Houses For Sale in Leicester – A Property Guide

Houses For Sale in Leicester – A Property Guide

Being a property owner in Leicester at the current time represents an excellent opportunity to watch your capital grow. If you need to sell your house fast in Leicester, then Flying Homes can buy it from you almost immediately, we buy any house in any part of Leicester. We are property buying specialists with access to hundreds of buyers throughout the Leicester region, and many of them are ready to proceed with a cash purchase today. With many houses for sale in Leicester, you need to explore all marketing and selling options.

Assessing the real worth of your house in Leicester

The Leicester property market (in the East Midlands), has been in the midst of a property bubble all of its own. While many cities, such as Coventry, Edinburgh, Newcastle and Glasgow struggled to reach a rate of property value growth of a few percent in 2013, houses for sale in Leicester showed double-digit growth.

However, it’s important to put headline figures in some context. The wider metropolitan area of Leicester has a population of nearly half a million, and there are many different mini markets within it. Average house prices are rising, but some neighbourhoods aren’t faring so well. To ascertain the real sale potential of your property, you’ll need to perform a little research of your own or speak to one of the real estate experts at Flying Homes for a no-obligation quote.

The Leicester section of the Zoopla website is a fantastic resource for checking local property prices of houses for sale in Leicester. If you need to sell your home quickly in Leicester, the asking price you set is important. Zoopla collates up-to-date information on final sale prices in very specific areas, so you can compare your home to others that have sold in the last few weeks. This information allows you to set an asking price that is competitive enough to garner the interest of potential buyers while ensuring you’re giving yourself a great chance of securing what your property is worth. You can also find house sold information and various forms of home transaction data on the Rightmove and Land Registry websites.

Choosing who should market your Leicester home for sale

The market for houses for sale in Leicester is booming, and the next few years could be a fantastic time to cash in on your property and move up the housing ladder. If you need to sell your house quickly in Leicester, however, and for a price that reflects the current strength of the market, you’ll need to approach the marketing of your property with great care and planning. According to the Home website, the number of terraced properties sold in Leicester jumped by an astonishing 31 percent between April 2013 and April 2014. The number of semi-detached homes sold rose by 13 percent, and 8 percent more detached homes sold in the same period. But it’s still important not to take a quick sale for granted.

Of course, property prices of houses for sale in Leicester are rising quickly, but they are recovering from a housing market crash that started in 2008. To maximise the sale potential of your property, you should consider asking a real estate expert for help. You can go it alone and save yourself the cost of fees and commissions, but you’ll need to devote lots of time to the process, and you’ll need an in-depth knowledge of both your area and how houses sold in the UK. But going it alone without being fully prepared can result in a lower-than-expected final sale price.

There are hundreds of estate agents with houses for sale in Leicester who can hit the ground running with a marketing campaign for your property. They’ll use their contacts, relationships with house hunters and their fundamental knowledge of the local market to facilitate the sale of your home as quickly as possible. And because they are bringing their expertise to the table, you might be able to secure a premium for your home.

Unfortunately, using a local agent, hiring an estate agent with houses for sale in Leicester still doesn’t come with any guarantee that your house will sell quickly, or that you’ll be able to achieve the price you want. If you have to sell a house within a very specific timeframe, we can help. Flying Homes works with hundreds of cash buyers and investors to secure offers of up to 100 percent of a property’s market value. If you are facing repossession or you need to move for work, contact us for a no-obligation chat.

What time of year is best for selling houses in Leicester?

Opinions amongst property buying experts and estate agents divide about how the changing seasons affect the home buying process. There is a feeling that property buyers are usually more receptive about buying houses during the latter stages of winter and the early stages of autumn. However, recent statistics published on the Home website suggest that something different is happening. Whether it’s because of the scarcity of credit, the lack of first-time buyers or suspicion of the housing market in general, house buying isn’t following the same pattern as it used to. More Leicester houses were sold in August, November and December than any during the 12 months to April 2014. While you shouldn’t become too preoccupied with the time of year, tailoring your marketing strategy and staging your property to suit the time of year can appeal to the priorities and attitudes of more buyers on the market.

