Houses For Sale in Harrogate – A Property Guide

Competition Is High With Many Houses for Sale in Harrogate, So How Should You Market Your Home For Sale?

The highly competitive property market in Harrogate is experiencing rises in property values and demand, which is why you can’t afford to leave anything to chance when it comes to marketing and the setting of an attractive asking price. This guide to the market will help you to make the right house selling decisions along the way.

The property market in Harrogate has always outperformed most others in Yorkshire and the North of England. But since 2012, the rate of house price growth in the town has been nothing short of exceptional. Nevertheless, it is important not to take a quick sale for granted. If you need to sell your house fast in Harrogate, it’s worth bearing in mind that any traditional property market has the potential for delays, stress and uncertainty. But you can sidestep the open market completely by selling to Flying Homes. We buy any home, get a quick house sale in Harrogate Today. We also buy property on behalf of wealthy investors, so we’re able to complete many property transactions in just seven days – and for up to 100 percent of market value.

Set a competitive asking price when selling a house in Harrogate

The rate of house prices growth in Harrogate has been remarkable in recent years particularly when you look at the average prices of houses for sale in Harrogate when compared with the rest of Yorkshire, making this idyllic North Yorkshire town one of the UK’s top property hotspots. In August 2014, the Yorkshire Post revealed that North Yorkshire house prices rose by eight percent in 12 months. And another article on the Mirror website revealed that Harrogate was one of 2015’s property hotspots in the UK in terms of cost per square metre. With double digit growth expected in Harrogate in 2015, there is no doubt that this is a great time to sell in the town. But if you need to sell a house quick in Harrogate, it’s worth bearing in mind that there are a few reasons why demand for property in the area might slow down in the coming months. As well as interest rate rises by the beginning of 2016, the Bank of England’s new rules on borrowing will make it more difficult for people on average wages in the area to raise funds for house purchases. Homes aren’t spending too much time on the market in the town, but you can ensure that you find a buyer as quickly as possible by setting the optimum asking price for your area.

Set your initial asking price too low, and there is a chance that you will struggle to achieve your home’s true price potential. But set your asking price too high, and you might scare off local buyers – despite the strength of house price growth in the area.

You can ascertain what your asking price should be by researching recent sold house prices in your street. This vital job is usually one of the first things an estate agent will do. But whether you are selling a house without an agent or you want to check your agent’s valuation reflects what is happening locally, you can do your own house price research on the Rightmove website. The Land Registry publishes government data on sold house prices, and you can access house sales statistics for your area of Harrogate by entering your postcode on the Zoopla website.

Adopt a thorough approach to marketing when house selling in Harrogate

Demand for homes in Harrogate is booming, and property is being snapped up in record quick time. According to data on the Home website, the average semi-detached home in Harrogate spent 121 days on the market before being sold in August 2014. However, fast forward to August 2015, and the same house spent just 71 days on the market – a lot quicker than the national average. But it’s important not to take things for granted. Maximising interest in your home will both maximise the sale price you achieve and minimise the time your home spends on the market. This is a very strong market, and you might be tempted to sell a house without an estate agent.

You will be able to save yourself some money by selling your home privately. But before you take the plunge, it’s worth remembering what an estate agent with houses for sale in Harrogate brings to the table. House selling in Harrogate is a complex task involving marketing, photography, home staging, property viewings and price negotiations. If you want to maximise the sale price your home achieves, you will need the time, know-how and contacts the process requires. If you don’t have these attributes, you run the risk of securing a disappointing sale price. But there is another way to save yourself time and money when house selling.

Choosing the best time of year to sell a house in Harrogate

The busiest month of the year to May 2015 for house sales in Harrogate was August. This is a surprising figure given the fact that sunshine, holidays and leisure time are priorities for many people at this time of the year. There is actually very little evidence to support the notion that house prices are directly linked to the time of year. Yes, demand can peak at specific times, but this usually affects how long a time spends on the market, and not what people are prepared to pay. You should sell your house at the time that suits your circumstances unless there is a specific development or regeneration plan that could increase local house prices in the future.

