Houses For Sale in Harlow – A Property Guide

With Hundreds of Houses for Sale in Harlow, How Best Can You Sell Yours?

Property values in Harlow have been riding the crest of a wave recently, but there are still issues on the open market that can hinder your attempts to sell your house fast in Harlow i.e. secure a quick and profitable home sale in the town. With so many houses for sale in Harlow at in point in time, it’s important to do everything you can to make your property attractive to a broad range of prospective buyers. This guide to the local market will show you how.

Although there has been some good news where house prices in Harlow are concerned, there is no escaping the fact that house price growth in the town has lagged behind the rate in many other areas of the London commuter belt. If you need to sell a house fast in Harlow, and for a good price, you might need to look for alternatives to the traditional way of marketing a home for sale in the UK. At Flying Homes, webuyanyhouse in Harlow, we represent many wealthy landlords and investors who want to buy property without delay or hassle enabling us to offer up to 100 percent of market value. In many cases we can complete property transactions within 14 days.

Be competitive with your initial asking price when selling a house in Harlow

House price growth in London has been exceptionally high since 2012, and although a slight fall in house prices in the capital predicted for 2015, the fact remains that millions of Londoners just can’t afford to buy a home in the city where they work. According to a recent article on the Thisismoney website, there are still some relatively affordable commuter towns left, like Harlow in the South East. A combination of affordable homes and relatively reliable rail links has made towns such as Basildon and Harlow increasingly attractive to house buyers in the region. Indeed, the article named Harlow as the third cheapest commuter town in which to buy residential property. Local homebuyers are price-conscious, banks are keeping a tight rein on their purse-strings, and interest rates look like rising very soon. This all means that, despite recent property value growth, a sensible and competitive asking price is a must.

The setting of the optimum asking price in your area is a careful balancing act between providing value for prospective buyers and maximising your final sale price. This requires a lot of research into recent sold house prices in the streets around your home, which is usually a job for an estate agent when selling on the open market. However, you can look into local sold house prices in Harlow yourself using the search facility on the Rightmove website. Entering your postcode on the Zoopla website will give you access to property transaction data in your part of Harlow, and the government’s official property transaction statistics can be accessed via The Land Registry web portal.

Detailed marketing strategies are essential when selling houses in Harlow

News of rising house prices in Harlow has been great news for local homeowners, but it has had a devastating effect on the ability of local people to get a foot on the first rung of the property ladder. Along with the prospect of rising interest rates and the continued reluctance of banks to lend to first-time buyers, the shrinking pool of local buyers on the market means a comprehensive marketing plan when house selling on the open market is as important now as it has ever been. According to a recent report from the Harlow Star, first-time buyers in the town are being priced out of the market in record numbers. According to the research cited in the article, only four houses out of 200 for sale in the town were within reach of the average earner when the survey was conducted. So despite property value growth, finding a buyer quickly on the open market is certainly not a foregone conclusion.

As there is a shortage of locally based buyers in Harlow, selling a house without an estate agent may not be the best course of action. An experienced and talented estate agent in Harlow will bring a range of attributes to the table, including an intrinsic knowledge of the local market, a substantial network of marketing contacts and negotiating skills honed over a number of years. These are all attributes that can translate to a higher-than-average selling price, which could make hiring an agent the most cost-effective solution to securing a quick and profitable house sale.

You may be facing a set of circumstances that makes a quick house sale your priority. Whether you are trying to sell before the bank repossess your home or you need to relocate for employment, Flying Homes can help you to cut the open market out of the house selling process altogether. The homes we buy are for wealthy investors and private individuals with the cash and freedom to begin the house buying process straight away. This means we can often have house purchases tied up within a matter of days, and for up to 100 percent of market value. We can make an offer on your home, in whatever condition, sell your house fast today.

Choosing when to list a house for sale in Harlow

Unless you or your agent is in possession of some very specific information regarding the local property market, you should probably sell your house at a time that suits your plans. There is very little evidence proving that house sale prices are linked to the time of year. And although demand does rise and fall at different stages of the average year, predicting when demand will be at its highest is an almost impossible job. The busiest months of the year to January 2015 for house sales in Harlow were May and October, but there is no guarantee that these house buying patterns will be replicated next year.

