Houses For Sale in Hartlepool, A Property Guide

How to Sell Your Home Quick When Competing with Hundreds of Houses for Sale in Hartlepool

The Hartlepool property market has had its fair share of turmoil during the last decade. Although there have been some signs of improvement in recent months, house price growth in and around the town still lags well behind that being recorded in other areas of northern England. Our Hartlepool property guide for the local housing market will help you to find a buyer for your property as quickly as possible.

The housing market in Hartlepool is still in a relatively fragile state. Demand for new homes is modest, and house prices have been relatively stagnant by national standards. If you need to sell your house fast in Hartlepool, the potential for problems and delays on the open market may not be ideal. However, by using the house buying service provided by Flying Homes, you might be able to sell your house in a matter of days – and for up to 100 percent of its current value. We buy houses on behalf of private buyers and investors throughout the UK, and they are willing to get the ball rolling on the purchase of your house today.

Why the initial asking price you set is so important when selling a house in Hartlepool

House prices in Hartlepool have been struggling for several years now. Only in 2012, The Guardian reported that house price falls in Hartlepool were the most severe anywhere in England and Wales. The average price of a home in the town fell by 17.5 percent that year – leaving the price of the average home at just £77,188. Although the value of residential property has stabilised somewhat since then, the significant recovery of house prices all homeowners in the town have been waiting for has yet to really take hold. However, a 6.9 percent rise in property values was recorded in 2014. While this was obviously welcomed by local homeowners, it still left the average price of a home at about the same level it was in 2004. These statistics demonstrate just how price-sensitive local buyers are, so you will need to be realistic about your price expectations.

The only way you will be able to garner sufficient interest in your home to secure a quick offer is to set a competitive initial asking price. In order to do this, some in-depth research into recent sold house prices will be required, which is something an estate agent will do for you if you have decided to hire one. But you can do your own research using some freely available tools and resources on the Internet. For example, the Rightmove website contains a myriad of house sales data for Hartlepool. And you can access property transaction data for your area of the town by entering your postcode on the Zoopla website. The Land Registry also has a simple search tool that allows you to call up sold house prices anywhere in England and Wales.

Selling houses in Hartlepool quickly requires a comprehensive marketing strategy

House prices in Hartlepool have been on a downward spiral for nearly a decade now. And despite property value growth in excess of 20 percent being recorded in and around the capital, the average cost of a home in Hartlepool has remained largely static. Worryingly, WalesOnline recently revealed that Hartlepool was one of the few unitary boroughs in England and Wales where the cost of residential property actually fell between 2013 and 2014. House prices in the town fell by 4.8 percent during this period, according to figures published by The Land Registry. It seems that the recent bad news about jobs in Hartlepool, relatively low average wages and the reticence of banks to lend are all heaping downwards pressure on demand for homes – and ultimately average property values. You will therefore need a detailed marketing strategy to sell your house quick in Hartlepool. You will also need the services of an experienced property professional.

Faced with the prospect of declining house prices, you might be tempted to save some money by selling a house without an estate agent. While this will save you money in the short term, there is a very good chance that it could actually cost your money in the long term. The advertising, marketing and negotiating required to sell a house in such a challenging market require the knowledge and skill only a property professional can bring. You should only attempt to go it alone if you have the time, knowledge and contacts to maximise your sale price. Estate agents in Hartlepool might present you with an unwanted expense, but they will often use their talents to drive up the price of property on the open market.

Unfortunately, there can never be any guarantees when the open market is involved – even with a top estate agent in your corner. Whether you are trying to avert a costly repossession, moving for a new job or you simply want to avoid the stress that often goes hand in hand with the open market, Flying Homes can help. We have a proven record of paying between 90 and 94 percent of market value for the homes we purchase in the UK. And because we cut out the need for involvement from the open market, we can drastically shorten the time you have to wait to receive the funds from your house sale. We buy houses in any condition, so if you need to sell your house quickly in Hartlepool, there is an alternative to the open market.

What is the best time of year to sell a house in Hartlepool?