A lot of house buyers will make purchasing decisions based on seasonal priorities and wish-lists. If you can make seasonal adjustments to your home’s layout, colour schemes and facilities, there is a good chance you will interest more buyers than would otherwise be the case – helping you to sell a house in Harrogate quickly.

Assessing the issues that affect prices of houses for sale in Harrogate

Harrogate is a large and affluent town, and house price growth can fluctuate wildly between different neighbourhoods and housing estates. While the news of house price growth might have encouraged you to sell, it’s important that you check sold house prices in your street before making any big decisions. There is a chance that house price growth might not be as impressive in your area as it is in the town as a whole.

The key to selling a house quickly is often to gather as much local information as possible, and use it in your marketing strategy. There can be several issues that might affect prices of houses for sale in Harrogate, and using them wisely can help you to secure a premium for your property. Among the many issues at play is the proximity of schools with excellent OFSTED scores. You might be able to tempt buyers with children into paying a little more for your home if it is in the catchment area of such a school. Some buyers will also pay a little extra for the chance to live in an area with low crime levels. There might also be issues specific to Harrogate with the potential to increase local house prices in the future, including the redevelopment of the Yorkshire Event Centre.

About Harrogate town

Harrogate is a spa town located in North Yorkshire. The town has been popular for decades because of its spa waters and the surrounding areas of natural beauty in the region. The modern town was originally formed when the two smaller settlements of High and Low Harrogate merged. Known for its beautiful architecture, well maintained streets and idyllic country town feel, Harrogate regularly wins accolades for being one of the happiest places in Britain, and it was voted the ‘third most romantic destination in the world’ in 2013.

Harrogate is a relatively affluent area of North Yorkshire, and it enjoys a highly diversified economy. The town is one of the UK’s top conference destinations, thanks to the Harrogate International Centre. More than 350,000 people visit Harrogate every year to attend various business and political conferences, which brings more than £150 million into the area every year. The Great Yorkshire Showground is a centre for the agricultural industry, and the Great Yorkshire Show is one of the most popular events of its kind in the north of England.

Harrogate is home to a very prestigious retail district, the centre of which can be found around Cambridge Street, Oxford Street, James Street and Beulah Street. The high-end retailers of Harrogate are concentrated on Parliament Street and in the Montpellier Quarter. Harrogate’s association with agriculture, horticulture and high-end retail make it a hugely popular tourist destination. Served by a beautiful train station and the A1, the town is home to around 72,000 people, but this number can double at certain times of the year.

Things to do in Harrogate

The market town of Harrogate is so picturesque, simply wandering around its stunning streets is a great way to spend your time. As well as the wonderful architecture on display, Harrogate is home to centuries of history, much of which can be explored at the Royal Pump Room Museum, which charts the history of the town as a spa destination. There is also a chance to sample the baths that originally put Harrogate on the map at the Turkish Baths. You can immerse yourself in beautiful and historic surroundings by taking a relaxing stroll around the Montpellier Quarter. You can surround yourself with beautiful flora at Harlow Carr Botanical Gardens, which is one of the most stunning and prestigious public gardens in Europe. There is often a musical concert to enjoy at the Royal Hall, and a range of lavish stage productions often grace the stage at the Harrogate Theatre. If you’re a fan of the arts, make sure you take the time to peruse the exhibits and artworks at the Mercer Art Gallery, which is housed in another stunning spa building.

The Harrogate housing market is buoyant at the moment, and it is expected to continue growing for at least another five years. But you can’t take things for granted if you need to sell a house quickly in Harrogate. But by selling your property to Flying Homes, you can slash the time it takes to find a buyer, and receive up to 100 percent of your home’s market value in the process. Speak with one of our house buying specialists today for more information, we buy any house, anywhere in Harrogate. Protection Status