By adopting a seasonal approach to house selling, there is a good chance that you will be able to broaden the appeal of your home. Wish-lists and priorities can change at different times of the year, so making seasonal adjustments to the decor, layout and set-up of your home could help you to attract more buyers to property viewings. For instance, in the summer, make an extra special effort with your gardens, outdoor areas and fascias. In the summer, give warm, soothing colour schemes priority, and try to create a warm and cosy ambience throughout your property.

What issues have the potential to positively affect house prices in Harlow?

Harlow is a place where it is still possible to pick up property at a reasonable price. However, although house price growth has been reported in the city as a whole, the situation in your specific locality could be different. This Essex town is home to more than 80,000 people, living in various housing estates and neighbourhoods. It therefore stands to reason that property values will be growing at varying rates depending on where in Harlow you look. You should check what houses have been selling for in your street recently before reaching any conclusions on how much your property will fetch on the open market.

You should be aware that several external factors have the potential to drive house prices in Harlow up. While you can do little to influence these factors, many of them can be used in your marketing strategy. A home in the catchment area of a sought-after school has a good chance of attracting higher-than-average offers for the area, so this issue should be something that is used in all aspects of your marketing campaign. There is also a chance that prospective buyers might be tempted into a bidding war if your home is in an area with relatively low crime levels. There might be issues specific to Harlow that could work to your advantage too, including a proposed new junction on the M11 and the continued redevelopment of the Harvey Centre in Harlow.

About the town of Harlow

Harlow is a New Town located in Essex. Situated in the Stort Valley, Harlow was originally a small village – much of which remains today. Defined by its Victorian housing, this part of town has a completely different look and feel to the rest of Harlow. Right beside the M11 motorway and right on the edge of the London commuter belt, Harlow is proving to be increasingly popular with people in London looking for more affordable property to purchase. The town is home to around 82,000 people, and a great many of them live in social housing. Indeed, thanks to the policies of the post-war UK government, around 27% of houses in Harlow are owned by the local council or various housing associations.

After World War Two, Harlow was designated as a New Town, which meant it was able to secure extra funding and drive employment levels. A number of business parks and industrial estates were built in the area, including those at Templefields and The Pinnacles. However, the industrial base in the town was hit hard during the latter third of the 20th century. Thankfully, investment and a series of development programmes have attracted new businesses to the area, including the likes of GlaxoSmithKline and Raytheon. Other major employers include Nortel and leading golf retailer Onlinegolf. Despite recent investment, the rate of unemployment in Harlow is consistently above average for South East England, which puts a constant strain on house price growth.

Visiting Harlow town

Harlow is a modern town that is filled with opportunities for retail therapy. Stone Cross Market is the ideal place to find a bargain, while many of the UK’s leading restaurant and retail brands can be found at The Harvey Centre. You can get away from the hustle and bustle of urban life for a while with a visit to the stunning Harlow Town Park, which is home to fauna, flora and a beautiful lake. There are plenty of opportunities to get your fix of the arts in Harlow too. The Harlow Playhouse is home to a number of travelling stage productions every year, and there is always something on at The Victoria Hall Centre. This area of Essex is not without history and heritage, however. You can delve into local history at the Museum of Harlow, or learn about the secrets of science at the Science Alive exhibition. There are also several galleries and art installations to keep you occupied, including The Gallery at Parndon Mill, The Gibberd Gallery and the Harlow Sculpture Collection. And if you have kids in tow, you can take them to one of several great family attractions in the town, including Harlow Splash Park, a skate park and Pet’s Corner.

Although house prices have been rising in recent years, there can never be a guarantee of a quick house sale in Harlow. If your circumstances demand a quick sale, Flying Homes can help. We make it possible for homeowners to avoid the open market by purchasing property on behalf of investors throughout the UK. We buy houses and can pay between 90 and 94 percent of market value, and complete property transactions within just a couple of weeks. Call Flying Homes, the property buyer trusted by many thousands of customers to give a quotation to sell their home fast, call one of our house buying agents today for your no-obligation quote! Protection Status