House price rises in many areas of Leicester

If you live in Rothley, for instance, the chances are the value of your home is currently skyrocketing. The nearby village of Swithland on the outskirts of the Leicester conurbation is also a property hotspot in the region. Other sought-after areas in the city include Glenfields, Kirby Muxloe, Clarendon Park and Stoneygate. However, the likes of Braunstone, St.Matthews, Highfields and Beaumont Leys are still struggling with flat-lining house prices, and it may be some time before they start to show the growth experienced in other parts of the city.

What is affecting house prices in Leicester?

It seems that, although Leicester is around 100 miles away from London, it is one of the cities that is currently benefiting from the London property bubble. People looking for more affordable business premises and houses have been looking to the Midlands as a viable alternative. But there are several other factors involved. For instance, interest rates are at record low levels, unemployment is falling quickly in the East Midlands, and there is a chronic shortage of houses in Leicester. The Help to Buy Scheme is having an effect on the number of new homes built, but demand is still outstripping supply. And despite calls for more house building in the area from a local MP, it seems that the continuing shortage will mean property prices in the area continue to rise for some time to come.

About Leicester

Located on the outskirts of the National Forest, Leicester is a large city in the East Midlands of England. The city has a population of over 330,000, which means it is currently the tenth largest in the UK. Leicester is an ancient Roman town that still has many roads and buildings from that era. It enjoyed a reputation for being a thriving market town during the medieval period, but it was the Industrial Revolution that transformed the city into the sprawling conurbation it is today. This part of the East Midlands still has a strong association with heavy industry and manufacturing, but it also has a strong retail sector, as major retail brands such as Wal-Mart, Next, Dunelm Shoes and Jessops all have headquarters in and around the city.

There has also been a surge in the number of jobs created in the local textiles industry in recent years, as the rising costs of importing clothes has brought many of these jobs back to the UK. However, there is no escaping the fact that Leicester suffered quite badly during the recent economic downturn, exacerbated by the fact that the city was so reliant on retail – often the first commercial sector to experience a downturn during times of recession. But it seems that Leicester is fighting back, and that means UK house prices in the city are also on the move. Indeed, a recent report in the Leicester Mercury revealed that house prices rose by an astonished 11 per cent in 2013 alone – the fourth highest rate of growth in the country, after Brighton, Manchester and London.

More About Leicester

Leicester is full of historic sites that chart the history of the entire nation, and it’s a great place to visit for a few days – or to live. Among the beautiful buildings that give Leicester, its unique look is the Town Hall, the Abbey, Belgrave Hall and The City Rooms. If you feel like taking a stroll in pleasant surroundings, the city is home to some beautiful parks and areas of urban greenery, including Abbey Park, the Botanic Gardens, Grand Union Canal, Nelson Mandela Park and Victoria Park.

Leicester is a city that celebrates its multicultural identity at every opportunity. It is the home of Pride Parade, which is a celebration of all things the Caribbean. You can also enjoy a few laughs at the Leicester Comedy Festival and immerse yourself in Indian culture during the local Diwali street celebrations. And if you are a fan of Asian cuisine, there is no better place to visit, as authentic Indian restaurants line many of the city centre streets.

Leicester has an affinity for the arts and history, which is why the city is home to so many world-class museums and galleries. A beautiful new centre for the performing arts is The Curve, which is one of the most iconic buildings in the region. You’ll also find the De Montfort Hall, The Little Theatre, The Y Theatre and a multi-million-pound arts facility called the Peepul Centre. Among the many museums in Leicester are the Jewry Hall Museum, The Guildhall and the New Walk Museum – where you can explore the skeletons of dinosaurs that inhabited the East Midlands several million years ago.

Leicester is one of the British cities that is expected to rival London for investment and jobs during the 21st century. Its excellent location on the M1 and its reputation as a centre for innovation, retail and manufacturing are luring people from all over the UK. And because the economy is now doing so well, the housing market is flourishing. If you want to sell your home in Leicester, but you just can’t afford to wait to find a buyer on the open market, we can help. Whatever condition your property in Leicester is in, sell your property fast to Flying Homes, we can buy it in a matter of days. Protection Status