house prices in Maidenhead?

Maidenhead is a large town, and while most reports concerning home prices are positive, you can’t take anything for granted. House prices tend to fluctuate from street to street in the UK, and the outlook for property values in your particular street might be different to that for the town as a whole. So research sold house prices in your street before you start to make the big house selling decisions; otherwise, you might run the risk of missing out on hidden value.

The effectiveness of your marketing plan hinges on your knowledge of the local market. Several issues can positively influence house prices in Maidenhead – and some of them might persuade certain groups of buyers to part with a little more cash than other groups. For instance, if a school regularly receives consistently high OFSTED scores in the area, it might persuade buyers with parents to pay a premium for your home. Likewise, experienced buyers might consider paying a little extra for the privilege of living in an area with low crime levels. Individual issues unique to Maidenhead could also positively influence local house prices, including a regeneration project for the West Street area and a £230m project to breathe new life into Maidenhead town centre.

About the Town of Maidenhead

Maidenhead is a large town located in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead in Berkshire. Resting on the banks of the River Thames, this picturesque town is home to more than 67,000 people. The local population is affluent, and average house prices in the area are well above the national average.

Maidenhead is primarily residential in nature, and many homeowners in the area travel into London every day for work. However, there is a relatively strong service sector in the town, and companies from the pharmaceutical, plastics and software industries are located in the area. In addition, there are several national retail and leisure brands based in Maidenhead High Street. And the city’s long association with royalty and government has made it a trendy destination amongst British tourists in recent years.

Maidenhead’s excellent location on the M4 motorway means people can get into Reading, Slough and Central London in less than an hour. The town will also be the western terminus of Crossrail. In addition, the local economy will only get stronger in the future, thanks to several developments and regeneration projects in the town. These factors are likely to drive both house prices and demand for homes upwards in the coming years.

Things to do in Maidenhead

The beautifully charming town of Maidenhead lies right on the banks of the River Thames, so you are never far away from exciting water-based activities. In the centre of town, you will find Magnet Leisure Centre, a ten-pin bowling alley and a multi-screen cinema. There are also some beautiful parks to enjoy. First, make sure you take a short walk to the river and the town’s 18th-century bridge, where you can admire Brunel’s famous ‘Sounding Arch’ featured in Turner’s ‘Rain, Steam and Speed’. Then, take a walk along the river, and you’ll run into some beautiful villages, including Cookham, Bray, Windsor and Eton. Next, head to Boulter’s Island if you’re a wildlife fan, as it is home to a huge bird aviary – as well as stunning gardens and views of Maidenhead Weir. And a great day out for all the family awaits you at Riverside Gardens, which is home to landscaped gardens, crazy golf and a cafe.

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