If you are tempted to delay the listing of your house for sale until what you consider to be a more profitable time of year, you should bear in mind that there is very little evidence proving a link between the seasons and sale prices exists. While demand for homes will often peak at very specific times of the year, predicting these peaks is very difficult due to the unpredictable nature of the Hartlepool property market. The Home website recently revealed that May was the busiest month of the year to January 2015 for completed house sales in Hartlepool, but this could change very quickly.

It is sometimes possible to increase the demand for a home by making some subtle changes to it based on the prevailing season. Buyers will often want very different things from a house in the summer than in the winter, and appealing to the changing priorities of buyers could garner more interest in your property. Tailor your home’s gardens, decor and layout with the prevailing season in mind, and you might just find a buyer more quickly.

Assessing the factors that might drive up house prices in Hartlepool

There are many reasons why house prices in Hartlepool have struggled so badly over the years. The proximity of major industrial sites, the town’s nuclear power station, lower-than-average wages and high unemployment rates all play a part. But before you become too disheartened, it is important that you research property values in your street. Hartlepool is a relatively large town, and there are several districts within it. Only by using Zoopla or Rightmove to research recent sold house prices in your specific locality will you be able to maximise the sale price of your own.

There can be several issues in a British town or city that have the potential to drive up house prices in a localised area. If you can identify what they are, you might be able to use some of them in your marketing strategy. For example, if you live within the catchment area of a school with glowing reports from OFSTED, there is a reasonable chance that parents will be prepared to pay a little extra for your home. This principle of attracting a premium might also apply if your home is in an area with lower-than-average crime levels. And there is a chance that issues specific to Hartlepool could play a part in driving up house prices in the future; such issues might include a plan to renovate a famous listed building in the town and the continuing regeneration of Hartlepool Marina.

All about Hartlepool

The town of Hartlepool is located on the North Sea coast in the North East of England. Situated just 17 miles south of Sunderland and seven miles north of Middlesbrough, the town is steeped in the traditions of seafaring and shipbuilding. Hartlepool is the urban centre of the Borough of Hartlepool, which includes outlying villages such as Elwick, Greatham and Seaton Carew. According to the 2011 census, approximately 92,000 people live in the town.

The local economy has historically been linked to various maritime industries. And although many of the industries that were responsible for the town’s growth during the Industrial Revolution are now long gone, the town is still home to a reasonably successful dock. There is also still a relatively solid engineering and manufacturing base in Hartlepool, which has seen a number of companies come and go over the years, including Tata Steel, Heerema and Able UK. Europe’s largest dry dock is located just outside Hartlepool, and it is used to maintain and dismantle some of the largest ships in the world. There is also a nuclear power station located in Hartlepool, which is still the single largest employer in the town.

Despite the industrial nature of Hartlepool, it is home to a surprisingly lucrative tourist industry – a result of the town’s links to The Royal Navy. The Tall Ships Race started in Hartlepool in 2010, and the Hartlepool Maritime Experience is home to HMS Trincomalee, which is a decommissioned Royal Navy frigate built in 1812. The retail sector is also a provider of hundreds of jobs in the area – many of which are based at the Middleton Grange Shopping Centre.

Things to do in Hartlepool

Hartlepool’s proud tradition of maritime adventure means the town is awash with great historical attractions. You can immerse yourself in this proud heritage of seafaring at Hartlepool Historic Quay, where you will find the interactive Museum of Hartlepool. The famous frigate HMS Trincomalee is permanently moored at the attraction, and it provides a real glimpse into what life used to be like for mariners during the heyday of the Royal Navy. The Historic Quay is a faithful reproduction of an 18th century port. If you want to see more of Hartlepool’s history up close, pay St Hilda’s Church a visit, which has a history dating back to the 7th century. Or you can learn about a more recent aspect of Hartlepool’s history with a tour of Cameron’s Brewery. Spend a while admiring the Victorian architecture at Church Square, which is just a short walk away from Hartlepool Art Gallery. And if you have kids in tow, make sure you take a trip to Funky World, which is modern play facility packed with innovative equipment, video games and interactive learning exhibits.

If you need a quick house sale in Hartlepool, you should prepare yourself for an uphill struggle. The local housing market is fragile, and demand is still relatively low. Call one of our property buying agents today for your no-obligation valuation or complete the on-line quote request form. Protection Status